Website Redesign and Webflow Development for IncQuery Labs

IncQuery Labs offers tailored solutions for the automated digital engineering experience throughout the whole engineering process.

IncQuery's landing page after the redesign.


IncQuery Labs


Software Solutions


UI/UX Design + Development

Team Setup

1 Researcher
+ 1 Designer


4 Months


The goal was to redesign and build the IncQuery Io website in Webflow, focusing on user-friendliness and showcasing their flagship product, IncQuery Suite. The IncQuery Labs team wanted to make the site easier for users to connect with the company, prioritizing customer needs for quality UI/UX design.


One of our challenges was understanding where the general information turns into a technical one in a customer journey to facilitate user experience.


We helped IncQuery Labs modernize its digital presence and easily connect people with their software solution, IncQuery Suite, through the new website built in Webflow. After the release, we incorporated bi-weekly iterations based on user feedbacks to further improve its navigation and make information easy to digest.

Illustrations created
Webflow pages

Project Timeline

Timeline of the project with the following phases: Discovery, redesign and iterations, testing and webflow implementation.


How we started

The IncQuery Suite product had an existing website when our UX team joined the project. As part of our first steps, we:

  • ✦ Held a website architecture workshop to map out the well-functioning parts of the old website that were later incorporated into the new website design.
  • ✦ Facilitated a value proposition and a customer journey workshop which helped our UX team to better understand the old website’s logic and the primary user flows.

How we collaborated with the client

Our UX team worked remotely with the client, but we communicated daily using various collaboration tools, such as:

  • ✦ Miro whiteboard for roadmap and planning workshops
  • ✦ Slack, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams for communication
  • ✦ Figma for creating design solutions
First part of the landing page before the redesign, explaining what is IncQuery about.First part of the landing page before the redesign, talking about IncQuery's products.
Old website

Redesign and Iterations

​​Once the essential parts of the old website were defined, we started rethinking the website’s logic and structure. One of our challenges was understanding where the general information turns into a technical one in a customer journey to facilitate user experience. In this phase, we designed a product landing page before the whole website structure and design were finalized.

It was essential to be consistent when designing new pages and elements because we worked on several IncQuery Labs products. Therefore, we put together a design system that helps reuse components, and design elements.


  • ✦ UX Design and Research
  • ✦ Design Sprints
Desktop mockup of the homepage after the redesign.

Webflow Implementation

Once the product landing page was launched, we designed and developed the rest of the website pages in Webflow, keeping the original website’s logic in mind.

We recruited two groups of people from the target audience who were already familiar with the product and had never heard of the company before to test our design solutions.

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The final designs of their main product pages we handed over to IncQuery's team.