Web Design Manchester Agencies to Work With In 2024

As a global agency with over ten years of experience, we reviewed hundreds of design agencies in London, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco to create a curated list of agencies you can trust and work with. This time, we reviewed web design Manchester agencies and listed the five best design companies in Manchester 2024. 

Choosing a design partner is an important step. You will need to evaluate the domain knowledge, company location, and costs to find the right company with a suitable corporate culture and expertise. 

In this article, we will talk about the top web design companies in Manchester and beyond. Moreover, we will share our expert insights and practical tips on choosing the best web design Manchester company for your business.  

You will also learn the answers to the popular questions, like: 

  • How much does it cost to partner with a web design company in Manchester, UK?
  • What can Manchester web design companies do for you?
  • How to choose the most suitable and affordable web design Manchester company?

We hope our tips will help you thoroughly assess every company and choose the best one to work with.

If you need help with product design or user experience research, contact us at UX studio. We are ready to help you with any challenges you might have.

Best web design companies in Manchester

UX studio

An award-winning global design agency

Top UX agency UX studio

We are honoured to include UX studio in the list of best web design agencies Manchester-based companies work with. 

Our history dates back to 2013, when David Pasztor, a TED talk speaker and a UX design ambassador, founded UX studio with an audacious goal — to become a global company that designs appealing and easy-to-use digital products, people love to us. 

As a UX design agency, we work with web design Manchester companies and many other businesses in different countries. We dedicate designer and researcher teams to help our clients highlight their strengths via user-centered, data-driven design solutions, crafted in unity. 

The impact from our work and the value we create in collaboration with our clients is recognised by world-known companies such as Zeplin and the leading rating platform for business service providers, Clutch.

If you are looking for a web design agency in Manchester, contact UX studio. We are ready to help you with any design and research challenges you might have.

Contact UX studio if you're looking for a UX agency in Manchester.

Since 2013, we’ve been working with rising startups and established tech giants, like Google, HBO, and Netflix, just to name a few. 

To manage the remote collaboration effectively, we have created a framework that enables us to work with startups and industry leaders worldwide. We use Slack, Jira, Zeplin, and other collaboration tools to stay in touch, share work-related updates, set up meetings, and showcase design and research findings.  

As a UX design agency, we offer various product design and research services, such as UX consulting, user experience training, and customized solutions tailored to our partners’ needs. 

If you are looking for the right UX agency, we will be happy to help. Send us your details and get a quote. We will be in touch with you shortly after the contact form submission to further discuss your challenges and come up with a custom solution for you!

Let's have a talk of your website redesign

Besides excellent design work, we also share our knowledge and expertise by running professional workshops and training. Some of our students join our team and become our experts. Our clients also get customized training that helps them adopt a UX mindset to reshape their business structure. 

If you are looking for a design partner, we would be happy to bring your ideas to life. Book a free consultation with our team. You can select any suitable time and day for a call. We are happy to meet you and get to know your challenges better.

Made By Shape

Web design agency in Manchester

Web design agency in Manchester

Made By Shape is a web design company in Manchester, the UK, offering ecommerce, web design and development, and organic SEO services. 

Made By Shape is a boutique agency with a team of only fourteen people. According to Andy Golpys, one of their founders, they did not scale their Manchester web design agency on purpose. However, this bold move does not prevent them from working with world-known companies. 

Since 2010, Made By Shape has been working with ambitious startups and large organizations worldwide, such as Blackberry, NHS, and L’Occitane, just to name a few. 

Made By Shape web design agency in Manchester has over 48 Google reviews with an average rate of 5 out of 5. 
If you want to partner with Made By Shape, their minimum project price is £3,800, with hourly rates varying from £38 to £75, according to Clutch.

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Radical Web Design

Full-stack Web design Manchester agency

Full-stack Web design Manchester agency

Web site design Manchester company offering ecommerce, graphic design, hosting and maintenance, web design, and development services. 

Radical Web Design is a relatively small Manchester design agency with a team of around ten people. However, their team spread between two offices in Manchester, UK, and Leszno, Poland. 

Over the past nine years, Radical Web Design worked on 110 website projects across ten different countries. Skin Naturale, Seven Brothers Brewery, Carcoon, and Xenia Estates are among the notable clients featured on the company’s website. 

We could find several client testimonials on the side platforms to learn more about Radical Web Design company’s quality of work and expertise. 

“Their staff is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable.” — One of the former clients shared his feedback on Google.  

We won’t share the company’s rating for this agency because it’s based only on several testimonials.

