UX Audit
Leave the guessing game behind

Usability evaluation and tests, Behavioral data analysis  ✦ 1 - 2 months ✦ UX Researcher
Usability evaluation and tests, Behavioral data analysis  ✦ 1 - 2 months ✦ UX Researcher
Usability evaluation and tests, Behavioral data analysis  ✦ 1 - 2 months ✦ UX Researcher
Usability evaluation and tests, Behavioral data analysis  ✦ 1 - 2 months ✦ UX Researcher
Usability evaluation and tests, Behavioral data analysis  ✦ 1 - 2 months ✦ UX Researcher

Strengthen your product to meet business goals and improve user satisfaction. We’ll identify bottlenecks, areas for improvement, and opportunities to tackle usability issues.

You’ll get
Identified Issues and Opportunities
Review of Navigation and IA
Ready-to-Use Recommendations
Feedback from Your Audience
Revised User Journey
Actionable Insights

When your business is at a crossroad, look behind the data

Identify Issues

Reveal pain points, usability issues, causes of frustrations, and analyze your users’ needs.

Find What Works

Don't throw away existing and good solutions. Improve, scale, and make them more efficient.

Discover Opportunities

Find “low-hanging fruits" or seemingly minor improvements that can have a significant impact.

Improve Numbers

Maximize profitability, increase conversion and retention rates, and keep your user engaged.

Our Process

A quick and efficient way to find answers, solutions, and define your next steps.


We always go to extra lengths to get to know your team, business, and product better to make sure our collaboration is a success. Then we set up the foundations of the audit.

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Kick-off Workshop

• Onboarding and Alignment
• Stakeholder Interviews  
• Discuss current pain points
• Set goals

Research Foundations

• Research plan
• Recruiting for tests
• Writing scripts for tests
• Set up extra measurements    

Analysis and Testing

We collect detailed insights from your target audience and check key metrics. It helps us understand user needs, frustrations, and market trends.

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Research Methods

• Analyzing Existing Data
• Check Competitors
• Usability Testing
• Evaluating the Current User Journey


We evaluate the findings and insights then come up with viable ideas on how to improve your platform. You’ll get a report full of ready-to-use recommendations that you can start implementing right away.

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Detailed List of UX Issues

Our list will help you understand why certain UI/UX design solutions caused frustration and which improvements you should prioritize.

Structured Data

You’ll get every test and interview recording, design and feature analysis in a structured document along with a defined user journey. We do our best to make our observations and recommendations clear so you can easily use them in the future.

“It took us some months to reach and exceed the download numbers we had in the spring. However, we do see a 3% progress in the Day 1 retention numbers and a 5% decrease in trial cancellations on iOS platforms.”

Attila AlGharawi
Co-Founder & CEO at Xeropan

How does the collaboration work with your UX agency?

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A UX audit is conducted by at least one UX researcher who is there to handle all aspects of the collaboration such as user interviews, usability tests, evaluating data and analytics, as well as creating the final research report.

You’ll have direct communication and regular meetings with the UX team to ensure close collaboration. Our UX researcher is integrated into your team, working exclusively on your project and devoting their full attention and expertise to your specific requirements.

What problems does a UX Audit solve?

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A UX Audit is a usability evaluation of your product’s user interface to understand how people interact with it. With the help of interviews and usability test sessions, we define and present the core usability issues of your product which, if tackled, can improve your business performance.

Long-term we strive to become your strategic partner and assist you in product releases, set up measuring systems, and help you decide on what functionality to build next.

When to conduct a UX Audit?

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UX Audit can be incredibly helpful in any stage of your digital product's lifecycle. Teams typically conduct a UX Audit whenever they redesign a website or app that has been live for some time, create and implement new functionality, or want to validate a new product design before launch. This helps ensure that the product meets the desired business and user experience objectives. Additionally, businesses can benefit from periodic UX Audits to ensure product quality and user experience over time.

What are the deliverables of a UX Audit?

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We provide a detailed research report of our findings including session notes and screen recordings. The report will include all insights and recommendations based on the conducted user interviews and usability test sessions.

Additionally, we also provide a visual representation of the findings. In the case of live products or prototypes, the insights are more tangible when you present them accompanied by recommendations in the visual context of the screens. We create these reports in a presentation format to be easily looked through and digested by any stakeholders of the project.

How is UX Audit different from an Expert Review?

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The  main difference is that during a UX Audit we go beyond an Expert Review by recruiting potential users as test participants. This allows us to test your product with real users, so that we can focus on understanding their pain points, needs, and motivations. By combining user interviews with usability tests, we can gain valuable insight into how your users interact with the product and identify areas of improvement. Ultimately, this leads to a better user experience and a more successful product.

Can you help implement the findings?

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Absolutely! Our UX/UI designers are ready to join the project and design new solutions based to boost your business performance. We base our work on the findings of the UX audit that includes the key usability issues of your product. We always test our new ideas with real users as well, and we iterate on the design until we reach the right solution. This way we only hand over validated designs to your development team that your users will love to use.

How much does it cost?

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Our rates are based primarily on the specifics of your project, including its complexity, length, outputs, and team composition. Feel free to reach out to us so we can provide you with a more accurate estimate after learning as much as possible about your project.