The 9 Best Reasons To Outsource Web Design

The time has come. You NEED design. Or more design resources. Or a new website design. Or a breath of fresh air, a new perspective. But how to get it? Do you need to outsource web design?

In this article we cover:

  • Situations which require outsourcing web design
  • The nine reasons to outsource web design

Do you need to outsource web design?

Project managers around the world scratch their heads when it comes to this question. They consider the pros and cons when it comes to forming an in-house design team vs. hiring external design services. First, let’s try to think about these questions:

  • Are internal resources getting cut?
  • Are you blowing deadlines?
  • Do developers lack the right handover and high-quality design material?
  • Are competitors outpacing you?
  • Do you need a new site or redesign but don’t know where to start?
  • Does managing responsive websites give you a headache?
  • Do projects run wild and over budget?
  • Have you looked months for the right design talent to fill a role without success?
  • Do you have web designers at your company but still feel a lack of accomplishment?

If you answer yes to one or more, take a deep breath and calm down. Now let’s dive in and take a look: What benefits does hiring an external design team bring?

Reason #1: Time is money

Imagine the time spent recruiting and building a design team, finding the last piece of the puzzle for that role you still need, and stressing for six months to get the perfect fit. The possibility of a bad hire looms on the horizon.

Then, add more for maintaining the team and dealing with turnover. Just writing this caused me enough stress; I can imagine how it can get for project managers in this case.

Then imagine lying down on the beach with a piña colada in one hand (maybe a virgin piña colada if you’re celebrating dry November). And just call your favorite design team to get a ready-made solution or just a bit more user research for next month.

Maybe that is an overstatement, but it could happen if you outsource web design. Or something similar.

Oh, the joy. You catch my drift, right?

Outsource Web Design: Man working at a computer

Reason #2: Outsourcing web design can save on additional hidden costs

Maintaining an in-house team can actually lead to a lot of hidden costs which go unconsidered in the beginning. As I mentioned, hiring an agency means you don’t have to deal with turnover. Also, people continuously learn from each other on a studio design team.

For example, we share learnings, challenges and best practices from our design projects with each other. We also invest directly in our professional growth by attending conferences and other events.

You don’t have to deal with that while the team stays on the top of their game. In addition, hiring a team in a cheaper region than yours can also save costs as well.

Reason #3: More focus on your own competencies

Sometimes you need to wear many hats, but it exhausts you and your team in the long run. Stretching yourself too thin will get you lost in the process. Skills and processes can take years to build but an external professional team can deliver solutions faster in most cases.

Imagine the joy of estimating a design-related process at six months but realizing that a more experienced team can deliver it in three. Also, you can focus on what you really specialize in, get on top of your own work and maximize resources to deliver your best.Outsource Web Design: Presentation

Reason #4: Know-how and knowledge sharing

Striking up a collaboration with a design studio can bring immense expertise to your company. They bring field-tested processes on one hand and a wide range of skills on the other. With these powers combined, you can safely rely on your team to help with your problems.

Collaborating with a decent-sized partner, you can access a whole knowledge pool – not just the people working on your project.

Also, learning new things makes for a great adventure. An external team can offer a vast number of good practices from the countless projects they have already taken part in.

You can also learn from their defined processes and best practices to use later in your own company. Or, refine and adapt them to suit your own company even better.

Outsource Web Design Team work

Reason #5: Enthusiastic focus

Spending a lot of time with your product, you tend to get lost in the details. Your perspective shifts towards smaller day-to-day issues. Keeping an eye on the big picture gets harder. The idea to outsource web design comes in here.

People providing design services feel passionate about new challenges and delivering the best possible solution. They will focus on you, your goals and your company no matter what.

They will strive for the best possible outcome and won’t settle for mediocre or unverified solutions. Layouts? Typography? General user experience? Motion graphics? They will solve all that so you don’t have to worry about it.

Reason #6: Creative outlook

An external, more objective viewpoint can help immensely with your own processes as well. You may also make great use of outsourcing design services when you need a fresh pair of eyes.

As a digital design company, a lot of our clients come to us saying, “Hey, I know something’s not working right with my product, but I have no idea what”. Once your team gets too familiar with your design, a new perspective can come in super-handy.

Thinking outside the box can prove difficult in these cases and an external team can help with specifically that problem.

In addition, working with an external agency can reveal new ideas or a set of new information. Outsourced teams excel at bringing exactly that to provide the right framework so you can work with it later on.

Reason #7: Clear communication

External teams also communicate design decisions and give detailed plans and deadlines exceptionally well. At any point during the project, you will know exactly how far you’ve come in the design process and what comes next.

Giving an estimate while designing digital products can pose challenges but you will never get lost in the process or receive a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your question: Why do we do these things this way? Close and constant communication forms the foundation of a good outsourced design team.

Reason #8: Responsibility and accountability

Design agencies will take responsibility since they have to deliver high-quality results on a strict deadline. No excuses, just delivering the things you agreed on. In the meantime, you will always have someone to rely on.

Get all the formal assurance and informal support you need during your journey. Outsourced teams have to maintain a reputation; otherwise, they lose credibility.

Outsource Web Design: Brainstorm illustration

Reason #9: Less management burden and fewer HR worries

Although it rarely comes to it, canceling a contract takes a lot less than involving all the labor law hoodoo with HR. Again, just as with hiring, it removes many uncomfortable parts from the prolonged process. If things don’t work out well, letting go comes to a lot easier.

Hiring a team also makes you consider priorities. It lets you define exactly what you need to outsource web design without making a long commitment by forming an in-house design team.


Does any of that appeal to you? Have you faced any of these problems? If so, consider hiring an external team to freshen things up.

Think about your problems and the possible solutions, then simplify your life where you can. We at UX studio would more than gladly help, so let’s chat about your situation.

Let’s recap which scenarios to consider outsourcing web design in:

 #1: Time is money

#2: Outsourcing web design can save on additional hidden costs

#3: More focus on your own competencies

#4: Know-how and knowledge sharing

#5: Enthusiastic focus

#6: Creative outlook

#7: Clear communication

#8: Responsibility and accountability

#9: Less management burden and fewer HR worries

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