UX Audit and Expert Review for an US-based Startup

Reward Builder is an employee recognition platform.

Main page design of rewardbuilder.


Reward Builder




UX Audit
+ Expert Review

Team Setup

1 Researcher
+ Experts


4 Weeks


The Reward Builder reached out to us to learn more about their users' opinion on their system's advanced features, as well as their employee rewards and HR incentives components.


For a comprehensive research we needed to recruit a diverse group of users, but fortunately it sounded harder than it was.


The collaboration resulted in an in-depth research report. The identified user issues and design recommendations empowered Reward Builder to initiate the redesign of user flows and content organization for an enhanced user experience.

Usability tests
Final report pages

Project Timeline

Timeline of the project including kick-off and recruitment, expert review, UX audit and handover.

Kick-off Workshop

How we started

To make sure that the project runs smoothly we started our collaboration with a few days of onboarding. After that, we held a kick-off workshop using Miro. Here we talked about business objectives, current challenges of the platform, and finalized the project roadmap. We use this method to make sure that every member of the collaboration is aligned and our research can be fully prepared for the UX Audit.

Template of the kick-off workshop we did using Miro. It features business goals, future milestones, kpis, and others.
Workshop's template used in this phase
Assumptive matrix which shows mainly the important high and known risks of rewardbuilder.
Assumptive matrix

Expert Review

An expert review is a short but comprehensive usability evaluation of the product’s main user flows without usability interviews.

We started our collaboration with review sessions to assess the usability of Reward Builder’s website’s main user flows. Our UX professionals documented their observations on what could cause challenges and how the client could improve the site’s user experience.

Target audience card for rewardbuilder.Target audience card featuring position, user goals, and habits among other things.

UX Audit

Our researcher recruited small business owners, logistics directors, sales representatives, and design leads with to learn more about their needs. For recruitment, we used PingPong.

With the selected ten participants the researcher first had interviews followed by usability tests. We use observation-based research to capture a thorough sense of how users interacted with the website and how they use features. This research method helped us to find high-level design related usability issues in various flows.

A user journey map for users who are building a reward using the platform.


As a result of the collaboration, the client received an in-depth research report. Based on our findings and expert recommendations, they’ve started redesigning Reward Builder’s user flows and reorganizing existing content.

User first impression feedbacks on rewardbuilder from user interviews.

The UX studio team worked with us to create a highly collaborative process while still leveraging their expertise to help us meet our goals. The deliverables were well-defined and completed within the time frame laid out in the project plan. We greatly enjoyed working with UX Studio’s team, and we recommend UX Studio if you are working to take your platform or product to the next level.

KJ Minchew
Project Manager, Reward Builder