Top 5 Tech Trends You Should Keep an Eye On In 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023 and usher in a new year, the world of technology continues to evolve. It presents us with fresh opportunities and challenges. The past year was marked by significant changes. In this article, we'll explore the newest technology trends that are set to define the tech landscape in 2024.

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We’ll explore the hottest tech trends and how they are revolutionizing our future. From how we communicate to how we navigate the world, opening doors to new possibilities and opportunities.

  1. Spatial Computing – Also Known as Apple Vision Pro
  2. Large Language Models
  3. New Focus in Tech: Mental Health
  4. Sustainable Technologies Are Not Going Away
  5. Evergrowing Importance of Cybersecurity

#1. Spatial Computing – Also Known as Apple Vision Pro

People wearing VR glasses in an office, immersed in a virtual reality experience.

The Predecessors 

Apple was not the pioneer in integrating cameras into glasses. The lineage of visionary tech predecessors had already explored augmented reality eyewear. They include Google with its Google Glass, Snapchat’s Spectacles, and even Microsoft’s HoloLens. What went wrong? Were they fashion crimes? Were they just misunderstood? And perhaps most importantly, what makes Apple’s Vision Pro any different? 

Apple’s first spatial computer is yet to launch. Yet, it has managed to stir up a whirlwind of anticipation in the tech world. Apple’s Vision Pro’s marketing campaigns were mysterious, unveiling, and enigmatic. They have cultivated a level of hype that could rival the release of a blockbuster movie. While sharing similarities with other XR and MR devices, the Apple Vision Pro distinguishes itself with a notable feature.

Its front-facing display incorporates “Eyesight”. This is a novel technology that projects your eyes externally during interactions, enhancing the device’s social engagement. Apple has a track record of seamlessly integrating hardware and software. It’s no wonder the tech world is on the edge of its seat, waiting to see how this intriguing eyewear might surpass its predecessors.

A man wearing a VR headset, experiencing a digital world.

It’s clear that the Apple Vision Pro is one intriguing piece in a much larger puzzle. The fusion of digital and physical worlds is facilitated by augmented and mixed reality technologies. It is poised to revolutionize many industries. Disney is creating a new immersive virtual experience to consume its streaming platform. Audi is completely redefining what a user interface in their cars could be with the help of Magic Leap 2. Facebook and Ray-Ban just introduced the new Meta Smart Glasses. Shortly, we can anticipate even more seamless integration of spatial computing into our daily lives. So, stay tuned for the future of spatial computing. It promises to be a thrilling journey where the virtual and real realms converge. It aims at unlocking new possibilities limited only by our imagination. You can also check out our Top UI Trends article to learn more about the actual tech tendencies in design!

#2. Large Language Models

AI remained dominant in 2023. It’s showcasing its generative capabilities through features like Photoshop’s Generative Fill function or the new photo editing features on the Google Pixel 8. But it’s essential to recognize Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, as one of the top tech trends of the upcoming years. LLMs have had a profound impact on our daily lives. What began as lighthearted, meme-worthy software in early January has since evolved into a vital tool for content creation, software development, fitness planning, entertainment, and even article composition. If you are also interested in how AI can help write text, here are some tips for you!

ChatGPT prompt for truthful response with yes or no options.

But back to LLMs. On November 30, 2022, OpenAI unveiled an initial demonstration of ChatGPT. It caused a swift and widespread sensation across social media platforms. Users enthusiastically showcased its capabilities. In a mere five days, this chatbot had already captivated the attention of more than one million users. In January, they reached a remarkable milestone of 100 million monthly active users. This extraordinary growth positions it as the fastest-expanding consumer application in history. In contrast, it took TikTok about nine months to reach 100 million users and Instagram 2 – 2.5 years after its global launch.

It didn’t take too long for other companies to leverage the popularity of LLMs. GitHub, the most significant version controlling platform, quickly updated its Copilot feature with the new AI capabilities. Hence, we have Copilot X.

Notion got flooded with new AI capabilities during 2023. Now, we can summarize meeting notes, analyze research findings, improve writing, and so on. But generating text, replying to emails, and avoiding phone calls is just the beginning of how LLMs will reshape our future.

In the dynamic realm of game development, Unreal Engine 5 offers an immersive canvas for crafting lifelike, Non-Playable Character (NPC) experiences. Game developers now have a powerful ally at their disposal. Picture yourself meandering through the city, casually sparking conversations with NPCs who offer diverse, unpredictably engaging responses and reactions.

A screenshot of the game 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' showing a character with the famous quote: "I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee..."

These are just a few shining examples of LLM’s potential that has already begun to reshape our lives in remarkable ways. As we embrace the future, let’s remember that the journey is just beginning; this Tech Trends 2024 article is only complete with it.

#3. New Focus in Tech: Mental Health

The landscape of tech trends is ever-evolving. One of the most noteworthy shifts in recent years has been the increasing focus on stress management and mental health. This emerging tech trend is manifesting itself in a multitude of ways. Apple introduced new mental health features that allow users to log their momentary emotions and daily moods. Google launched a clinically validated mental health self-assessment tool in the United States. Breathing exercise apps have introduced the practice of breathwork into our daily lives. They revolutionize how we manage stress and enhance our overall well-being. 

 Four Apple Watches showcasing different screens related to mental health monitoring.

