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Usability analysis, Heuristic evaluation ✦ 5 - 10 Days  ✦ UI/UX Designer + UX Researcher
Usability analysis, Heuristic evaluation ✦ 5 - 10 Days  ✦ UI/UX Designer + UX Researcher
Usability analysis, Heuristic evaluation ✦ 5 - 10 Days  ✦ UI/UX Designer + UX Researcher
Usability analysis, Heuristic evaluation ✦ 5 - 10 Days  ✦ UI/UX Designer + UX Researcher
Usability analysis, Heuristic evaluation ✦ 5 - 10 Days  ✦ UI/UX Designer + UX Researcher

Find opportunities, catch underlying usability issues, and get actionable recommendations quickly from our UX experts. We're here to give you a different perspective on your product so you can turn it into its best version.

You’ll get
Behavior Analysis
Industry Best Practices
Design Recommendations
UI and UX Design Evaluation
List of UX Flaws
Visual Report

A short and sweet way to gather feedback and new ideas

Get Feedback

Get a quick but in depth evaluation of your design’s strengths and weaknesses based on best practices and our hands-on experience.

Improve Usability

Find underlying usability flaws and get actionable recommendations for addressing them.

Boost Performance

Enhance user experience and key metrics with insights and suggestions tailored to your product.

Find Opportunities

Discover untapped potential and new ideas that can lead to innovative design solutions.

Our Process

We examine the most important parts of your product and collect observations with solutions during review sessions.


We always start by understanding your product better. We explore its history, current life cycle, purpose, and anything else that helps us give you a valuable review.

Before Diving In

• Kick-off call
• Setting goals
• Discussing problematic areas
• Selecting flow(s) to review

Product Review

Based on best practices and current trends, our UX experts evaluate the selected flows and screens. They look for usability issues, inconsistencies, opportunities, and other easy-to-improve details.

No Recruitment Needed

Working directly with clients has given our in-house experts years of experience and a practical knowledge of the latest design solutions. Get quick and valuable feedbacks without  a lengthy user recruitment and testing process.

Beyond Design Review

We research competing products and sites to help you figure out how you can stand out. Furthermore, our review often involve a behavioral analysis as well to see how your site performs in different areas.


We present our observations in a summary, visually mapping the issues and their solutions on the design alongside other potential improvements.

Detailed List of UX Issues

Our list will help you understand why certain UI/UX design solutions caused frustration and which improvements you should prioritize.

Some Examples

“The UX studio team worked with us to create a highly collaborative process while still leveraging their expertise to help us meet our goals. The deliverables were well-defined and completed within the time frame laid out in the project plan. We greatly enjoyed working with the UX studio team, and we recommend UX Studio if you are working to take your platform or product to the next level.”

KJ Minchew
Project Manager at Reward Builder


How does the collaboration work with your UX design agency?

We dedicate an experienced researcher or designer to your project, who focuses on your product full-time. Our UX expert reviews your product's primary features, discovering its flaws and strengths based on best practices, industry standards, and their extensive experience working with clients. Additionally, we conduct in-house review sessions with other designers and researchers from our team to gain additional insight and recommendations that can make your product even better.

What problems - What problems does an Expert Review solve?

Businesses typically reach out to us prior to launching a redesign or a new product design to get a quick overview of their product and detect any minor usability problems or UI errors. It can also be useful if you and your team feel stuck and can't identify what could be the issue, or if you notice a drop-out in user journey or a decrease in conversion rate. Our expert team will help you get to the bottom of your issue and provide actionable recommendations to improve your product.

When can an Expert UX Review be useful?

When you need quick feedback from a fresh perspective on your design and its usability. An expert review is a budget-friendly solution to catch minor issues and double check your work before you launch your new or redesigned product. It can be especially helpful if you need to make sure that your design meets certain standards or requirements.

deliverables/ report

After the sessions, we provide a detailed report with a comprehensive list of usability strengths, problems, We map the problems where they occur in the design with severity ratings, and provide clear recommendations for fixing each. As well, we include include real-world examples of best practices to help guide your design improvements.

How does Expert Review differ from a UX Audit?

The Expert Review is a short-time service when a UX designer or researcher does a heuristic review of one or two flows from the client’s product. The expert review approaches from a professional point of view without involving external users as the Audit does, therefore the findings won't be validated. 

Can you help implement the findings?

As a product design and user experience research agency, we’re can also support you during the a design process and implement the findings of the Expert Review. Besides, we would be happy to become your long-term product design partner to show the value of UX design and shape your product design strategy.

How much does a UX Review cost?

Our rates are based primarily on the specifics of your project, including its complexity, length, outputs, and team composition. Feel free to reach out to us so we can provide you with a more accurate estimate after learning as much as possible about your project.

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