Syskit UX Training
Software Development

On-site UX Training  ✦  1 week  ✦  Designer + Researcher  ✦  Software Development  ✦  B2B
On-site UX Training  ✦  1 week  ✦  Designer + Researcher  ✦  Software Development  ✦  B2B
On-site UX Training  ✦  1 week  ✦  Designer + Researcher  ✦  Software Development  ✦  B2B
On-site UX Training  ✦  1 week  ✦  Designer + Researcher  ✦  Software Development  ✦  B2B
On-site UX Training  ✦  1 week  ✦  Designer + Researcher  ✦  Software Development  ✦  B2B

SysKit is a software development company focused on creating enterprise governance and monitoring solutions for Microsoft 365. They have 75 employees in Croatia, working remotely mostly with international clients - mainly USA.

SysKit wanted to have focused sessions on several topics. As they have in-house UX designers but no researcher, they reached out to us to review and improve their current research and planning processes. They wanted hands-on expertise from our side with reviewing what they already do.

Their team were eager to learn how to include UX design within an Agile process and prepare to define a UX roadmap. They also wanted to know more about how to optimise the Design System once they finished their upcoming rebranding.

Main topics covered
Product Discovery & Agile Process
Research Methods
UI Principles & Tools

The project goal was to increase the UX maturity of the team, helping them plan better for their research and discovery phase. It also included ways for SysKit to assess and understand the data they get from the research. Moreover, they could learn more about how to create and use a well built design system, and how to conduct a structured design critique session.

To stay in contact, we used Microsoft Teams - as requested by the client. But the one-week-long training was held in person in the SysKit office (Croatia, Zagreb).


We had an intro call with the UX designer and the product owner to discuss the questions we had regarding the training. The discussion helped in getting more information about their current struggles and to understand what should be in focus during the training.

From this talk, we understood that research, UX strategy and design systems should be the primary focus of the week. We also decided that practice through the workshop would be needed for the team to apply what they learn from the presentations. Altogether, we had 5 days to prepare the slide shows for the presentations and find out/plan the workshop activities.

During this week, we also set up Microsoft Teams to keep in contact with the client, so we could ask upcoming and clarifying questions regarding the schedule.


During the training week, we had sessions from 9 am to 5 pm, every day. Every morning we started with an ice-breaker just to connect with the team and also help them connect to each other.

UX studio's Team

• 1 UX Lead and Researcher
• 1 UX Designer

SysKit’s Team

• Product Owner
• Product Manager
• Engineering Team Lead
• 2 UX/UI Designers
• 2 Frontend Developers
• Software Engineer

Here you can see our final schedule:

The Outcome

Upon completing the training, SysKit’s team demonstrated a newfound ability to write compelling interview scripts and conduct interviews in accordance with general best practices. They also gained proficiency in constructing user journeys to gain a deeper understanding of their users' problems and creating effective personas that accurately represent their customer base.

Additionally, the team learned how to build an agile roadmap that incorporates research discovery and UX design cycles, as well as improve their usability testing processes. They also established a design system that facilitates seamless collaboration between developers and designers while remaining resistant to changes. Finally, SysKit mastered measuring and planning the success of their UX work using the Google Heart Framework.

"The training UX studio conducted exceeded our expectations. They were able to understand the objectives of our company and went in depth with thoroughly covering our every need as a team. Now we have a clear understanding of how we can optimise our processes to excel our company's business even more."

Rajko Pihac
Product Designer