Visual Identity Design
All your communication aligned in one place

Make your business unique. We craft cohesive visual communication that authentically reflect your brand's essence. Evolve your brand with meaningful design that aligns deeply with your audience.

You’ll get
Brief and Roadmap
Brand Audit
Research Reports
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity manual
Logo and identity assets

Effortlessly resonate with your target audience

Create Consistency

Align all your communication channels towards the same goal through analysis, research, strategy and design.

Get Real Data

Elevate your brand persona by diving deeper into researching your audience. Dive deep and get actionable data.

Aim and Reach

Strategic communication will make your business thrive. Engage with those who identify with your brand’s journey.


Already know your brand inside out? Refresh your current visuals while maintaining the same values and goals.

Our Process

We analyze each particular situation, and we plan accordingly by creating a detailed roadmap, following 4 major stages: preparation; discovery and research; design; handover.

Every stage has its regular check-ins so you can watch your brand transform step-by-step.


We start the process by laying the groundwork for our collaboration and getting to know each other better. Every situation is unique, so we adapt to your needs to help you reach your goals.

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We plan together

• Communication channels
• Roles of team members

We make the brief

• Project Overview
• Goals
• Scope
• Deliverables
• Roadmap and Delivery Schedule

Discovery and research

Let’s lay a strong foundation for your new visual identity through extensive research. We get inside the head of your audience, study your industry domain, and craft a cohesive brand strategy.

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This phase includes working together with you through interviews and workshops so we can start walking towards your vision and setting the bases fot the design stage.

We research

• Industry and competitors
• Target audience
• Brand audit

We define

• Value Proposition
• Competitive Advantage
• Brand positioning
• Brand Persona
• Tone of voice
• Key Concepts


This is where the magic happens. We put this phase on repeat, create and deliver your new visual communication. We start with 3 design proposals and we develop according to strategy and feedback.

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Ideation, definition and iterations

We start the ideation process by exploring multiple design directions.To achieve this, we will work with moodboards first, to get to know the overall aesthetic we want to create.

Once the directions are defined, we propose 3 different options that include the following:

• Logo
• Typography
• Color Scheme
• General Look and Feel

Based on feedback, the designs are refined and iterated upon to ensure they effectively communicate your new brand's identity.


We finalize your new visual identity design and hand over the branding manual, guideline sheet, brand assets, and research report so you can start implementing it across all your communication channels.

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Design Handover

• Branding Manual: This contains the overall communication definition, including Brand Strategy (Brand Persona, Key Concepts and Value Proposition, Brand positioning, Tone of Voice, Storytelling)
and Visual Identity Manual (Logo Composition, Identity Concept, Typography, Color scheme, Identity Assets, Look and feel, Application Examples, Correct Use, Incorrect Use)
• Brand Guideline Sheet
• Cloud-based asset portal with brand elements, such as logo variations in different formats, images, patterns, textures, mockups and more.

Research Report

You’ll get a report of our findings done in workshops in a presentation format.We make our observations clear so you can easily use them in the future.

“UX studio went the extra mile by delivering the UI kit, mobile version, and the dark and light mode for Zignaly. Besides, it was great to see that all design decisions were carefully made based on solid research and UX expertise.”

Bartolome R Bordallo
Co-Founder & CEO at Zignaly

“We are thrilled by UX studio’s process. They helped us identify where students drop out and discover what makes users stay longer and get more engaged. The improved user flow and UI are incredible, no details are left to change.”

Stefan Helgesson
Keystone Academic Solutions

"UX studio team took a deep dive into understanding our challenges and limitations to create a product that better suits our goals. The workflow was super smooth, organized, and neat."

Juliana Mello
Head of Marketing at VCC

"The project went extremely smoothly. The communication was very easy, and the researchers ended up talking about our company language, which indicated that they really understood our problems and work hard to come up with the insights we needed."

Ainoa Ryll
PM at GoFundMe

“It took us some months to reach and exceed the download numbers we had in the spring. However, we do see a 3% progress in the Day 1 retention numbers and a 5% decrease in trial cancellations on iOS platforms.”

Attila AlGharawi
Co-Founder & CEO at Xeropan

"UX studio went the extra mile by delivering the UI kit, mobile version, and the dark and light mode for Zignaly. Besides, it was great to see that all design decisions were carefully made based on solid research and UX expertise."

Bartolome R Bordallo
Co-Founder & CEO at Zignaly

How does the collaboration work with your UX agency?

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We maintain direct communication with you throughout every UI/UX design project. We follow an agile process during the design work to ensure that we can quickly adapt to any changes in the project requirements. During the collaboration, we dedicate at least one UX researcher and one product designer to focus on your product entirely, dedicating 40 hours a week to ensure that the project is delivered efficiently and within the specified time frame.

Our collaborative approach ensures that we can deliver a high-quality user experience that meets your needs and expectations. Regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and review meetings are essential for effective communication and collaboration between your team and our UX professionals throughout our partnership.

How long does it take to design UI and UX?

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Generally speaking, it takes 3-6 months to design a great UX and UI. However, this timeline can vary depending on the specific project requirements and other different factors - such as team size, business goals, level of complexity, type, and scope of the project.

Why is UX research important during UI and UX design services?

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UX research is crucial during UI/ UX design services because it helps to identify the needs, preferences, and pain points of the target audience. By conducting research, designers can gain valuable insights that can inform design decisions and ensure that the final product is user-centered.

This can lead to a more intuitive and effective user interface, which in turn can enhance the user experience and increase user engagement. Ultimately, UX research can help to create a product that meets the needs of the target audience and achieves business goals.

Can you help with redesign projects?

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Yes, our UX professionals have experience in redesigning multiple platforms, for example, mobile apps, B2B software, and enterprise and startup website design. We can improve yours as well, including its usability, functionality, and overall user experience, based on your needs and requirements. We’ll work closely with you to understand the business objectives and user needs and develop a design solution that meets those requirements. You can read more about our Redesign service in this link.

How do you keep communication during the project and how do you handle time zone differences?

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Thanks to our experience working with different companies around the world, we’ve developed efficient remote work processes. We use a range of collaboration tools including Slack or Teams, Zeplin, Jira and more, so you’re always up-to-date on progress of the project. We understand the importance of clear communication and staying on the same page when working together. That's why we always make sure to schedule regular meetings with your team, usually once a week or more if needed, that fit in with your schedules. On these meetings, you'll be able talk directly our designers and researchers, without having to go through a middle-man.

How much does your UI/UX design service cost?

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Our rates are based primarily on the specifics of your project, including its complexity, length, outputs, and team composition. Feel free to reach out to us so we can provide you with a more accurate estimate after learning as much as possible about your project.