Top 9 Web Design Company in 2024

Your website’s design is crucial when you try to win over your users. While there are freelancers and online resources available to assist with designing a basic website, the help of a professional firm with skilled designers can make all the difference. But it can be hard to determine which one is the best web design company for your needs.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 9 design firms from around the world, so you can make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for a local agency or a global partner, we’ve got you covered.

Top 9 Web Design Companies

  1. UX studio
  2. Parachute Design
  3. Adchitects
  4. DD.NYC
  5. Embacy
  6. Bop Design
  7. League Design Agency 
  8. Dotlogics
  9. 500 designs

1 – UX studio

Logo of the website designing company, UX studio.

Award-winning web design company creating impactful experiences and powerful sites for all industries.

UX studio is a web designing company founded by Dávid Pásztor in 2013. As a global design agency, we collaborate with both startups and enterprises worldwide and have broad experience in nearly every niche and industry.

We combine high-quality website design with user experience design to deliver an end product that helps our partners achieve their business goals. We accomplish this by putting UX research to use, which leads to enhanced, user-centric design. With this approach, we were able to increase the booking rate on France’s leading travel app, Liligo, by 200%.

UX studio redesigned and rebranded an art university's website.
We’ve redesigned and rebranded an art and design university’s website.

Our partners value our approach and design expertise. Transparency allows our clients to directly communicate with our specialists, decide on details, and track project progress. Using this with design thinking lets us work quickly and deliver on time in cycles, saving our clients time and money.

Our website design company also offers other digital services that can come in handy at every stage of the product lifecycle. This includes UX redesign, UX consulting, UX audit, product discovery, and UX training for teams. Thanks to our remote work culture, we ensured more than 250 successful and efficient collaborations with our clients, like Google, Cisco, Netflix, HBO, and Zignaly.

If you’re in need of a website design agency, we’re happy to help. Reach out to us and let’s discuss your current obstacles and goals. We’ll be in touch with you to discuss your challenges further, and to come up with a custom solution for you!

UX agency - make a good impression with seamless design

2 – Parachute Design

Logo of the canadian design firm, Parachute.

Canada-based boutique web designing company specializing in website design, SEO, custom logo design, and branding since 2003.

Parachute Design is a website design company, founded by Jay Eckert in 2003. They provide custom web design services that help clients achieve their brand and digital marketing objectives. Parachute focuses on custom website development that includes UX design, conversion optimization, e-commerce website design and development, and branding.

Parachute is a Toronto-based company, founded in 2003.

They’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, from startups to established enterprises, in a wide variety of industries. They take on projects from $150 – $199 / hr according to their Clutch profile, and they worked with Coca-Cola, Glenmorangie, RunDNA, and the JUNO Awards.

The web design company switched to a fully remote work culture, which helps them collaborate with businesses in different time zones in both Canada and the United States.

Although Parachute can be described as a web design company, they also offer development and digital marketing services. They merge the mentality of a boutique agency with a marketing agency’s strategy, creativity, and technology. In addition to focusing on making visually appealing websites, the firm also prioritizes increasing its customers’ online presence through organic search engine optimization.

3 – Adchitects

Logo of Adchitects.

Web design and development company with offices in Poland and New York, offering a wide range of services for all kinds of clients.

Kuba Luty founded Adchitects in 2016 with a simple goal: have a place where he and like-minded people could devote their time to doing what they enjoy most: creating and developing websites with eye-catching design.

The website designer company is happy to work with partners from all backgrounds and aren’t focused on a certain industry or market. Both startups and established companies can turn to them if they want to start their digital transformation. Their most notable projects were for Apollo, Scooters, ROI Hunter, Seneca, and Jagermeister.

Adchitects promotes a transparent relatinship with their clients.

Architects can help in every phase of the product lifecycle. Their services include web design, branding, front- and back-end development, quality assurance, and data analysis. They can also assist businesses when they need to raise their Google ranking and increase traffic. They optimize existing websites with relevant meta descriptions, internal linking, and other SEO practices.

Adchitects currently employs 40 people; in 2020, the full-service firm opened an office in New York, as 90% of their clients are US-based. They value transparency, effective communication, and attention to detail. Their expert project management is something they’re proud of, no wonder their motto is “on-time and on-budget”. If a business would like to work with them, their average hourly rate is from $50 – $99 according to Clutch.

4 – DD.NYC

Logo of the NY based web design company, DD.NYC

Award-winning web design company in New York, focusing on branding, web design, and packaging design.

Anjelika Kour founded the women-owned digital design agency in 2015. DigitalDesign.NYC focused on tech and software until they launched their new division DD.NYC. Branding, packaging, UI/UX, and website design are at the forefront of their new department.

