Top 9 Web Design Agency in the UK in 2024

Did you know ​​81% of the users think less of a brand if its website doesn't make a good first impression? Your website is the first visual representation visitors see. Thus its design plays a crucial role in forming an image of your company. To help you choose a design partner, we created a list of the best web design agencies in the UK.

Having a world-class website design is no longer beyond reach. But finding the best design partner among the infinite options can be daunting. We listed the best web design companies in the United Kingdom so you don’t have to spend endless hours on lists and websites. 

If you want to shorten the search, at UX studio our UX experts have all the experience and knowledge you need to have an outstanding website design. Book a free consultation with us and let’s discuss your current goals.

Top Web Design Agencies in the UK

1. UX studio

UX studio is a web design company helping businesses in the UK.

Award-winning web design agency creating impactful experiences and powerful sites for all industries.

UX studio is a web design company founded in 2013 by David Pasztor. Since then, we grew into a team of 60 motivated UX designers and researchers. We do more than only build beautiful websites we also create unforgettable experiences.

We offer web design services in the UK from $60 an hour and we’re open to any ideas. As a global design agency, we’ve worked with different sizes of companies and industries worldwide, giving us broad experience in nearly every niche. Just to name a few of our clients: Google, Netflix, Cisco, and Zignaly.

With eye-catching web design, we help our clients make good first impressions, stand out from the competitors, and win over their target audience. And focusing on the UX in addition to the UI can help with this.

Make a good first impression with outstanding website design.

We always research and validate our screens, making data-driven decisions. It’s an important step in our process thus we can deliver a powerful website that has high conversion rates in addition to being enjoyable to use.

Beyond creating website designs, we can also help you with:

  • user experience design,
  • website redesign,
  • on-demand consulting and training for your teams,
  • UX research, and
  • UX audit to discover pain points and untapped business opportunities. 

If you want a well-performing web design for your business, we’ll be happy to bring it to life. Let’s get in touch, and we’ll arrange a meeting with our experts.

2. Quarter.Digital

Web design studio born from the heart of a Bournemouth-based designer duo.

Quarter Digital is a web design business founded over a cup of coffee by Attila and Renata Vaszka. Their main mission is to make the web a simpler place by developing websites that educate and persuade.

Attila and Renata studied at Arts University Bournemouth and developed skills in web design, Webflow development, wireframing, and branding. They worked together with companies from a wide range of industries in the US, Dubai, Canada, and the UK.

Attila and Renata are Quarter.Digital's web designer duo.

When working on a project, Quarter Digital charges $50/hour as a freshly formed agency. Through innovative, attractive, and user-friendly websites, they support startups, tech firms, and sustainable businesses.

They use Webflow for web design because it’s user-friendly and accessible for all types of businesses. With this method, they’re able to build websites faster and make content updates easier without coding. Thus startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs can make the modifications themselves on their websites. 

After they finish the project for their clients, they also provide a Webflow onboarding to teach users how to use it.

Additionally, Quarter Digital provides local SEO services, emphasizing both creating pretty websites and improving their clients’ online visibility through organic search engine optimization. They carry out keyword research, examine speed, and meta tags, and pay attention to internal linking, and social media integration.


Creative web design agency based in London with a full range of digital services.

KOTA is a creative digital agency, founded by James Piper and Jonny Bradford in 2013. They offer a wide range of digital services from website design and web development to digital marketing. Their key clients include Penguin Books, Jamie Oliver, Diageo, and Saatchi. Award winning web design agency based in London.Their price starts from $100/hr, according to Clutch. They build websites while taking user experience (UX) into consideration, simultaneously designing screens for desktop and mobile devices. Besides working as a graphic design firm in the UK, their services include web development combining visual and technical skills in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

They also offer digital marketing services, which include creative campaigns,  creative design to email copy & workflow management, social media management, and design landing pages for email and paid social campaigns.

