AI in UX Writing – How It Can Improve Your Product Design Work

Today artificial intelligence is everywhere. Despite its decades-long history, most of it is still in its infancy, but as technology is developing, AI will very soon have its own and well-deserved place at the table - if not already. No one can debate the growth of its opportunities, and if we look closely enough, we can see its significance in different fields of product design as well. 

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The trend also landed in UX writing some time ago, and well, it is definitely here to stay. Let’s dive a little deeper to see how we can benefit from this beautiful friendship between artificial intelligence and UX writing.

UX Writing is Essential

It is just essential to have good copy in a digital environment. Communicating information and demonstrating brand identity can affect the user experience a lot, so we have to pay a lot of attention to this.

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We at UX studio like to take this seriously – some years ago we discovered the huge importance of microcopy and UX writing and started to improve at it. We even have our in-house training to make the most of ourselves and get as broad skill sets as possible, thus becoming better and better product designers. 

There are many ways UX writing can improve the product design process, and of course, it is not just in our best interest, but it is our mission to find the most innovative ones to do so. Luckily we have artificial intelligence to help us on our way forward, so I’d say let’s grab it and make the most of it!

What is UX Writing?

Before going deeper into the topic, we should make it clear what exactly we are focusing on. According to Nielsen Norman Group, UX writing is the practice of writing carefully considered information that addresses people’s contexts, needs, and behaviors. Writing copy involves many of the same skills as visual or interaction design, except writers use words instead of pixels to communicate with users throughout the experience.’  

Creating the copy and microcopy for apps, websites, and other digital products, a UX writer helps users navigate through those products. They make it easy for them to understand where they are in the digital space and what is happening on the interface. Also, it helps to showcase how they can interact with the product to complete tasks.

What is AI?

After clarifying the term UX writing, let’s get a basic understanding of the phrase artificial intelligence. As IBM defines it, ‘artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind’. In more detail, to achieve a specific goal, AI has the ability to take actions by analyzing and using huge amounts of data, making predictions of the future. And like this, AI can create realistic images or texts, for instance. 

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Despite having some questionable aspects of artificial intelligence in mind, I’d like to focus on the positive effects of using it, as I believe our life will be easier soon by letting this technology help us do our work better. Let me mention some of the valuable outcomes of using AI:

  • Data-heavy and repetitive tasks are no longer painful jobs
  • Content personalization creates better customer experiences
  • Virtual assistants are always there for the customer 24/7
  • People have to face fewer risks, human errors are reduced

I think, having these in mind, it is safe to say that artificial intelligence can have a huge and positive impact on our everyday lives. We can now enjoy several advantages of it because many companies in many industries discovered the importance and the benefits of using this technology. 

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Just to mention a few, healthcare, transportation, education, and entertainment businesses are already big fans of AI. Pioneer firms such as Apple, Google, and Amazon have been making the most of artificial intelligence technology for some time now, and the list is always growing. We could go on, but that’s another topic to dive in. Instead, let’s get a little closer to how we in the product design industry – designers, researchers, and UX writers – can put it to good use.

AI in UX Writing – How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Our Work

Innovation is the basis of development. Artificial intelligence is offering us great opportunities to improve ourselves as product design professionals. In the specific field of UX writing, there are loads of possibilities that can take us to the next level when letting AI help us.

When speaking about artificial intelligence in UX writing, it means that we are speaking about automatically generated text. Using machine learning and natural language processing, AI writing tools can create texts that feel and sound like. something written by a human.

How can AI help Products?

Imagine creating the onboarding flow of an app. Sometimes you need to come up with something short and sweet, but you’re stuck with the usual copy, and you lack the them to dedicate hours to come up with a better version. The good news is that AI can assist by providing ideas:

  • Speeds up the work: AI can assist with brainstorming, creating, or refining text, thereby accelerating the overall process. That is the most important aspect of AI in UX writing. 
  • Generate content alternatives: AI can offer suggestions for shorter or longer versions, as well as simple or more formal styles. 
  • Ensure consistency in writing style: When there is a need to maintain a consistent writing style throughout a product, AI can help by suggestions that align with the desired tone. 