Clients of DD.NYC can use its web design, branding, and packaging design services. Prioritizing close communication with clients helps them figure out how they can develop unique solutions that assist them to reach their goals. Additionally, their modern design practices ensure that the websites they create are world-class and contribute to the success of their client’s web projects.

The web design company’s multi-disciplinary team also focuses on delivering mobile-first, responsive, and optimized design for all devices and interfaces. To create these, they WordPress and test it cross-browser before handing it over to make sure it’s optimized for every visitor.

The division also benefited from their past of developing digital products for 15 years. Their expertise shows in how quick and reliable results they deliver for their clients. The web design and development company became a distinct brand in a short amount of time that provides custom web design services to a wide range of clients since launching DD.NYC. They’ve worked with more than 250 brands like Lowe’s, Walmart, Forbes, and Symphony Sleep, to name a few, and in a wide range of industries.

redesign your website and earn your visitors' trust

5 – Embacy

The web design company , Embacy's logo.

A web design agency that specializes in branding, websites, and UI/UX mainly for digital products from Armenia.

Vadím Orlov and Anton Andreev set up Embacy in 2017. In a short amount of time, they opened 3 additional offices in Paris, Barcelona, and Bali to widen their team and serve more international clients from the USA to Singapore. 

The firm’s services cover a diverse range of solutions from branding to development which also makes them unique. They can do whole projects from end-to-end including doing web style searches, writing brand books and guidelines, creating motion graphics, then developing the whole website in WebFlow. 

They’ve done more than 200 projects for both startups and large companies from Australia to Sweden in multiple industries. If one would like to categorize them, they have more experience in the tech industry like Fintech, Crypto, EdTech, or SaaS products but they can also help with healthcare products. They already made an impact for Galactic Energy, Kodland, Seen, Simla, and LaborX.

Embace believes that their work and client opinions define who they truly are.

Embacy made it on our list of the top web design companies because of their approach to work. Clients of the website design agency can benefit from their transparency, speed, and focus on projects. In addition to regular meetings, clients can track every detail of their projects, which they always plan ahead to avoid wasting time and money. 

They believe in quick and consistent work culture, where the business goals are what matters. Although the studio is keen on delivering scroll-worthy websites, they don’t spend weeks polishing every detail for less important pages. The main thing that drives their design decisions are guided by their partners’ business goals.

6 – Bop Design

Bop Design's company logo.

Web design firm in San Diego, creating B2B website designs and content marketing plans since 2008.

Kara Jensen started her women-owned business in 2008 as a website design firm in San Diego and Orange County, which has grown into a nearly full-service agency. While keeping the boutique approach they help companies all over the world establish a brand identity, creating an engaging website design and utilize content marketing to drive inbound marketing leads

They usually work with smaller B2B brands, locally and internationally, who share their passion for growing. They have several offices throughout the United States, to mention a few:  Los Angeles and New York. To list a few of those: Liongard, Britive, Outcome Security, and Fujitsu.

Typically B2B companies reach out to them when they need a rebranded website and lead-generating copy with it. Bop Design can also help with competitive analysis, copywriting, logo, print, and online design. 

Provide a seamless experience for your visitors and stand out from your competitors.

Bop Design can be described as a B2B marketing agency as well, because they think web design, branding, and marketing go hand in hand. With their branding experts and holistic marketing strategy, B2B companies can improve their brand’s positioning, raise consumer awareness, and expand their market share.

By utilizing their digital marketing expertise, like email marketing, social media, or content creation, their partners can benefit from the higher traffic to the newly launched website that is optimized for search engines. The agency offers performance-driven online marketing solutions that are optimized for search engines.

7 – League Design Agency

Logo of the ukranian firm, League Design Agency.

Website design agency in Ukraine offering digital design, brand identity, and content design services.

Two friends, Mike Samovarov and Konstantin Degtiarev, founded the League Design Agency in 2017. Since its short existence, the agency has grown from 2 to more than 40 artistic engineers, passionate about creating problem-solving designs. 

They believe design to be an integral aspect of products and services, which helps to establish unique brands. Their design solutions combine two characteristics: it solves functional problems and is aesthetically pleasing.

They frequently collaborate with business owners because of their shared motivation to improve, surpass competitors, and achieve great results. Skvot, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Synergy, and Blaize Tech are just a few of the 120 companies from 25 countries they’ve collaborated with so far.

To meet customer demands, the agency offers more than simply designing eye-catching websites and offers full-house services. League Design can help innovate branding by developing branding and strategy, and also creating outstanding experiences for both physical and digital products. 

