Top 5 Webdesign Wien Agencies to Work With In 2023

As a professional user experience design agency, we help companies worldwide choose the most suitable design partners to create impactful digital products. This time, our UX experts reviewed dozens of Webdesign Wien companies to list the best Austria webdesign agencies to partner with in 2022. 

If you are looking for a web design agency in Vienna —Webdesign Wien Agentur in German — chances are you need help with product design, usability research, training, or consulting. 

Whether you google “Webdesign Wien Agentur” or “web design agency Austria, Vienna,” you’ll see over one million search results. Those are Vienna-based design companies, global design agencies, Wien webdesigners, and curated lists of web design companies in Austria. 

You don’t have to spend your precious time analyzing every result. We did it for you instead! Our experts analyzed services, portfolios, expertise, strengths, and weaknesses of dozens of Webdesign Wien companies to create this curated list. Besides, we answer the following popular questions in this article:

  • How much does it cost to work with a Webdesign Wien agency?
  • How to choose the most suitable design company in Austria?
  • Webdesign Wien agency vs. Remote agency. What to choose?

Before jumping to the questions section, check our curated list of Webdesign Agenturen in Wien.

Top Webdesign Wienn agencies

UX studio

An award-winning design company based in the heart of Europe

Top UX agency UX studio


As a global design company, UX studio often collaborates with Austrian clients.
Apart from offering product design, website redesign, UX audit, user experience research, consulting, and training, we create customized solutions to meet our clients’ needs and support them during the whole product development process. 

UX studio’s clients are rising start-ups and established companies worldwide, like Google, HBO, and Netflix, just to name a few. 

Our office is located in the heart of Europe, which allows us to partner with many European companies. We worked with Berlin Chemie in Germany, collaborated with France’s leading travel app Liligo, went to Vienna to work on a mobile bank application, designed a Spanish crypto trading platform Zignaly, and many more! 

As an established UX design agency with over ten years of experience, we have worked in fintech, fashion, digital solutions, traveling, education, and healthcare industries, just to name a few. 

If you are looking for a web design agency in Vienna or abroad, feel free to send us your details and get a quote on your project! 

This is our fantastic UX team. We challenge ourselves to create powerful digital products for our clients and have fun during our biannual retreats.

contact UX studio if you're looking for a UX agency in Vienna
Contact our team and let’s discuss any product design and research challenges you might have.

We love meeting and working with our clients in person. However, we have also developed a remote policy that helps us effectively collaborate with clients worldwide. Despite the time zone differences, we hold weekly meetings to update our clients on progress and share the research insights. In between the meetings, we always keep in touch via Jira, Slack, Zeplin, email, and other collaboration tools. 

Our expertise, impact, and dedication have been recognized by Clutch, the global B2B rating platform. UX studio was named the Top UX agency 2021. Besides, we also joined an exclusive Zeplin agency membership in 2020. 

Apart from designing products for our clients, we also develop our own digital products: UX folio, Copyfolio, and Archifolio. These are professional portfolio builders for designers, copywriters, and architects. UX folio, for instance, has over 61,817 active users by now and the number is constantly growing! 

We believe that every design solution impacts people’s lives. At UX studio, we are on a mission to challenge the former design standards and create new digital products for users and with users in mind. 

Is there anything we can do for you? Share your challenges and goals with us through our contact form. Our business development managers will be in touch with you shortly after the contact form submission to learn more about your needs and decide on the next steps.

Vienna Pixel

Webdesign Wien agency

Vienna Pixel Webdesign Wien Agentur

Vienna Pixel is a Webdesign Agentur or a web design agency in Vienna, Austria. It is a small agency of up to ten people located at Sickenberggasse, next to the beautiful Danube river. 

Vienna Pixel was established in 2021 to become a go-to place for anyone wanting to design and launch a custom WordPress website at a reasonable price. For instance, the minimum price you’ll have to pay for a simple one-page website is €880 or $1,000, according to Vienna Pixel’s pricing page. One hour of Vienna Pixel expert’s costs from €88 to €132, according to Clutch. 

Apart from web design, Vienna Pexels offers website optimization services, custom features design, development, and maintenance. 

The company’s website is in German, and they primarily target German-speaking professionals. Over 70% of Vienna Pexels Webdesign Agentur clients are small local businesses, according to Clutch.

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Kodlogy Technologies GmbH

Website and software development company in Vienna

Website and software development company in Vienna

Kodlogy Technologies is a Webdesign Wien agency established in 2018.

