Start off in the right direction

Idea validation, User needs discovery ✦ 3-6 weeks ✦ UX Researcher
Idea validation, User needs discovery ✦ 3-6 weeks ✦ UX Researcher
Idea validation, User needs discovery ✦ 3-6 weeks ✦ UX Researcher
Idea validation, User needs discovery ✦ 3-6 weeks ✦ UX Researcher
Idea validation, User needs discovery ✦ 3-6 weeks ✦ UX Researcher

Align your ideas, get a clear direction, and build the right product or feature that meets user needs. We explore every aspect of your project and examine its potential to help you get started on the right foot.

You’ll get
User Needs Discovery
Validated User Journey
Finalized Problem Statement
User Persona(s)
Prioritised Features
Design Phase Roadmap

Have a strong foundation to build an outstanding product

Ensure Success

Create solid groundwork for your product using data and research before diving into the design phase.

Unified Vision

Make sure that everyone on your team is on the same page about what the final product should be.

Know Your Users

Get inside the heads of your users to discover what kinds of features and solutions will be the most valuable for them.

Plan Next Steps

Have a clear direction of when, how, and what you will do to turn your idea into a viable and successful product.

Our Process

We pave the way for the next direction you need to take with research, data, and a sequence of workshops.


We start our partnership by learning more about your domain and idea. Furthermore, we collect and analyze your existing materials and data to outline the next steps.

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Onboarding and Kick-off

Getting to know the team and listening to your thoughts is a great way for us to gain a broader understanding of everyone's expectations and goals.

Preparing for the Interviews

After synthesizing all the initial information and existing data, we design our screener, write the script, and start recruiting interview participants.

Discovery and Interviews

We explore your business environment and collect insights about your target audience to find out how your idea can fill the demand gap.

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See the Bigger Picture

Analyzing your audience’s major pain points and experiences with other platforms helps us discover their real needs. Benefit from these insights to create a top-notch product.

Understand User Journeys

A strong understanding of your users’ expectations of your product can help you map out features and prioritize content. This way you can create a user-centered and intuitive experience for them.

Observing Competitors

We look into areas in which your competitors fall short, identify any untapped opportunities in the market, and find ways for you to stand out from the competition.


We hand over a summary with a variety of insights and suggestions that will enable you to make confident and informed decisions. On top of that, we highlight key areas and plan the next steps for the design phase.

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Prioritized Features

We list the top features that can help your product stand out. We prioritize them by their importance and added value to your users.

Data-Driven Decisions

Our findings will help you understand users and trends on a deeper level, so you can make decisions that make your business more adaptable, innovative, and competitive.

Plans for the Design Phase

You can count on us for a lot more than just pointing you in the right direction. We also create a preliminary roadmap for your project's design phase, then bring your vision to life.

How does the collaboration work with your UX agency?

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The collaboration involves a series of meetings and activities aimed at uncovering user needs, defining product requirements, and creating a shared understanding of the product vision. The collaboration starts with a kick-off meeting where the project scope, goals, and timelines are discussed. Then our researcher conducts user interviews to understand user needs and pain points and analyzes the data and synthesizes the findings into user personas, journey maps, and user scenarios.

Our team becomes a part of your team, 40 hours a week to generate ideas for the product and create design concepts. We work together to define the design direction and product requirements and create a product roadmap that outlines the project timeline and milestones. Regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and review meetings are essential for effective communication and collaboration between your team and our UX professionals throughout the collaboration.

When can Project Discovery be helpful?

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A Project Discovery allows you to establish project goals, identify challenges, and finalize the roadmap together with our UX team. It is an opportunity to gather user feedback and ensure that the final product is user-centered. By conducting a Project Discovery, you can also make adjustments based on user feedback and ensure that the project is on track to achieve its objectives.

What are the outcomes of a Discovery Phase?

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The outcomes of a Project Discovery can vary depending on the project and the specific goals of the discovery process. However, some common outcomes include:
- A better understanding of project goals and objectives
- A clear understanding of project requirements and potential challenges
- A finalized roadmap that outlines project milestones and timelines
- A project plan that aligns with stakeholder expectations and budget
- Insights and recommendations for design decisions
- Assumptive user journeys and personas

Overall, the outcomes of a Project Discovery help to minimize risks, reduce costs, and ensure that the final product meets the needs of the target audience while achieving business goals.

Why is Product Discovery essential for Product Teams?

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Product Discovery is essential for product teams because it allows them to identify and validate product ideas and features before investing significant time and resources into development. By conducting research and gathering user feedback, product teams can ensure that the product they are building meets the needs and preferences of their target audience.

Additionally, Product Discovery can help teams to identify potential roadblocks and challenges early on in the process, allowing them to make adjustments and avoid costly mistakes later. Ultimately, Product Discovery can help product teams to deliver a successful product that meets business objectives and achieves a high level of user satisfaction.

What are the outcomes? And can you help implement them?

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The outcomes of a Project Discovery can vary depending on the project, but they typically include a better understanding of project goals, user needs, and requirements, as well as a roadmap for how to achieve those goals.

As a UX agency, we specialize in conducting Project Discovery and helping you implement the outcomes. We help you to identify user needs, create user personas, and develop user journeys. We then use this information to create a user-centered product that meets the needs of your target audience. Ultimately, we strive to help you achieve your project objectives and deliver a successful product.

How much does your discovery service cost?

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Our rates are based primarily on the specifics of your project, including its complexity, length, outputs, and team composition. Feel free to reach out to us so we can provide you with a more accurate estimate after learning as much as possible about your project.