Website Redesign for a Hungarian University - MOME

MOME is a prominent applied arts university with the mission of creating a value-driven arts and design ecosystem in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region.

MOME's homepage in light and dark mode.


MOME - University of Art and Design Budapest




UI/UX Design
+ UX Research

Team Setup

1 Researcher
+ 1 Designer


6 Months


MOME approached us with the need of redesigning their website to modernize and make it more attractive to international students, update its information architecture, and align it with their international positioning.


The challenges were mainly due to time constraints, which required us to include template pages in the project. Initially, any particular features were specified, making the early stages a bit tricky. In the discovery phase, understanding the project goals was challenging, but we made progress through meetings with different people from MOME, which helped us adapt the pages during research and design phases.


The final website offers an improved user experience with its user-friendly design and a strong focus on addressing users' real needs. It also reduces the cognitive load on users as they explore information, helping to keep their attention.

User tests
Workshops held
Pages redesigned

Project Timeline

Timeline of the project with the following phases: discovery, recurrent testing, desktop redesign cycles, mobile redesign cycles and handover.


How we started

  • ✦ We initiated our project with a kick-off meeting and then conducted a heuristic evaluation.
  • ✦ We carried out seven stakeholder interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the university.
  • ✦ Utilizing insights from these interviews and a comprehensive competitor analysis, we constructed an impact effort matrix and developed assumptive personas and user journeys.
  • ✦ We organized a brand persona workshop to understand the client's perspective which guided the redesign of the website's layout, and we also began developing a new design system.
Outcome of the assumptive personas workshop where we can see the six persona's type.
Assumptive personas workshop
Competitor matrix made by MOME's team in one of the workshops we held.
Competitor matrix
Three different design variations presented to MOME's team in the brand persona workshop.
Brand persona workshop

Desktop Redesign

Our step-by-step process

  • 1. Testing wireframes of each page with local and international students.
  • 2. Fine-tuning the services shown on each page, in collaboration with the head of departments.
  • 3. Laying the groundwork for the new branding and design elements, introducing light and dark modes.
  • 4. Testing the Information Architecture to improve the usability of the website.
  • 5. Creating high-fidelity prototypes for testing.
  • 6. Doing continuous research thorough all the process.
Original website design for the Innovation Center's page.
Original website design
Innovation Center's page after the redesign.
After redesign

Mobile Redesign

The modular design our team created made the implementation easy and fast. The testing rounds revealed the need for some adjustments and the importance of tabs for easy navigation. The team closed the project by implementing these final iterations.

Mobile mockups of different sections on the website such as the Techpak, Masters, Architecture's Programmes and Research Hubs.


We had meetings with their team where we handed-over the following:

  • 1. Outcome of all the workshops we facilitated.
  • 2. Research findings and repository.
  • 3. Prototypes we used for testing.
  • 4. Final screens for desktop and mobile.
  • 5. Design System with foundational elements, components and guidelines to maintain a cohesive website.

The design system we delivered to the client enables them to create various materials across the university that match their new look. The modular design also allows the client to add new pages without the need for a UX studio, ensuring consistency throughout the site.

Visit MOME’s website
A collage of the final designs featuring the events' page and other UI elements, like colors and typography.

Thanks to UX studio’s efforts, the website was delivered on time. The team was professional, flexible, and responsive. That user-centeredness is not only a buzzword for them, but an enthusiastic approach.

Máté Milovits
Strategic Development Director, MOME