AI can serve as a catalyst, inspiring you to create a final polished version based on the ideas generated. It can save time and effort for UX writers, also ensuring a cohesive user experience. 

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What to Pay Attention to When Using AI Writing Tools

Artificial intelligence writing tools are more like helping points than actual writers themselves. They make suggestions for us humans, and you need to fact-check what text the AI creates – without this step, your copy can turn into something very creepy. So no, the human factor can’t be put aside. 

If you thought that AI writing tools would do the whole job instead of you, I have to disappoint you. But don’t worry, it will help you on many levels: by giving you actual inputs and ideas, it saves you a lot of valuable time. Let’s see what tools we can use for that!

AI Writing Tools

We at UX studio understand how essential it is to create the best work you can so as to be able to showcase them in your portfolio, too. We actually have our own portfolio builder products for different fields: UXfolio and Archifolio, but also Copyfolio for all the writers out there. Just imagine how captivating it would be to show off your amazing content in one of its astonishing portfolio templates.


For this, you’d probably want to create the best texts you can, so you’d possibly want to reach out for a little help from artificial intelligence – not getting the whole work done by it, of course. There are many writing tools online, but also tons of AI writing tools out there, as well, now. I couldn’t list and talk about all of them in one article, even if I wanted to. However, there are a few which are, in my point of view, worth taking a closer look at. 



Jasper is definitely one of the most exciting artificial intelligence tools that I can mention. You need to give it some base words and it suggests the rest for you. Even long-form content can be written with the help of it easily. Once you give the instructions to Jasper, it will generate ideas quickly, saving very much time – but be careful with the AI written text, it is highly recommended for a human being to check it.


chat gpt

ChatGPT gained huge popularity in recent times. It is basically a chatbot-like interface using natural language understanding, which can generate copy for you, as well as answer your questions and give explanations. You just need to ask it. Using ChatGPT your product design project can get real, human-like texts, and – as my colleague suggests – you can finally get rid of Lorem Ipsum for good.



If you think your texts are always grammatically correct, check out Grammarly and you’ll probably be surprised. You can count on this tool not only to eliminate your grammar and spelling mistakes but also to help you with the tone and style of your content. It is amazing how this AI writing tool considers your target audience!

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Another AI writing tool that creates quick drafts for shorter or longer content is A big advantage of this one is the speed of content creation – just like in Jasper’s case -, while it also offers its users templates for different kinds of texts from its library. It will also suggest the best possible styles for your content.

How Can These Be Good for UX Writing? 

You just need to do your work as usual and turn to one of these artificial intelligence writing tools to help you out with creating amazing, unique, human-like copy, taking advantage of your chosen tool’s features. You’ll be able to write much faster than before.

Of course, there are many more artificial intelligence writing tools available that I haven’t mentioned yet, such as Rytr, HiveMind, Sudowrite, Anyword, Writesonic, or Wordtune. I’m sure the list could be expanded very soon, and we can discuss many other tools as well. Pay attention to these above now and in the future – and the ones that are not even out there yet -, especially if you write for a living. I suggest you always do your research and check everything about the ones that you’ll possibly use: features, limitations, and even reviews. This way you will be able to choose the right one for you and your project.

Crisis vs Opportunities

In our current times, there are debates over the positive and negative aspects of artificial intelligence. Some people are concerned about its role in professional life: What if AI will take over our jobs? What about human touch? Is this whole thing ethical?

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Well, robots are not taking over UX writing jobs completely – at least, not now. We still don’t know what the future holds, but let’s be realistic about the presence of artificial intelligence. It is currently something that we can use to get our job done in an improved way: create better images, better codes, and better wordings. 

At this moment human touch is still here. Humans get help from AI by getting more ideas and answers or analysis of enormous amounts of data – all based on human thoughts. It’s natural to have some anxiety as we don’t know what tomorrow brings, but we can also grab the opportunity and make the most of it.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, artificial intelligence is really everywhere, and UX writing takes advantage of this amazing technology. AI tools make content creators’ lives easier by giving them a helping hand, saving time, and bringing more ideas to the table.

We live in revolutionary times, as for technology, at least. We must choose which way to go: just sit and look around to see what will happen while the others lead on, or catch on and create the future. I think you know what we choose in UX studio.

Can’t get enough? 

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