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We hold customized training to help your teams incorporate design thinking into your work

Learn product design 
from UX experts

Good user experience can help you improve your product’s performance and customer satisfaction. As an expert product design and research agency, we hold beginner and advanced UX trainings, or customized user experience training tailored to your business needs.

We hold trainings on-site or online, with the aim to introduce you to the right UX design processes and help enhance your teams’ UX maturity.

Our UX trainings

With our user experience basics, advanced UI UX training, or customized UX training, we are ready to equip your teams with the best UX practices, strategies and toolkits to help you improve your product design and development processes. 

UX basics

This UX training is developed for cross-discipline teams, who want to learn the basics of user-centered product design process, and how to implement it in practice. 

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Advanced UX training

The intensive UX training will help your teams deepen their knowledge on UX research practices, design principles, research and design tools, and methodologies.

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Customized UX training

We discuss your current business challenges and prepare a customized user experience training tailored to help your product improve its performance.

What can we do for you?

Share your goals and challenges with us, so we can organize the training that is best for your business and your users' needs.

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Why learn with UX studio

We are a global product design and research company helping businesses create 
impactful digital products. Our UX professionals run user experience basics workshops and advanced UX trainings for rising startups and established enterprises worldwide.

With over ten years of experience and two own digital products — UXfolio and Copyfolio, we possess a unique set of skills, enabling us to share the best design practices with our partners.

“Thank you, UX studio, for the intensive 3-day training. It was markedly useful that we could progress in a personalized manner, with the topics related to our company. We were able to experience the values of the presented UX methodologies and mentality on our own skin.”

"UX Studio's facilitators have outstanding professional and soft skills. They quickly understood our workflows and ongoing projects. Even though the whole thing was online, they kept us focused and motivated throughout the 5-day course."


Who will benefit from the UX training?

At UX studio, we developed different UX trainings tailored to address the needs of companies with different UX maturity levels.
UX basics training is an introductory course to user-centered product design for teams less familiar with UX practices that want to learn about digital user experience and how to improve it. The UX training covers the product design process, the basics of product discovery, and usability testing. It will help your team design impactful digital experiences with users in mind. 

Our  advanced UI UX training is designed to deepen your teams’ knowledge of product design and user experience research. The course is developed for customer experience researchers, UX professionals, and product owners managing UX teams.

Customized UX training is developed by UX studio upon the client’s request and exclusively tailored to address their current challenges.

If you want to improve the effectiveness of your product development processes, we can give you insights on how to synchronize your design and development efforts effectively. If you struggle with implementing a research repository or use customer insight data within your organization, we can conduct workshops on how to communicate research findings and explain the value of UX research to stakeholders.  

If you would like to bring a UX mindset to your organization and learn about the business value of UX, contact us.

What is the minimum number of participants?

The preferred team size for UX basics, UX intensive, and customized UI UX training is six to ten people. However, since every case is unique, we will discuss with you the final team size based on your goals and circumstances.

What is the course format?

We can hold UX training online via Zoom or Google Meet or on-site. If you would like to run a corporate training in your office, you will have to make sure that specific technical requirements are met, such as suitable conference rooms available during the whole training period that can accommodate up to ten people and a projector to display learning material. 

The corporate training is held on three to five consecutive days during business hours, from 10 am till 5 pm, with an hour lunch break. 
If you decide to learn UX design online, you will need a laptop with a good camera, a stable internet connection, and good headphones. You will still need to bring your laptop to the on-site training, however. UX studio will take care of all the other necessities, like sticky notes, pen, and paper. 

Two experts from UX studio will facilitate the UI UX training and give presentations for your company. We also invite other professionals from our team to provide you with more insights on specific topics. If prototype testing is a part of your training, we also invite participants for usability interviews and testing. 

As a UX training alumni, you will get a digital certificate about the course completion. Our certification is proof of your UX knowledge that you can include in your CV and display on Linkedin. 

If you are interested in our courses, get in touch with us through our contact form to inquire about pricing and more details.

Who are the UX training instructors? 

We dedicate the most suitable experts with relevant experience to facilitate workshops and trainings for your teams. The facilitators are product designers and user experience research experts of UX studio, with years of experience and notable clients in their portfolio such as HBO, Netflix, Google, and the United Nations.

How is the customized UX training organized?

Many companies reach out to UX studio with specific problems. How to effectively organize product design processes, what to do to improve designer-developer collaboration, or how to communicate the value of user experience to stakeholders are just a few examples. 
When we prepare the UX training plan at UX studio, we first discuss the current state of the business with our client. Afterward, we define the scope of the training, its duration and recommend who should attend it from the team. We discuss the preliminary training plan with the client and make adjustments where necessary.

Once we agree on the scope and duration, our experts create unique training materials tailored to teach the teams how to successfully address their current business issues.