Despite being a young web design and development company, Kodlogy Technologies helps its clients create extensive and modern websites with responsive web design and the WordPress content management system. 

Apart from creating websites and ecommerce stores, Kodlogy Technologies offers custom software solutions for various needs and industries. 

SAFI Painting Vienna, A and Ü Elektrotech, Leandros Food Trade Vienna online shop, and Limitless Logistic GmbH Vienna are just a few examples of the company’s notable works featured on their website. 
If you choose to partner with Kodlogy Technologies, you will have to pay a minimum of €880 for a one-time collaboration or €44 to €87 for an hour of their work, according to Clutch.


IT services company based in Vienna

IT services company based in Vienna

Myna is a full-service agency offering web design, software development, social media marketing, SEO optimization, branding, and dropshipping services. 

Myna was established in 2018 and quickly grew to an international IT services agency with offices in Chicago, USA, and Vienna, Austria. 

Despite being a small Webdesign Wien agency, its team is dedicated to helping customers build websites from scratch, using any platform of their choice.
If you’d like to partner with Myna, you should be ready to pay €44 to €87 per one hour of work or a minimum of €880 for a one-time project, according to Clutch.

Nanoware Media

Webdesign Wien Agentur since 1988

Webdesign Wien Agentur since 1988

Nanoware Media is a full-service agency with a long history dating back to 1988. It’s a small team of up to 10 people with offices in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. 

In 20 years of professional experience, the company served over 1200 clients in web design and development, digital marketing, video production, print media, and graphic design. 

Over 80% of Nanoware Media’s clients are small businesses from marketing and business industries, according to Clutch. 

Nanoware Media charges roughly €700 for a simple customized website with your preferred domain name, according to their pricing page. If you’d like to partner with Nanoware Media experts, you should be ready to pay €44 to €87 per one hour of work.

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How much does it cost to work with a Webdesign Wien agency?

Why is it so expensive?” — we sometimes hear it from our potential clients when discussing our partnership. 

For some reason, many companies believe UX services prices depend on location only. Indeed, your project costs will most likely cover Webdesign Wien agency’s operational fees, office rent (in case of a physical location), salaries, taxes, and minor administrative expenses. However, location is not the only factor.

Product design is never cheap! User experience researchers conduct rounds of usability tests and collect valuable insights that help designers make data-driven decisions. Every phase of the product development process requires time and resources to create an impactful digital product. This is why the expertise level adds to the total costs.

Apart from location and expertise level, the price heavily depends on the scope of work and can only be determined upon the discussion of all details. 

The Webdesign Wien Agenturen mentioned in this article charge from €44 to €132 per hour of their work, according to Clutch. Moreover, Vienna-based design agencies charge at least €880 for a one-time short web design project. 

If you are looking for a design partner, send us your details and get a quote. Our business development team will review your details and come up with a customized solution to your needs. 

Webdesign Wien agency vs. Remote agency. What to choose?

A decade ago, we would not think about this topic at all. Today, the possibilities are endless. Businesses are no longer restricted to locations and job markets! It’s challenging to decide whether to partner with a local Webdesign Wien agency or a remote UX team. 

The onsite collaboration with Webdesign Wien companies gives you a guarantee that you can always physically meet your design partner and discuss work-related issues. It’s easy and convenient. 

However, is it still reasonable to choose the conventional ways when technological advancement made remote collaborations smooth and efficient?

One remote worker saves roughly $22,000 for a US company a year, according to Forbes. The hybrid and remote-friendly policies allow companies to hire the brightest UXers worldwide. At the same time, businesses have the opportunity to choose the most suitable design partner from a wider pool of agencies. Professionalism, related work experience, suitable working processes, and cultural fit are the primary selection criteria as opposed to location. 

As a design agency with over ten years of experience, we see almost no difference between remote and onsite collaboration with a UX partner. 

The working processes are almost identical. Every solid collaboration starts with a kick-off meeting to discuss your challenges and objectives. You will most likely have weekly standups, meetings to discuss design and research findings, chats, and email conversations in between. 

After many successful remote collaborations, we’ve collected several critical points on why start-ups and big enterprises in Austria and beyond choose to work with remote UX teams: 

  • A wider pool of design experts
  • Reasonable pricing
  • A fresh perspective and new ideas on old topics 
  • A faster project start or a possibility to quickly scale design operations 
  • Long-term collaboration possibilities  
  • More cultural diversity

Physically being at the same office with your partner isn’t a prerequisite for great results. Instead, choosing a trustworthy partner who can help you achieve your goals is! 

