Top 10 UI Trends of 2024

Exploring the UI trends for 2024 means taking a close look at the world of user interface design. With technology evolving fast and design changing, we'll break down current trends and what's expected in the coming year. Join us as we highlight 10 trends that are set to reshape how users interact in 2024.

2023 was a significant year in the user interface (UI) design field. Some events foreshadowed substantial changes in how we use technology in the future. In this yearly prediction list compiled by UX studio, we’ve identified 10 of the latest UI trends by researching and observing all the new emerging technologies and devices.

Many related articles have discussed trends that have been popular for the past few years. These include storytelling, dark mode, custom cursor, unique illustrations, and bold typography. They will remain essential elements in digital platforms.

We’ve previously provided more information about these trends, which are now considered common knowledge rather than “modern UI trends.” Now, let’s delve into what we can expect to see as defining elements in UI design in 2024 based on what happened in 2023.

10 UI Trends of 2024

1. Interactive 3D Objects

Incorporating interactive 3D objects into website design is something that we will see more and more this year. The usage of 3D objects is different from what it was in previous years, as it was mostly a static object somewhere on the screen.

They will be integrated into the whole story of the website and can create a seamless and engaging experience.

2. Feature Showcasing on Landing Pages

Designing landing pages focusing on feature showcasing is a strategic approach to captivate users immediately. Landing pages become powerful tools for communicating product or service highlights. They utilize compelling visuals, animations, and concise content. Effective feature showcasing informs users and guides them through a seamless journey.

3.VR & AR

Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) are transforming user interfaces in 2024. With advancements in VR and AR technologies, designers are presented with exciting opportunities to create immersive and boundary-pushing user experiences.

From thinking beyond traditional grid layouts to incorporating real-world interactions, the integration of VR and AR demands a fresh perspective. Designers must adapt to new tools and skills, like Blender, Unity, and Spline, to prepare for a future where AR and 3D elements play a pivotal role.

4. System Theme (Dark/Light)

Embracing the system theme dynamics, websites can now adapt their appearance based on the user’s system theme. This feature ensures a seamless and cohesive experience across different platforms. It aligns the website with the overall look and feel of the user’s device.

The website dynamically adjusts as users switch between light and dark modes. This provides visual comfort and a personalized touch.

5. Bento Grids

Bento grids are a type of grid layout designed to be responsive and flexible. They are perfect for creating complex layouts that look great on all devices. In 2024, we can expect more websites and apps using bento grids to create more user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces.

6. Skeuomorphism

Skeuomorphism is a design style that uses realistic representations of real-world objects in digital interfaces. In 2024, we anticipate a resurgence of skeuomorphism, but in a different way than it has been before. This time, we expect to see a mix of skeuomorphism and flat design. It adds a layer of depth to flat screens and helps designers to enhance the visual aesthetics of the designs.

7. Highly Detailed Illustrations

Highly detailed illustrations elevate the visual storytelling aspect of UI design. These intricate visuals go beyond mere decoration, conveying information, brand personality, and a unique aesthetic.

From product descriptions to narrative elements, detailed illustrations add a layer of sophistication. They captivate users, making the overall design clean, tidy, and visually compelling.

8. Clean and Tidy Layouts

Clean and tidy layouts remain a cornerstone of effective UI design in 2024. As users seek simplicity and ease of navigation, minimalistic designs with ample whitespace and organized typography take center stage. Prioritizing essential information, clean layouts enhance user focus making interfaces intuitive and user-friendly.

9. Chat-based Interaction for AI-powered Tools

With the release of LLMs and AI-powered tools, it is crucial to rethink the chat-based user interfaces. The need for a pleasant UI for chat boxes is increasing as they are a common way to generate prompts and communicate with the system.

However, through the daily improvements of LLMs, we can anticipate new capabilities emerging, enabling them to accept diverse forms of data such as voice, video, and images. This enhancement has the potential to make chat boxes more engaging.

10. Spatial Design

Apple announced Vision Pro in the middle of 2023, and the device will be available in the market starting in 2024. This considerable release opened a new era in the world of UI design. Spatial design will be one of the most essential trends in 2024. We expect to see many products to be built around this new technology.

Which factors influence UI trends in 2024?

Looking ahead to 2024, it’s clear that UI design will keep changing to match new technologies and what users want. From spatial design and bento grids to VR and AR, these are just a few trends we’ll likely see in the coming year. By paying attention to these trends and being open to new ideas, you’ll be ready to create UI designs that are both creative and effective for your users.

By keeping an eye on these trends and staying open to new ideas and approaches, you’ll be well-equipped to create innovative and effective UI designs that meet the needs of your users.

And at UX studio, there’s no UI without UX, so check out our other article which features the latest UX trends in 2024.

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