KOTA’s team consists of several experts with different backgrounds. They merge the mentality of a smaller, independent agency with a major agency’s strategy, creativity, and technology.

4. Together 

A full-service design agency in London providing digital solutions for tech companies. 

Will Beeching founded Together in 2018. Will is an entrepreneurial designer/developer focusing on Home Theater/Audio, Media Servers, and Home Automation.

Together develops digital experiences and supports brand transformations with services including UX & UI Design, web development, branding, strategy, and Research. Obviously, their team includes strategists, writers, designers, and developers.

Have an outstanding website with the help of a design agency.

They take on projects from $100/hour according to Clutch mainly for the SaaS market as all of their clients are in tech. But this specialization means they have a deeper understanding of the unique challenges those companies face. To name a few key clients of theirs: Mosaic, Amazon, Unit, HP, Morgan Stanley, and Global Payments.

Although Together can be described as a web design company, they also design and develop digital products in-house. They consider digital products important as they accompany customers everywhere and help them do all kinds of things. It’s key for them to create a good-looking design that’s made for the users.

5. Bird

Bird is a website design firm based in the UK.

A multi-award-winning digital agency with offices in London and Essex.

Bird was founded by Philip Young in 2010 in the vibrant heart of Essex and now has an additional office in London. The agency is dedicated to bringing business visions to life using its expertise in design and marketing.

Bird’s three main services of web design, PPC, and SEO. With years of experience behind them, they developed proven processes to promote efficiency and reach their client’s objectives. This process includes best practices and industry trends.

Clients can hire them for projects at an hourly rate of $100, according to their Clutch profile. 

Bird’s website design services have several deliverables and elements including mobile and SEO-ready designs, built-in contact forms, and brand-tailored fonts and colorsThey also offer ongoing support packages and hosting services. 

They’ve worked with Cancer Research, Moda Minx, Maze Rattan, A Oppenheimer & Co, to name a few.

One Bird’s values are being conscious, having 100% green servers, paperless offices, and keeping the bigger picture in mind when choosing suppliers. They also prioritize ROI and combine efficient formulas with best practices to ensure every client receives the same high-quality service.

6. Reactive

Award-winning creative branding, web design, and web development agency based in London.

Andrew Cox set up Reactive Graphics, a UK web design company, in 2004. He’s 17-year of experience working as a London web designer, and his skills helped him lead the firm to success.

To meet customer demands, the agency offers professional and customized services. The goal of Reactive is to provide customers with the highest quality experiences possible. Due to their small team of 5 people, they charge $50 – $99 per hour during a collaboration.

We listed Reactive in our UK web design companies list because of their wide range of services. They also offer branding services along with e-commerce and web development services. The agency uses the latest technologies to create websites and applications along with building image for a client’s business.

Reactive works across multiple sectors, including property, e-commerce, and finance. They have experience with various sectors of the property market, B2B sector, private equity, and asset management companies.

Their clientele includes Tower Cold Chain Solutions, Heywood & Partners, Kreos Captal, Fenton Whelan, and Citibase.

With a compelling UI website design, you'll surely win over customers.

7. Polar

A certified B-Corp website design firm providing clarity and crafting something unique for their clients.

The ambition to work with some of the most distinctive and well-known companies in the world gave birth to Polar. For this reason, Lee Sturgess established the web design consultancy in Great Baddow, United Kingdom, in 2013.

The agency maintained a small team size even after the start-up, to work as efficiently as possible for their clients. All 7 of them strive to collaborate and help one another become better designers and better people.

Polar is an Essex based B certified web design agency.

Clients of Polar can use their web design, branding, and general design services. Whether it’s print, social media content, or a digital marketing campaign, they strive for design that resonates with the audience and expands all mediums. 

Their services cover a diverse range of solutions. To list a few: art direction, content creation, copywriting, website design and development, and UX & UI Design. This is one of the reasons we consider them a top web design agency in the UK.