Digital Media Team

Web design Manchester agency helping Ecommerce brands to grow

Web design Manchester agency helping Ecommerce brands to grow

Digital Media Team, or DMT, is a full-service web design company in Manchester offering paid advertising, email marketing, web design, Shopify website development, and Amazon marketing services. 

The company partners with small businesses and midmarket companies, according to their Clutch profile. Mercedes-Benz, Musclefood, Lavish Alice, Forever Unique, Missy Empire, Ed Hardy, and DeMellier London are just a few notable clients featured in the DMT portfolio. 

Despite being a young ecommerce Manchester web design agency, DMT has already become an official Facebook Business Partner, Google Partner, TikTok Partner, Shopify Partner, and Klaviyo Partner. Besides, DMT is one of few agencies using ROI Hunter intelligent marketing solutions to improve businesses’ performance across different paid marketing channels. 

Over 19 clients rated the DMT’s quality of work and professionalism as 5 out of 5, according to Clutch. 
If you choose to partner with Digital Media Team, their minimum project price is £3,800, with hourly rates varying from £75 to £113, according to Clutch.

Fortnight studio

Design agency in Manchester building apps and websites

Design agency in Manchester building apps and websites

Fortnight studio is a small boutique agency established in 2014 with the headquarter in London, UK, and two more offices in Manchester and Vienna. 

The company offers product design and development, UI/UX across web and mobile, conversion rate optimization, branding strategy, as well as digital and creative design.

Despite being a relatively young design company, Fortnight received a prestigious Apple Design Award in 2017 and was featured among the best mobile design studios in 2021, according to The Drum.

Over 70% of the company’s client base are startups and small businesses, according to Clutch. However, Fortnight studio has also worked with many established brands, like Simba, King Gaming, BMW, Porsche, Qantas, and Riot Games.
Over 20 clients rated the company’s expertise and the impact of work as 4.7 out of 5, according to Clutch. The company’s hourly rate varies from £75 to £113, while the minimum project cost is £3,800, according to Clutch.

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Web design Manchester prices

Web site design Manchester agencies are not cheap. 

An impactful design solution requires extensive research, an appealing UI, and iterations to make it work. 

If you want to partner with design agencies in particular cities, it’s good to know how their prices are formed and whether it’s economically feasible to work with them. 

This article covers the peculiarities of working with web design companies in Manchester. Let’s review several factors that influence their pricing. 

Manchester has been named the fastest-growing tech city in Europe. Many businesses relocate to the North of England, especially Greater Manchester, because renting office spaces is much cheaper there than in London, according to Salboy.

Costs of living in Manchester are 36% lower than in London, according to Expatistan. However, the same website also suggests living in Manchester is more expensive than in 63% of cities globally. 

If you decide to partner with a design agency in Manchester, your project’s fee will be calculated in a way to cover people’s salaries, administrative costs, office rental costs, taxes, and other expenses. 

Many web design Manchester agencies mentioned in this article charge from £75 to £113 per hour of work. According to Clutch, you have to allocate at least £3,800 for a simple one-time design project. 

Technological advancements and rapid global changes made remote collaboration smooth. Many companies worldwide are no longer restricted to locations when partnering with other businesses. 

As a global design company that often works with companies worldwide, we can mention the following benefits of remote collaboration with a design agency:

  • A wider pool of product design and research experts
  • Reasonable pricing
  • A new perspective and fresh look 
  • Bigger cultural diversity 
  • Long-term collaboration possibilities  

If you are looking for a suitable design partner, send us your details and get a quote

We have developed efficient remote working processes at UX studio that let us collaborate with clients worldwide. We are ready to discuss your challenges and help you bring your business to the next level.

Web design services in Manchester

“We want to hire a design agency” — this is a common request we often hear from many companies. However, there is a misunderstanding between what is requested and what a design agency can actually do.  

Startups often come with requests to design and code landing pages, create banners, do A/B testing, and help with data tracking and conversion optimization. Due to the broad scope of work, some companies assume that design agencies can do all of these tasks. However, it is a huge misconception. 

As a global design agency with over ten years of experience, we’d like to talk about web design services Manchester-based agencies can offer you.

Web design companies in Manchester and beyond handle the entire product design lifecycle, from ideation, user testing, and prototyping, to UI design and development. 

Established design companies usually have UX researchers, UX designers, and front-end developers in their teams. This way, they can cover each step of the product design process and offer a wide range of web design and development services.

