Please Spend Time With Competitor Analysis

Do like every great coach does, and get to know the tactics of the other team before getting into the match. Adjust tactics and figure out playing field positioning. Also, learn from others’ mistakes. For this reason, competitor analysis represents one of the most easily accessible methods to get a product on the right track.

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User Journey: Design Flows Instead of Screens

Most designers are obsessed with screens. They have features and screens piled up, but rarely see their apps with their users’ eyes. Familiar? Well, it’s time to start thinking in flows instead of screens. A user journey shows how your people reach their goals in your app. This article introduces the basics of creating a user journey with some tips and specific examples.

User Journey: how to design flows instead of screens?

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How to Be a Tech CEO – The 5 Stages Every CEO Goes Through

For a few days, I was on top of the world. Everything went well, and life was beautiful. Then the shitstorm kicked in and suddenly I felt everything collapse. All the things I’d built fell apart. This is the frightening roller-coaster ride of being a tech CEO. Only we know what it feels like when ups and downs are coming with high intensity, sometimes even multiple times a week.

tech CEO

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UX Strategy Canvas: a Handy Tool to Review and Update Your UX Strategy

Every once in a while you should step out of the day-to-day treadmill of product development, take a deep breath, and look at the bigger picture. Today we introduce the UX Strategy Canvas which will help you do just that. You can get your team together, review your fresh user insights and your numbers, brainstorm on the next steps, and update your strategy. Depending on your product and market, you should do this every 2-4 months.

UX strategy

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UX in Product Roadmaps: How to plan your design activities?

A good product roadmap is a very simple list of high-level goals you want to achieve in the next 3-6 months. This roadmap will guide your UX team (and everyone else) in the right direction. You also need to plan the next steps you take, which means planning the design sprints. Last, but not least, you have to define how designers and developers will work together. In this article I will share how to do all these things.

UX roadmap

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The Single Biggest Reason Most Products Fail

I suddenly woke up sweating in my bed. It was a sunny, but cold winter morning. The light peacefully illuminated my room through the window. Everything was calm and white outside. But I was breathing fast and my head was full of thoughts.

Why does it take two weeks for that feature? Do the devs work at all? We should add a better search. And chat option to the landing page. We don’t have the right target group. Will anybody use this at all? Will they ever admit that the core concept was wrong? Is it a product failure or a marketing issue? Our open rate sucks. What if we did a chatbot instead?

Okey. Slow down and take a deep breath. It’s time for that morning coffee.

There is definitely something wrong in the tech world nowadays. A new JS package manager comes out every single month. If you want to be hip you have to change your whole technology stack twice a year. Marketing got crazy. Do inbound. Do account based. Do Twitter. Do Snapchat. Do Instagram. Do live video. Do chatbots.

While we are flooded with trends and visions, we tend to forget the single most important thing in any product’s life: the people we build it for.

Product failure: the single biggest reason most products fail.

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A Robot’s Guide to Dealing with Humans

It all started 3,5 years ago when I became an entrepreneur. In half a year I had a team of 3, and we have doubled in size every year since then. And soon I realized, it’s all about people. Teammates, clients and the end users we design the products for.

I pushed it hard, we really did make great designs, but I started getting weird feedback from different sources. “You are a nice guy, but I would have handled that differently” or “Next time please be more ….”

I always thought I’m a social person, but from these kinds of feedback, I started to think I might in fact be an insensitive robot instead.

So what can a robot do when a noisy and messy world sends strange signals all the time? Well, I started to learn like a machine. And I started with the hardest challenge, firing someone.


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UX survey: Do you really need a UX survey? And how to do it?

Let’s do a UX survey. In many teams this is the first idea when they would like to find out more about their users and their needs. Doing a survey looks like a quick and easy win, but in reality it is the opposite. It’s difficult to write the right questions. Many people don’t even know that their questions are biased or misleading. And browsing through a lot of survey answers you often feel they don’t help you at all. In this article I’ll clarify when to use surveys, and give you some useful tips on how to do it.