They work with any sizes of brands, locally and internationally, who shares their passion, purpose, agility, and ambition. To list a few of those: Coffee Brigade, Angel Watch Co, Ignite, The Athlete Plan, and Wagtails,

If a client wants to work with them, the minimum project size they take on is $5,000 with a $100 – $149 / hr rate according to Clutch.

8. Creative Brand Design

Award-winning London-based web design company, focus on creating bespoke and interactive web experiences

In 2007, Chris Baker founded Creative Brand Design, an esteemed London-based web design department. Chris has been at the forefront of several advancements in the industry as the MD and founder. Besides their office in London, they also have one across the ocean in New York.

CB Design started off as a consultancy business before expanding into a full-service web design agency. To offer market-leading solutions, they use a collaborative phased strategy. They provide branding, SEO, and hosting services in addition to website design in the United Kingdom.

Providing seamless experience on your website guarantees an improved conversion rate.

The company specializes in high-performance digital experiences aimed at delivering a competitive advantage and effective ROI on investment. Their team of 15 is formed of Ul/UX experts, skilled web designers, knowledgeable & creative developers, informed digital marketers, and dynamic project managers. 

Their most important clients include Mercedes, Genvid, Coda Voice, Frontline, Doddle, and Disney.

9. Web Choice

A results-focused web design company established in 2009, Yeovil, UK. 

Felix Michael set up Web Choice from his room in Yeovil, South Somerset in 2009. Now they have a team of more than 30 web designers, developers, SEO specialists, and content writers working from offices in London and Somerset, U.K,

They had over 500 clients from all over the world including Kenwood, Universal, Citizens Advices, and NHS. The agency offers performance-driven online marketing solutions that integrate SEO, PPC, CRO, and content marketing.

They can help businesses when they need to raise their Google ranking and increase traffic. Alternatively, they require assistance with creating websites that are specifically designed to showcase their skills and inspire confidence. Clients can also turn to them if they want PPC campaigns and other digital services like SEO.

They also have their own podcast: Business Growth Show hosted by Sam Dunning, Co-Owner at Web Choice. He’s passionate about helping businesses grow with digital marketing and interviews business leaders, experts & entrepreneurs across the globe. He shares actionable marketing, sales, and growth tips to help grow businesses.

Webchoice has their own podcast.

How Much Does a Web Page Design Cost in the UK?

The complexity and length of the project have a significant impact on the cost. Agencies have various pricing models including time-based and fixed-priced projects. Although the most common is the first one when the company has hourly (daily, weekly) rates.

But to give you a general idea, a full website redesign takes roughly 3 months. And with the lowest rate on our list ($60/hr), 2 UX professionals working on the website would cost at least $20.000.

However, keep in mind that different regions of the world charge different amounts for the same type of work.

Which Company is Best for Web Designing in the United Kingdom?

The best web design company offers more than you ask for. They want to get to know your business and understand your goals and objectives while keeping your users’ needs in mind. They’ll go the extra mile to ensure you don’t throw your money out the window but gain a competitive advantage.

You can always reach out to multiple design agencies and choose the one you like the most. Although consider the following before you pitch them:

  • Check their services and processes if they align with your needs
  • Consider an agency that provides research
  • Check their portfolio and case studies of former works
  • Evaluate a UX agency’s credibility
  • Search for evidence of the former project’s success

You can also decide to choose a website design firm outside of the United Kingdom. Remote collaboration with international design agencies has also a lot of advantages:

  • A wider pool of experts
  • An ability to choose a digital agency with a focus on your current challenges
  • Affordable pricing
  • A fresh look at your old problems

Searching for a Web Design Agency in the UK?

At UX studio, we’re a trusted choice for designing websites and experiences. We worked with many startups and industry leaders in the UK and also worldwide like Google, Netflix, and Zignaly.

Improve the design and performance of your digital product with our help. We will walk you through our design processes and suggest the next steps! Still not sure? Let’s talk! We’re happy to help you figure things out.

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