UX Design & Research for AI
Unlock new possibilities for your business

Turn AI into a business advantage. Through research and collaborative workshops, we find integration opportunities and create user-friendly interfaces, ensuring seamless interaction with AI.

You’ll get
AI focused workshops
User-centred AI solutions
Seamless UX for AI products
Pixel Perfect UI Design

How UX can bridge the gap
between your business and AI

Refine Proof of Concept

Turn your technical proof-of-concept (POC) into a viable product. Our UX team help you refine flows and confidently move forward.

Evaluate AI features

Uncover bottlenecks in your AI experiences with research. We'll provide actionable insights on how to make them function seamlessly for your users.

Design new AI features & Products

Working closely with your dev team, we can help breathe life into your idea. Our team defines vision, clarifies functionality, and designs its real potential.

Explore AI opportunities

Identify user needs and explore how AI can address them, turning findings into growth opportunities through workshops and research.

Situations where our expertise proves valuable

Conversational AI

Chatbots and AI agents can improve user experience by providing insights, answering questions or guiding users. We can help you shape a chatbot catered to your users needs by working from research-backed insights and using a process-oriented approach.

AI UX & UI Integrations

Our designers and researchers have the expertise needed to design for different types of AIs, whether it’s at a feature or product level. We can help build seamless, user-friendly flows, whether it’s a recommendations feature, sentiment analysis or generative AI features like text generation.

How we create a great AI product

Whether it's a feature or a standalone AI product, we believe there are two parts to building meaningful AI.

Defining the right AI concept

We understand the importance of aligning AI solutions with user needs to create impactful products. Through our comprehensive approach, we help you identify the right AI concepts through:

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AI-focused workshops & discussions

• Identify opportunities for using AI in your product. We start by identifying user needs along the user journey, then exploring how AI can meet those.
• Prioritise opportunities according to impact. Here, we'll assess which potential AI integrations can have the biggest impact on the overall user experience.
• Dive deeper into how different AI opportunities would work. Here, we'll explore in detail how AI integrations should work and how to communicate these to users effectively.

AI Strategy assistance

We can support you into crafting an AI strategy, including clarifying aspects like data collection and integration. This will support you in integrating AI in your product effectively.

In this step, collaboration with your development team is essential to understand how to balance opportunities and challenges that come with AI.

Designing the AI product

This is when the magic happens. We put this phase on repeat, create and deliver your new design gradually in cycles. This allows your developers to start building the product sooner.

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UX & UI design

Once we clarified features, it’s time to translate this information into a seamless UX with a great UI. Here is when we’re going to explore in depth specific use cases, minimizing the impact that AI errors and hallucinations can have on the user experience.

User Research and testing

To make sure everything comes together, we conduct in-depth user research to see how users interact with your product. Whether it’s on a clickable prototype or a proof of concept, we’ll identify any bottlenecks in the user experience and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.


Even if you have a killer product with a state-of-the-art AI powering it, it will get lost in the crowd without a memorable visual identity. Our designers can help you shape a unique branding to make your product truly stand out.

“UX Studio built prototypes for a complicated machine learning based data science tool. We thought it might be too obscure of a product to get anything beyond a simple color palette and design. Their ability to work with us on every element of the application exceeded our expectations.”

Scott Field

How long does it take to design an AI product or feature?

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Every project is different and we always start by having our business development managers come up with a custom plan for your project. Apart from that, the duration of an AI product also depends on the stage of the project, whether it's starting from scratch or if there is any previous work that we can start from, for example a working proof of concept or branding.

Can you design an AI from scratch?

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While we can assist you in developing AI products and features, we don't have the capacity to build AI models from scratch. We can help here with clarifying the data that needs to be collected and how the process should go. However, we would need support from your development team, whether internal or external and from data scientist in order to actually build any AI models.

How does the collaboration work with your UX agency?

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We maintain direct communication with you throughout every UI/UX design project. We follow an agile process during the design work to ensure that we can quickly adapt to any changes in the project requirements. During the collaboration, we dedicate at least one UX researcher and one product designer to focus on your product entirely, dedicating 40 hours a week to ensure that the project is delivered efficiently and within the specified time frame.

Our collaborative approach ensures that we can deliver a high-quality user experience that meets your needs and expectations. Regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and review meetings are essential for effective communication and collaboration between your team and our UX professionals throughout our partnership.

How long does it take to onboard your team to an AI product?

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Some of our UX designers and researchers have a basic knowledge about AI and working with AI. We will try to assign those people to your projects so the project can move forward as fast as possible. Apart from that, all our team members can get up to speed with domain knowledge for a specific product and industry in a short amount of time.

How do you keep communication during the project and how do you handle time zone differences?

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Thanks to our experience working with different companies around the world, we’ve developed efficient remote work processes. We use a range of collaboration tools including Slack or Teams, Zeplin, Jira and more, so you’re always up-to-date on progress of the project. We understand the importance of clear communication and staying on the same page when working together. That's why we always make sure to schedule regular meetings with your team, usually once a week or more if needed, that fit in with your schedules. On these meetings, you'll be able talk directly our designers and researchers, without having to go through a middle-man.

How much does your UI/UX design service cost?

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Our rates are based primarily on the specifics of your project, including its complexity, length, outputs, and team composition. Feel free to reach out to us so we can provide you with a more accurate estimate after learning as much as possible about your project.