Women filling a UX survey on her computer.

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UX Minimum Checklist: the things every product team should do

After working with many product teams in small and big companies, I collected the most important things you have to do while you build a digital product. This is the UX Minimum Checklist. It can help you to start building a design culture in your organization. It is not perfect. But still, it is a good startig point and a checklist for anyone. So does your team fit the minimum requirements?
UX minimum checklist for product teams

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The Next Big Thing in Design: UX Design Trends of 2017

A new design language? Fancy animations? UX of self-driving cars? Or chatbots augmented in a virtual reality? 🙂 These are cool things, and many people will list them as the hot UX design trends of 2017, but I think there have to be more out there. I think the next big thing in design is product (or service) design. Designers has to be able to find out what will be a successful product or service. As they mentioned in the Design Disruptors movie, it is not about how to design stuff (with the lean ux method it’s already solved), but what to design. What functions does a winning product have?

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How to build a killer product design team?

A good product design team can do a huge job in making your product successful. They can make your product easier to understand and easier to use. UX research can deliver essential customer insights. Design workshops and prototyping can improve communication within your team and help in building an agile environment. A good product design team can make PO’s and PM’s life much easier. If it is so useful, how can you build one?

Product design team

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Good Product Manager, According to Ben Horowitz

ben horowitz good product manager

Ben Horowitz, the well-known investor who had also built up a billion-dollar business before, shared his thoughts about product management in his book The hard thing about hard things. As Ben wrote, a good product manager is the CEO of the product. Product managers must know the market, the product, the product line and the competition extremely well and operate from a strong basis of knowledge and confidence.

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From today, UX studio is owned by its employees


Big day today. After introducing transparent salaries and finances a few months ago, from today, finally I’m not the 100% owner of UX studio.

A 7-month long project with our legal and accountant experts has finished and my team members got their well-deserved shares onto their accounts. We invented a new equity sharing structure, that is more suitable for a service business than a start-up, and also fits to our unique community. It’s a dynamic system where everyone get more and more shares as they spend more time in the company. Everyone get dividends at the end of the year and in case we sell the company everyone will get a fare share from the price too. Read More »

Making Product Decisions

product decisions

A popular, profitable product is nothing but a series of product decisions made right. We, product managers, all know, at the end of the day, the roadmaps, backlogs and estimations doesn’t count at all. We have to build something that people love and ready to pay for. And we have to get there first, otherwise someone else will. So the most important part is to make a few critical product decisions fast. If you can do it you can give a new momentum to your not-so-shiny product, get better numbers, and become a hero in your team. What do you need to make those decisions? Read More »

Forget about owning a car – the UX of future transportation

The days of manual car driving are numbered. And many people believe we won’t even own cars in the future. Uber is ordering 100000 self-driving cars from Mercedes to provide an on-demand autonomous car service. Even BMW is planning to start an “Airbnb for cars” business. Our latest lab project at UX studio was about self-driving cars too. In our new video you can taste the experience of an Uber-like autonomous car service.


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How to disrupt industries with a lean method?

factoryEvery once in a while a new company enters the scene, and suddenly all the other players look very old and dumb. They tried hard to innovate and stay ahead of everyone else, but still, the new upcoming star eats their business. How can these small startups without serious industry experience and with much less resources win? They usually use a different, lean product development method. It can help them to solve real people’s real problems faster, and gain traction in scale. Let me tell you how it works.

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Transparent salaries and finances: what have we learned?

uvegzsebSix months ago our team at UX studio switched to transparent finances. We are not as cool as the Buffer guys, so our finances are not open to the public yet, but anyone in our team can see all the numbers and contracts we have. Yes, everyone sees how much the other team-mates earn, how much we get from our clients, how much we have in the bank, and where the money goes. No secrets at all, there’s no taboo topics anymore.


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