Mobile UX Design Case Study: How We Built An MVP For Wattler

Designing an MVP always poses challenges, as it seems full of compromises. Designing one with a real mission motivates despite all the limitations on the time frame and resources.

In January 2017 we had the opportunity to work on the Wattler Android app, which among its many visions aims to increase personal energy consumption monitoring.

Closely following gas and electricity usage not only shows the money spent but also raises awareness of the lifestyle we lead.

Prioritize sustainability; this vision drove the intensive month and a half we spent on working with the Wattler team.

Mobile ux design

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3 Feature Prioritization Methods With Your Users In Mind

Whether in the pool or already on the market, a new product or service with plenty of ideas will constantly require recurring feature prioritization. An implementation which might have seemed unnecessary one day can become a basic expectation the next.

This carries great responsibility, as some new functions might impact usability and also affect business related interests. For this reason, do not do feature prioritization as a solo activity; the more diverse a team (from product designers to business people), the better are the results from the feature prioritization session.

feature prioritization

Check the following methods because they approach a product’s functions from various perspectives. Keep combining holistic analytics methods with long and short term product goals in mind, in tandem with models which take available resources into account as well.

This article deliberately didn’t try to become an ultimate list of feature prioritization methods (others have done a pretty good job) but it selects three great examples UX Studio uses effectively.

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UX Writing as a Superpower

It’s a UX mantra and also a mission statement to create useful and usable products. Thus, creating useful and usable content is also self-evident. But is it really? It’s also one of the fundamental statements that copy is part of user experience and the UX Designer is responsible for providing a copy suggestion that is reviewed, tested and iterated. As all skills, UX writing also needs to be practiced, so there’s a chance you are a UX Designer with a lucky combination of skill sets.

The recent appearance of the UX Writer position reflects the complex digital tendency beyond the user interface, drawing the importance of strategy behind content.

UX Writing

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Preserving human touch – Designing with Emotion

When we mention Emotional Design, cute mascots or funny error messages appear in the thought bubbles of each member of the audience. Or at least in most of them. This is one of the main reasons why it’s a great idea to go beyond our beloved illustrations and not just study their justification, but explore and search other ways we can ‘design with emotion’. Read More »