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Careers at UX studio

Benefits of working with us

#1 —
Great Atmosphere

Our enthusiastic UX professionals create an atmosphere where we love working together. We regularly have knowledge-sharing workshops and team buildings. We take our job seriously, while also having fun.

#2 —
Professional Development

At UX studio everyone has ownership of their tasks, while being supported by the team. The wide variety of clients from different fields gives our team members unmatchable experience for professional development.

#3 —
Transparency & Freedom

Being open and honest is very important to us. Everyone at UX studio knows about our business strategy and decision-making, and we are transparent about our contracts and finances.

#4 —
Equal Opportunities

We value diversity and create equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender, location, or former experience. We are excited to meet talented like-minded professionals from all over the world!

The most exciting part about working at UX studio is being at a dynamically developing company, and being able to shape this environment is really nice.

Dan Damsa
UX Researcher at UX studio

Even when we are not in the same room together, it's really easy to connect with each other because everyone is an awesome person and a great and skilled professional.

Fruzsi Fejes
UX Researcher at UX studio

I love that the company, including our CEO and my colleagues, trust my expertise and professionalism. We set clear goals together and they trust me to execute them as I see best, scheduling and organising my own time, without trying to micromanage me. I'm both more efficient and at ease this way and can really do my best.

Dorka Kardos-Latif
Marketing Manager at UX studio

The most exciting thing for me is that the studio has always given me the space to go out from my comfort zone, and also gives a supporting and caring community that cheers from the back and provides a network of talented and smart people to rely on, trust, and have fun with.

Zita Gombár
UX Researcher at UX studio

For me, the most exciting thing has to be the community and the supportive atmosphere. In general, people are open, transparent, and well-meaning. It's really good to work in a place where we can talk openly about our problems and figure out together how to solve them.

Dan Jecan
UX Researcher at UX studio

I love that we have retreats. It's pleasant being with colleagues in a totally different setup than the office and having fun. UX cup is a must-have for the retreats!

Dan Damsa
UX Researcher at UX studio


How long does the application process usually take?

Application timelines can vary a lot depending on a lot of factors. Our goal is to get back to you within a week of your application to organize our introductory chat, where our HR manager will share more information about the next steps and estimated time of feedback.

My home isn’t ideal for an interview, what can I do?

We sometimes have the same struggle, so no worries! Luckily Google Meet, the platform we use for our interviews, has built-in backgrounds or blur modes you can use if you prefer to hide your background.

Do you offer feedback on applications?

We offer portfolio and performance evaluations if requested, and we always write personalized feedback on the work of those candidates who complete our challenge.

Does UX studio support remote work?

Yes, you can join UX studio remotely! To become a team member from another country, you have to be within four hours of the Central European time zone and have a reliable internet connection. When we have in-person events, such as retreats, we will ask you to join us. We will organize the trip for you; your only task will be to travel here to meet your team!

Does UX studio have an office?

We have a spacious dog-friendly office in the heart of Budapest. However, if you prefer working from home, you can do so, but we always recommend our team members to join us in the office every now and then to experience the great atmosphere we have here!

Is it possible to relocate to Hungary? Are there any relocation packages?

Yes, relocation is possible after your three-month-long probation period. We wait until then to make sure you are 100% confident in the position before you commit to moving between countries (and sometimes continents)! Our relocation package includes administrative and legal help from a relocation professional, financial aid for flights, and help with accommodation.

Is UX studio hiring for a specific project?

There are no designated projects at the time of the recruitment process. We have long-term collaborations and shorter projects with our clients. We only dedicate UX professionals to the projects once we are familiar with each other and know which collaboration will be the best match.

What does the onboarding process look like?

The first week at UX studio is a Product Design project week for everyone, regardless of your future position. This week you'll get more familiar with our processes and complete a short project while having intro sessions with many team members. This week's main purpose is to introduce you to your colleagues so you won't feel alone during your training period. From the second week onward, your position-related training begins with the guidance of your designated mentor.

How many projects do designers and researchers work on at the same time?

A designer only works on one project at a time, in close collaboration with a UX Researcher. Depending on the scope and size of the project, more designers could be allocated on a project.

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