How To Give Powerful Design Critique

The designer has presented their masterpiece; they anticipate feedback; you were awaiting it; the deadline nears. You look at it with high hopes, and… see something very unexpected.

Unfortunately, you don’t like it and can not accept it that way. It doesn’t align to the product vision, nor to the business goals. You just can’t use this design for your product.  

So how do you express the need for something very different to the designer? How can you give a powerful design critique?

The team comprises one of the most important things in your work: these people surrounding you, and the relationship with them. Through collaboration we can gather the best ideas and a solution, and pull down all the barriers.

This article will give some help on how to discuss design with a designer or team, based on the book by Aaron Irizarry and Adam Connor, Discussing Design.


design critique

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Product Manager’s Guide To UX Research

Want to do UX research for a product without enough time or knowledge?

Proper research does not go quickly, or can it?

This article will show the ideal way to do UX research, and will introduce the cost benefit, low-budget version too.

The internet says everywhere that “everybody can do research”… Well… Everybody can ask questions… Everybody can conduct a usability test… Sure, everybody can do it, with the right methods and the necessary skills.

Making decisions based on research results ensures getting decent ones. Flawed results can push a product in a wrong direction, and thus even the whole company. 

This article will provide a guideline to do UX research the right way. It will also break down some basic concepts related to UX research. 

ux research

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How to Measure a Product’s User Experience

Of course, your goal is to get more and more users and engage them with your application. But how can the user experience of your product help? How can you measure if your users are engaged? And how can you find out why they are not?

Measuring design and utilizing data are essential steps towards creating a sustainable product. UX metrics are the solution. Let me show you how to use data to improve your product.

measure design

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Overcoming remote work challenges – 5 solutions for collaboration

Remote work is getting more & more popular nowadays. It’s understandable: With the right tools in your hand, distance is not a burden anymore.

Think of it for a minute: you can work with the best professionals no matter where they are! Even from the other side of the world. 

Yet, many Product owners, scrum masters, team leaders & members know that one of the weakest points of remote work is collaboration. Thus we’d like to offer you 5 practical ways how to solve remote work collaboration issues.

remote work

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5 steps to build an MLP (Minimum Lovable Product)


Do you have an awesome idea for a product, but you have no clue how to start? You want to make sure that your product will be successful, but you don’t know what should be the first step?

At UX Studio, we had the same issues before, but thanks to Jamie Levy and her book “UX Strategy”, we found a way to fix these.

By mixing up Business strategy & User research you can drastically increase your chances that your product will be loved by your customers.

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