UX Audit: Expert Evaluation of Your Product’s Usability and Design

Not sure which direction to go when it comes to the usability issues of your website? Not sure if it needs small corrections or a major redesign? Let’s get things straight clear and learn how UX audit can help you solve your needs.

What is a UX Audit?

A UX audit will help you identify usability problems through interviews and testing with your target audience.

In a little bit more detail, the usability audit is a two to four-week-long professional evaluation of the user interface of your website or your application. We analyze your product from a usability perspective, dig deep in the interface to provide you with a full report on the work.

An expert audit provides a way to pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a digital product. It evaluates the different dimensions of your digital product and reveals which areas or features to tackle first. The user experience audit report reveals what is working and what is not in your product, and what your users’ main pain points are in the current design.

What is the output of a UX audit?

At UX studio, we delegate two or three of our researchers and designers with a relevant industry experience to conduct the user experience audit.

At the end of the UX audit, our clients get a visual report in which we collect all the insights based on empirical evidence. UX audit report usually contains the main problems identified during user interviews, as well as an expert evaluation of the main user flows in your product.  All of the issues are prioritized based on the time and effort that is needed to fix them. What is more, we also provide some handy, actionable recommendations on what you should change on your website or app, and how to start making those changes.

See UX audit report example

UX studio collaborates with multiple companies worldwide to produce user-centered designs based on clients’ needs and wants. We can also help our clients implement the suggestions we made in the report.

Once a UX audit is complete, we can iterate your current design based on our research findings. We create prototypes to test new features, and we also test completely new designs with your actual users. We believe that it is best to collaborate with our clients in the long-term to show the value of UX design and align it with your development efforts.

UX audit can help to resolve a high client churn rate. We worked on several projects to minimize the churn rate. An excellent example from UX studio’s works is the Xeropan project. We did not only detect the problematic points but also solved them, to improve client satisfaction and lower churn rate.

During one of our projects, we had to conduct extensive user research for an Indian media conglomerate MagicBricksWe did various kinds of user research, while we also had to deal with some cultural differences. The project turned out to be a huge success thanks to flexibility and professionalism.


How we conduct a UX audit of a site 

Based on our experience, in 2 to 4 weeks of intensive product evaluation and user testing, 80% of the usability problems can be discovered. But of course, we carefully examine each client’s request together with our UX experts to determine the optimal project duration. Every client and therefore every project is unique and has its own special features to which we always adapt.

We use a variety of tools and metrics, such as business and user objectives, customer care data, conversion metrics, churn and bounce rates, usability guidelines compliance, mental modeling, design evaluation.

Our UX research methods include user interviews, usability tests, field research, survey design and analysis, user flow examination. Our work is quite broad-spectrum when it comes to user experience audit. It is not limited to one or two methods. We are always flexible and adjust to your specific product. 

If you’d ever decide to ask UX studio to conduct a user experience audit for you, it would look like this:

Step 1 – Understand business objectives 

We meet with you to understand your business goals, product, and target audience. We set up objectives and expectations from the UX audit. 

Step 2 – Data collection and processing 

We aim to understand how your users behave, what parts of the UI cause misunderstandings, where the users drop, and which user flows require a revamp.

Step 3 – Usability testing  

We test prototypes or your product with your actual users to detect design flaws and discover potential opportunities. 

Step 4 – UX audit report preparation

Insights and findings are analyzed to prepare short- and long-term solutions to improve your product’s design and usability.

Step 5 – Presenting results

Once the UX audit report is ready, we present the findings to you and comment on every suggestion to ensure the outcome meets your business needs.

Step 6 – Becoming your UX partner 

We can also help you implement the suggested changes. Our UX experts stay in touch as your long-term partners, ready to assist any time. 

It is important, though, to keep in mind that every project is different, so we always adapt to our actual clients’ needs.

What is needed to conduct a design audit?

We can always conduct the UX audit based on our best practices and experience, but the more we know about your product or a business and its target audience, the better outcome we can provide.

Any existing data and insight about the product’s performance is valuable during the UX auditing process. So, we usually ask our clients to provide the data they already have or share access to Google Analytics, Hotjar, or any other data tracking tools. The data is used solely for the UX audit and, of course, is not stored or shared with any third party. We take this very seriously.

UX studio has a streamlined process to find usability test participants. We use multiple channels from social media to professional networks and dedicated user recruitment partners to reach niche audiences. We choose the most suitable methods to fit your needs and recruit participants from your target audience.

When to do a UX design audit? 

If your company wants to know more about its users and grow further, it will significantly benefit from a design audit no matter when it is done. 

Startups that want to validate their MVPs will find it extremely useful too, be it a UX or UI audit. However, the most common cases to conduct a website design audit are the following:

  1. New design validation: Here you can iterate your product design before development. At this point, you are still flexible to make changes that will not cause significant time and budget losses. 
  2. New features implementation: If you are planning to launch a new function, it is recommended to verify if your users understand its purpose and can navigate it easily. 
  3. Website or app redesign: Prior to a product redesign, we assess which user flows already convert customers with the help of the UX audit. You can use this information to decide what to redesign next. 

Take a step towards better UX today

You can request an expert audit by getting in touch with us through our contact form

The process begins with a 15-minute call to discuss your challenges and to get an overview of your digital service. This helps us make an initial determination of whether we are the right fit. 

If we have a strong case for conducting a user experience audit, we will outline a plan of actions tailored to your specific needs.

Dávid Pásztor

Founder and CEO of UX studio. Author of the book Product Design, TEDx speaker, one of Forbes 30 under 30. Enthusiastic about self-managing teams, new technologies and human-centered design.