As a design agency, we share tips and insights to help you choose the right Webdesign Agentur in Wien or beyond. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a UX design agency, contact UX studio. We are ready to help you with any design and research challenges you might have. 

How to choose the most suitable Webdesign Wien agency

If you google “Webdesign Wien,” you will be exposed to over 5 million search results. Those are Webdesign Agenturen in Vienna, curated lists of agencies, reviews from former clients, and service pages. It might be challenging to pick one agency because there are too many. Besides, choosing the most suitable design partner takes time and effort, which you could have spent doing more meaningful work.  

As an expert design agency, we share the proven-to-work ways how you can critically assess the professionalism of any Webdesign Wien agency before reaching out to them. This way, you’ll save your valuable time, energy, and resources. 

1. Assess the online presence 

A good reputation is what distinguishes a trustworthy company from any other business. It takes time and effort to build a reputation, and it’s barely possible to fake it. 

If you want to assess any Webdesign Wien agency’s credibility, google it! The company’s website should pop up at the top of the search results page. Spend a few seconds assessing its usability and message. As a user, you’ll get a positive impression if a company takes care of its website design, usability, corporate blog, and copy.

Any established company has profiles on social media, like Linkedin or Facebook, which should be active with the recent posts on top.

By now, we talked about the credibility examples from the owned media, anything under the company’s direct control or ownership. Owned media can reveal a lot of information about any company. However, we also recommend assessing earned media to get a holistic picture of the company of your choice. 

Client testimonials, word of mouth recommendations, social media mentions, references on other websites are all examples of earned media that can help you critically evaluate your preferred Webdesign Wien agency’s credibility. 
We recommend checking the Clutch B2B rating platform and Google testimonials for independent and in-depth client reviews. Verified badges and titles, like “Top Webdesign Wien Agentur 2022,” are signs of a trustworthy company too.

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2. Check the portfolio with the former works

A portfolio is a collection of former projects that reflect companies’ experience and skills. 

Every solid business that sells services should have a portfolio featuring its best and most recent works. The portfolio should be publicly available for preview without any additional “sign up” or “get in touch” requests. You should be able to quickly assess any web design company’s portfolio and decide on the next steps. 

What should you check in the portfolio? 

  • Visual design
  • Client names and links to their websites/apps
  • Project types, such as design, research, branding, audit, etc
  • Clients’ industries
  • Evidence of project success

At UX studio, we feature our best projects on our case study page. We continuously add new case studies to our website to better communicate our expertise to potential clients. We are transparent and show the whole collaboration process in our case studies. 

Our experts thrive to deliver more than just a final design. We run strategic workshops, collaborate with the development team, support design release, assist with features prioritization, and help define the next product development steps. 

If you are looking for UX/UI experts, we are happy to help. Send us your details and get a quote. We will be in touch with you shortly after the contact form submission to discuss your challenges and to come up with a custom solution for you!

3. Look for the impact of work

Proper website design with user experience research requires the tight collaboration of many professionals. It also costs decent money. 

As a client, you expect a particular impact from the collaboration with a Webdesign Wien agency. You most likely redesign a website to achieve a better performance, increase conversion rate, decrease bounce rate, improve user flows, etc. Otherwise, who needs a beautifully designed website if it does not help reach bold business goals? 

At UX studio, we are big advocates of impactful design! Our mission is to design impactful digital products and improve people’s lives through smart design. We are convinced that physical and digital designs shape our future. This is why every solid design company should be responsible for the outcomes of their work. 

To give you a bit more context, here is what we mean by impactful design:

Webdesign Wien agency testimonial

This testimonial came from one of our partners — France’s leading travel app Liligo. Our UX experts worked on the travel app redesign together with the Liligo team. As a result of our work, the booking per lead increased by 100%!

The impact of work is not “here is what we’ve done.” Instead, it’s “here is what we achieved.”
Whenever you look for a potential Webdesign Wien agency, pay attention to the impact of their work. Many companies will volunteer to assist you in web design and development. However, not every web design agency can help you reach your business goals.

Searching for the webdesign Wien agentur?

As a top UI UX design agency, UX studio has successfully handled over 250 collaborations with clients worldwide. Should you want to improve the design and performance of your digital product, contact us.

We will walk you through our design processes and suggest the next steps! Our experts would be happy to assist with the UX strategy, product and user research, UX/UI design, etc.

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I am a self-made content marketer and a writer. I help companies create blog posts optimized for SEO that drive results.

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