If you wonder whether a web design company in Manchester can help you with your specific need, here is a list of web design services Mancher companies offer:

  • User persona discovery and mapping 
  • Product idea validation with the help of user interviews and testing
  • Building an MVP (minimum viable product) with core functionalities.
  • Prototyping
  • Product features prioritization for an existing product
  • A complete website or a mobile app design
  • Product development or support depending on your in-house capacities and needs 
  • Marketing services, such as SEO, paid advertisement, copywriting, and branding

Many of the Manchester-based web design companies listed in this article offer design, research, development, and maintenance services at each step of the product development cycle. It is convenient since you, as a client, can get help with a wide range of problems and outsource the most challenging tasks. 

If you are looking for the right product design agency, get in touch with UX studio, and let’s discuss what our experts can do for you.

How to choose the best web design company in Manchester? 

As a global design company, we’ve decided to conduct a research study at UX studio. The purpose of this study was to learn more about how companies perceive the value of UX design and whether they work with UXers. We surveyed over 100 PMs, POs, marketing specialists, and company CEOs. 

85% of our respondents revealed that their product teams work with UX experts and have at least one person responsible for UX. 

UX professionals bring user insights to the team, do prototyping, and help companies make data-driven design decisions. It might be the reason why businesses take time to look for and hire the most talented UX experts.

teams working with UX professionals

As a design agency with over ten years of experience in UX, we know what you should look at when it comes to assessing the web design agencies in Manchester. 

We recommend you to use the following criteria to select the most suitable web design in Machester agency.

1. Assess portfolio of former works

Every established web design company in Manchester and beyond should have a portfolio of former works to showcase their former expertise to potential clients. 

A project portfolio should display the industries a company worked in, mention a few notable client names’ and communicate the quality level you might expect if you choose to collaborate with a particular design agency.

At UX studio, we always strive for transparency and open communication with our clients. We are convinced the portfolio should be publicly accessible without additional sign-up requests. You, as a potential client, should be able to quickly review any agency’s profile and make a decision if it’s worth considering it for collaboration.

We list our latest works and notable collaborations at UX studio on our case studies page. We’ve had over 250 successful product design and UX research collaborations that we are proud to share with our potential clients. 

As a design agency, we believe the following information has to be included in the portfolio: 

  • Examples of visual design;
  • Client names and links to their websites/apps;
  • Project types specification (design, research, branding, audit, etc.);
  • Former client’s industries.
  • Evidence of project success.
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2. Look for impact

It’s not always easy to measure the ROI of a new website design. However, many companies will judge the redesign success based on the website’s performance. This is why design companies need to list what they did and achieved due to their work. 

The best web design companies in Manchester and beyond can provide evidence-based proof of the impact of their work. How does it usually look like? As a happy client testimonial or shared insights about the design’s performance. This information is valuable for potential clients and might play a decisive role in hiring a web design agency in Manchester, UK. 

At UX studio, we ask our clients to share a few words about the collaboration with our experts. Later, we include this valuable feedback on our case studies page. 

Here is what one of our former clients, GoTRG, the world’s first turnkey reverse logistics company in the USA, says about the collaboration with UX studio:

“The evidence-based approach helped us break away from many assumptions and deliver products that balance the needs of users, business, and technology. The results were also triangulated with quantitative findings from Google Analytics, Desired Outcome mapping surveys, Opportunity Scoring, and heatmaps.”

Serge Zuev

Director of Product Design at GoTRG

We worked with GoTRG for 1.5 years and helped them improve the usability of their system, clarity, and user satisfaction by 23%, 21%, and 26%, respectively, when comparing new and baseline data.

We are happy to help you manage your challenges and reach your audacious business goals. Send us your details and get a quote from us. We are ready to partner with you and create a customized solution tailored to your needs.

3. Look for a web design company in Manchester with established research processes

Expert design agencies make data-driven design decisions. They don’t design based on gut feeling. Instead, they test new features, buttons, interfaces, and functionalities with actual users.

User experience research helps validate the assumptions and design solutions to fulfill business and user needs. Besides, the best web design companies in Manchester and beyond have established design and research processes they follow and adapt to their clients’ needs. 

For instance, at UX studio we conduct workshops with stakeholders to learn more about their challenges and goals. We also run user interviews and usability tests to learn more about people’s pain points and needs. As a result, we design impactful digital products people love to use.

If you look for a web design agency in the UK, outside of Manchester, we gathered all the best ones in our other article. 

Looking for an affordable web design Manchester agency?

UX studio has successfully handled over 250 collaborations with clients worldwide.  

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