AI-Assisted Therapy

The landscape of mental health and therapy witnessed a seismic transformation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world was forced to adapt to social distancing and remote living. Traditional therapeutic practices swiftly migrated to the digital realm. Combine it with AI, and we get an AI-powered mental health chatbot that provides cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s therapy by algorithm! Exposure therapy is also making its comeback with the help of AI and VR devices. If you want to read more about these applications, check out our collection of the top healthcare apps! While stress management apps have gained popularity among many, a notable trend among some teens reveals a different approach.

Dumb Phones are Making a Comeback

In response to the challenges of the addictive nature of social media and the concerns about mental health, a growing number of adolescents are making a conscious choice to step away from the allure of smartphones and turn to “dumb phones.” There is also an app that turns your smartphone into a dumb phone! Of course, you could just set a time limit for apps. Yet, there is a counter-movement in our tech-savvy world. A significant segment of the younger generation seeks a simpler, less stimulating connection with their devices to find relief from the digital chaos.

Before and after MRI brain scan showing changes in brain activity.

What lies in the future? Is 2024 the year of dopamine detox? Or is it a personalized breathing coach that improves sleep, recovery, and resilience to stress? We are not sure yet, but talking about personalized breathing coaches, our talented designers got a Red Dot Design Award for it!

#4. Sustainable Technologies Are Not Going Away

In the past few decades, we’ve witnessed global warming, rising sea levels, and accelerating ice loss in Greenland on our planet. Many believe that these problems can result in worldwide societal collapse or even human extinction if we don’t act now. That is why sustainable technologies remain tech trends in 2024.

Hydrogen fuel

Electrification has been the center of discussion about sustainable energy for years. However, the development of hydrogen fuel is slowly catching up. The advantage of hydrogen fuel is that it can be produced from different sources like natural gas and biomass. At the same time, it does not create any greenhouse gas. No wonder many energy companies, like BP, Sinopec, Air Products, and AES, are increasing their investments in hydrogen production.

Decentralized energy systems

As we all know, energy plants owned by large companies generate most of the energy we use today. The problem is that, no matter how reliable and consistent the centralized energy systems are, they remain highly vulnerable to disruption from natural disasters. And that is where the idea of decentralized energy systems arises. It is believed that decentralized energy systems offer several advantages over centralized energy systems, such as being more resource efficient, environmentally friendly, and more resilient and flexible to natural disasters.

Centralized energy systems remain highly vulnerable to disruption from natural disasters. And that is where the idea of decentralized energy systems arises.

Better demand and supply management in food production

It’s ironic to see that some countries are facing food shortages while others are overproducing them at the same time. In the case of overproduction of food, we are wasting natural resources when we produce more food than we need. Alternatively, if we don’t produce enough food, there will be a hunger crisis.

Let's manage food production better with the help of technology and AI.

In the agriculture industry, people have long been focusing on how to increase the efficiency of food production. But this approach only solves part of the problem. When the overproduced food goes to the landfills, it will produce methane, a greenhouse gas that is even more potent than carbon dioxide.

To address this uneven balance of demand and supply of food, some companies proposed the idea of farm-to-home. But to make this idea better, some came up with the use of A.I. technology to predict the demand-supply. With the help of technology, it brings all the stakeholders (i.e. consumers, farmers, and our planet) together to solve the climate problems.

The end result is that consumers can eat more sustainably by having a deeper understanding of how the food we eat can impact climate, and farmers can minimize the chance of wasting resources by growing food based on consumers’ demand.

#5. Growing Importance of Cybersecurity 

Shift in work culture means more opportunities for hackers thus we need to prioritize cybersecurity in 2023.

Security Concerns are Not Going Anywhere

The total number of data breaches has already outpaced the previous year’s numbers. In 2023, data breaches continued to be a prevailing concern, with a series of high-profile incidents shedding light on the persistent vulnerabilities in our increasingly digital world. 

At the beginning of 2023, Reddit was threatened with leaking 80GB of confidential data that had been stolen from its server. In October, Spanish airline carrier Air Europa told their customers to cancel their credit cards after hackers managed to access their financial information during a breach. 

We will not list all the data breaches happening this year, but take a quick look here if you are interested! Some of these vulnerabilities could expose users’ location and online identity. Others allowed hackers to gain complete control over the victim’s device without leaving any traces behind.

Building a Secure-aware Culture

People always say that humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity. That is why, no matter how updates can help patch any vulnerabilities found in software or hardware, the easiest and the first step in protecting ourselves in cybersecurity should always start from us – the users.

Social engineering refers to psychological manipulations aiming at exploiting human nature to trick users to perform certain actions. Unsurprisingly, one of the social engineering techniques nowadays is phishing. The idea behind it is to send fraudulent messages to the targets so that they can be tricked and reveal sensitive information to the attackers.

People are easier to fall into the victim of phishing than you think. Statistics tell us that phishing attacks account for a shocking 90% of security breaches in companies. Imagine that you are working from home and you receive a message from your boss saying that he has an urgent task for you to complete. How confident are you that you are not going to open the link included in the message?

Final thoughts

As we say goodbye to 2023 and step into a new year, we find ourselves at the intersection of the present and the future. The year gone by witnessed a whirlwind of innovation. In this article, we’ve navigated through the latest tech trends that promise to define 2024. From spatial computing, besides VR or AR, to the exponential growth of Large Language Models. From revolutionary mental health solutions to the unrelenting march of sustainable technologies. Also, from the ever-pressing need for robust cybersecurity to the decentralized energy systems of tomorrow.

These current and future tech trends are just the beginning of a remarkable era. The boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds blur, offering boundless possibilities for innovation and transformation in the years ahead.

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