The web designing firm takes the brands they work with to heart, which is why they like to keep the whole branding and marketing process under one roof and oversee it. Marketing communications, advertising campaigns, public relations, social media, and platform-specific content production are all part of the content creation service they offer. 

8 – Dotlogics

Dotlogic's logo.

Award-winning web design company in New York, specializing in website design and e-commerce development.

Dotlogics was established in 2007 to create a strong, agile team by combining their web development, creative strategy, and social media expertise. Since then, the web designer company opened new offices in the Emirates and Pakistan, to meet international client needs. 

Dotlogics develops digital experiences and supports brand transformations with services including branding, web design, eCommerce and mobile app design, UI/UX design, Custom Software Development, and WordPress and Shopify development. 

They take great care to ensure that everything they create is optimized for every device and provide a first-class UX at every touchpoint. Moreover, they consider consistent styling to be essential for any professional website, thus a branded style guide is also included in their design services. 

As a full-stack digital agency custom web design is far from the only area where they can apply their expertise. They employ a data-driven and personalized technique for projects needing eCommerce help, SEO optimization, backend solutions, and more. 

With their years of experience, they established processes that accelerate efficiently the digital transformation of brands. They can develop and launch digital platforms, add new features and integrations, and provide technology consulting. 

9 – 500 Designs

The logo of 500 Design.

An esteemed Los Angeles-based full-service design firm, known for its work in website design, branding, and development.

The 500 Designs tale began much earlier than the company’s 2017 launch. Stephen Brett and Vivienne Piong already worked together on Inmusik which was an ecosystem based on a blockchain database that supports the music industry, streaming, and social interaction. 

At their financial low point in 2017, Stephen and Vivienne, who became the lead designer, decided to start another company doing what they do best, creating products. This is how 500 Designs was born. 

Stephen and Vivienne, the leadership team of the web designing agency.

500 Designs employs more than 150 “curious problem solvers” works at its two offices, in Irvine and San Francisco. The team full of visionary designers and innovative collaborators merge strategy and creativity to come up with exceptional designs. 

The website design agency’s methods are based on the fundamental understanding of the brands they work with. They examine the businesses from every angle and combine insights from user research, competitive analysis, market analysis, and strategic planning to come up with an effective strategy. That’s why their clientele includes such giants as Google, Cisco, 3M, KBS, Emburse, and L’Oreal.

Their knowledge is not limited to web design but can pull from a broad range of experiences helping businesses achieve great new heights. From research to digital marketing, multiple industries can find the right service in their offerings. Mobile app design, packaging design, iconography, development, marketing, or SEO strategy, they can execute all of it. 

Now that we’ve gone through the top web design companies, let’s examine some additional factors. These aspects will help you decide whether you need to hire an agency and, if so, how to choose the perfect one.

Why is a Great Web Design Important?

Your website’s design is the first thing people will see about your brand so, its appearance considerably impacts your business’s reputation. Visitors will have more faith in your business if your website communicates credibility, professionalism, and authenticity.

And with great design, it’s easily achievable. In addition, if your webpage is well-designed, you’ll attract more visitors and keep the ones you already have.

Boost your conversion rate with great ux design

Hence, if your site is poorly designed or users encounter difficulties, it will impact negatively your business. Furthermore, without a consistent UX, 89% of consumers will abandon your page in favor of something else.

How Long Does it Take to Create a Web Design?

A site can take two to five months to build, but it’s all in the detail. Length is heavily influenced by factors such as platform, complexity, how many pages need to be created, and whether the website needs to be redesigned or built from scratch.

However, feel free to contact us with the details of your project and we can provide you with a more accurate estimate after learning as much as possible about your project.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Design Agency?

I know you’ve heard this before, but it depends. The cost of the project is significantly impacted both by its level of complexity and its length. To give you an idea, though, a complete website redesign takes approximately 3 months to complete. And even at the lowest rate on our list, which is $60 per hour, having two UX professionals work on a carefully designed website will cost a minimum of $20,000 in total.

It might sound expensive, but if your business is on a tight deadline yet has no in-house team, hiring a web design firm may be the best and quickest option. It might take a long time, especially if you require many people, to find the right person to join your team.

Furthermore, it’s risky to hire a designer without having managed one before, as the design process is unique from that of marketing or project management.

What Processes Does a Website Design Agency Have?

As many agencies as there are processes, but they all essentially work similarly. So I’ll illustrate the general process through the example of our own agency. The web design process usually consists of the following steps:

1. Discovery & Research

During this phase, the web design company and the client collaborate to identify the project’s objectives and challenges. It includes defining the purpose of the new website and having strategic workshops. 

This is followed by UX research with current/potential users to learn more about their motivations, needs, and pain points. We also examine competitive landscapes, benchmark industry standards and best practices.

2. UI/ UX Design

In this phase, we create wireframes and prototypes to establish core elements such as information architecture and key screen layouts. We move on to designing the user interface and user experience, iteratively testing it with real people to make sure it meets their needs.

The agile process helps creating user-centric web designs.

3. Development & Launch

Once the agency has finalized all of the necessary elements, the development team can begin working on the new website. UX studio typically provides designs in cycles, allowing the development team to have a head start if possible. When everything is done, you can launch the website. 

Once it’s live, make sure the new site functions properly. This includes manually testing the website on different devices. Also check for broken links, dummy content, broken image tags, and redirect chains.

What Makes a Web Designing Company Great?

The best web design company exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond to help you save money and get ahead of your competitors. They do this by learning about your business, your goals, and your users as much as they can. Of course, this will only become clear once you have spoken to them. 

However, based on our previous experience in the industry, we’ve taken 3 factors into account when compiling the above list.

1. Approach

A great design agency always tailors its processes to the partners’ needs and goals. Not only offers a unique approach but it’s committed to its customers. A client-focused agency strives to provide nothing but the finest service possible.

In addition to this, the success of the project heavily relies on other aspects, such as flexibility and transparent communication. Keep an eye on these signals when you search for a web design company. 

2. Case Studies / Portfolio 

You can learn about the company’s experience and assess the team’s expertise by looking at examples of their work. A strong portfolio includes examples of work from a variety of industries, such as websites for fintech startups or logistic enterprises. The wider a company’s client base, the more diverse their industry experience, and the better they’ll be at meeting your needs.

Case study page of Adchitects.

3. Wide Range of Services

From branding to web development, the best web design companies provide their clients with a broad range of services to meet all of their needs. this allows the project to be in one hand end-to-end and eliminates the need to play the messenger between different agencies, connecting them, and invoicing to separate companies.

How to Choose a Web Designer Company?

Now that you know what makes a website designer firm great, here are some tips for selecting the right one for you. 

1. Know your business requirements

It’s vital to know your needs before selecting the best web designer firm for your company. This requires identifying your company’s goals and the features you want. The clearer the purpose, the more efficient the joint work can be. Moreover, design firms may start working on your project more quicker.

2. Research and List Agencies

Search for agencies on different platforms and check out their websites. Our list makes it easy for you to browse them through and decide which one you like, which one offers the service you need, and which one has experience in your industry.

It’s also good to give those businesses a chance who don’t have a fancy websites, as you can’t judge them on their site’s design alone. Many agencies are so busy with their clients’ work that they don’t have time for their own websites, so a not-so-nice website can hide a real treasure.

3. Review Their Case Studies & Portfolio

Case studies serve as proof of expertise, and it shows industries a company worked in and it communicates the quality level you might expect. In most cases, an agency’s portfolio won’t be available to you until you’ve contacted them, thus the first evaluations have to be based on their case studies.

We recommend looking into them anyway since they might provide insight into whether or not a firm is a good fit for you.

What should you look for when looking at the case study and the portfolio?

  • Examples of website design,
  • Client names,
  • Project types (design, research, branding, audit, etc.),
  • Industries, and
  • Challenges and Outcomes.

4. Roadmap and Timeline

Once you’ve outreached to all the agencies you like, ask them for an initial roadmap to see the length of the project and how feasible it is for you. If you have a problem with any part of the roadmap, ask the firm to amend it, and you can test how flexible they’re when it comes to clients.

Of course, this has to be grounded in reality, as you can’t cut a 3-month roadmap down to 1 month unless you make very big sacrifices, and an agency wants to get the best possible work out of your hands. If the agency blindly follows and does what you ask for, that’s also a red flag.

An example of an 8-week web design roadmap.

Something else to keep an eye on is how much time you spend on web design. One may be able to create a new professional website in 4 weeks, but it may not be one that is right for you or your users. Of course, unrealistically long roadmaps could also be red flags if, for example, a simple website design can only be delivered by an agency after more than 8 months of work.

5. Value for Money

Along with the roadmap, you’ll certainly receive a quote. Don’t just look at the price and decide on agency A or B, but take a look at what services are included in that price.

If you see that one agency is charging $500 for 3 months of work for 1 designer, which only includes web design, but the other is charging $800 for 3 months of work for 1 designer and 1 researcher, which includes a UX audit, competitor analysis, research and design work, then it is better value for money to go with the slightly more expensive agency.

Looking for a Web Design Company?

At UX studio, we’re a trusted choice for custom web design and experiences. We worked with many startups and industry leaders worldwide like Google, Netflix, and Zignaly.

Improve the design and performance of your website with our help. Let’s talk! We’ll walk you through our design processes and suggest the next steps.

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