The Complete List of Product Management Tools to Try in 2021

Here are some tools for team collaboration, product analytics, issue tracking, and user feedback collection. Hand-picked by our UX researchers, UX/UI designers, and product managers.

As a product manager, you know the drill. Coordinating designer and developer teams simultaneously while reporting to the boss via email becomes a drag.

But don’t worry, have hope! Using the right applications, everybody can work together flawlessly, in addition, you can save enormous time on execution.

We created a list of all the essential platforms a product manager would need, so anyone can revolutionize their team workflow.

In this article you can find our recommendations for:

  • Project Management Tools: collaboration tools
  • Product Management Tools: product roadmaps, user feedback tools

Collaboration tools

We simply cannot overemphasize the importance of collaboration tools. Our team would literally die without them since these platforms allow everyone to get on the same page.

When developing a product, you need to make information available to all parties, communicate continuously with the teams, and track the entire design flow.

Lacking the proper system renders this a nearly impossible mission – especially when some of the team works remotely.


Product management tools: Asana screen

Asana has become one of the best-known collaboration tools on this planet. The platform makes it possible to create dashboards, tasks, projects, discussions, and much more.


  • Easy navigation and use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Mobile app version available


  • Cannot sync Asana dates with Outlook calendar
  • Lack of project templates
  • No push notifications in the browser

Price: Starts at $9.99 / user / month makes it easy to report visual bugs and collect website feedback without driving developers crazy. Simply annotate feedback on your site and will create actionable issues into your favorite project management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Github, and more. 


  • Deep integrations with the most popular project management tools
  • Easy visual annotations tools
  • Environment data like OS, browser, and URL automatically captured


  • Works as browser extension only 
  • No video capture

Price: starts at $49/mo for 10 reporters


Screenshot of Basecamp collaboration tool

Basecamp has emerged as the other hotshot of project management and collaboration tools. You can create to-do’s with deadlines, milestones, upload files, and organize discussions within the software.


  • Super easy to use
  • Project templates available
  • Integration with Zapier


  • Cannot sync Basecamp dates with Outlook and Google calendar
  • Chat needs improvement
  • Tricky to give user permissions

Price: Basic plan starts at $29 / month


Xtensio is the perfect platform for individuals and teams to collaborate in creating excellent presentations, reports, slides, or any online documents. It’s an impressive tool to create, share, and manage simultaneously living “folios” with its easy-to-navigate features.


  • Collaboration in real-time
  • Easy-to-navigate features
  • Customization to meet branding needs


  • Privacy controls available only for premium account.

Price: Starts at $0/month for individual accounts and up to $500/month for agencies.


Trello screenshot

Another sweetheart in our team because it’s almost dummy-proof. Trello organizes projects into cards and boards to visualize a project’s current stage.


  • Perfect for seeing through processes and projects
  • Easy to learn
  • Growing list of integrations


  • User interface tricky at first
  • Underdeveloped design

Price: Free, though the business class package for $9.99 / user / month. It offers more integrations and a higher level of security.



Omniconvert is an optimization tool oriented towards small and medium eCommerce stores, digital marketers, and teams who are focusing their efforts towards on-site optimization (conversion rate uplift, reducing on-site churn and abandonment, and lead collector). It covers 3 main areas of expertise: website layout testing, online surveys, and overlays.


  1. Fully customizable overlays (pop-ups, banners, widgets) triggered on load, on-exit intent, on scroll
  2. Easy-to-setup branching-logic surveys to address your customers’ needs and frictions directly.
  3. A/B testing with responsive editing + split URL testing (redirect) and multivariate testing
  4. Advanced post-experiment data filtering (device type, goals, revenue – assisted conversion, linear distribution, time and date).
  5. Easily to integrate with Google Analytics, Hotjar, Inspectlet, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, Kissmetrics, HubSpot, Yandex, Woopra, Sales Manago, Zapier. 


  1. Needs time to master the CRO knowledge in correlation with the powerful features.
  2. Needs assistance from the support team for initial set up.
  3. No input data from other tools – for goals, segments, experiments. 

Price: starts from $3.890 annual price for 100k tested views 


Screenshot of project management tool zipBoard

zipBoard is a simple project management and bug tracking tool that teams use to gather feedback, track, and organize their tasks. zipBoard lets your stakeholders add contextual feedback using annotated screenshots and videos, which makes it easier to report and reproduce issues. 


  • Contextual feedback using videos and screenshots makes it easy to report and reproduce issues
  • Reviews on multiple media types including live websites, images, videos, PDF
  • Kanban and table view for sorting, filtering
  • Unlimited users for all plans


  • Only a few integrations 
  • No mobile application

Price: Free 1 project,  paid plans start at $39 per month.

IC Project

IC Project cover image

IC Project is a universal tool created specifically for project management. IC Project is supporting a project manager and a project team, including in areas such as task management, work time, documents, project finances, resources, communication in a team and with clients, leave, and reporting. ICP is distinguished by lightness, which means that the tools provided in it are simple and intuitive, and comprehensive – in one place there is almost everything that is needed for effective project implementation. This product was designed primarily for companies working on projects every day.


  • Unlimited number of projects: Regardless of the intensity of your company’s work, ICP will manage any number of projects!
  • Modern design: Recognising the importance of this aspect in our times, we have made every effort to achieve the expected results. Effect? Feel free to check it out
  • Cutting-edge technology: The tool was built on the latest software version, which directly translates into speed and efficiency
  • Instant implementation: A few minutes of configuration allows you to fully utilize the ICP capabilities without having to read through the documentation
  • Data security: In the age of having almost all of one’s life on a disk in the cloud, the safety of our data was one of the priorities during its construction
  • Global reach: Global reach attained by working within the web model and applying time zones


  • The mobile application doesn’t have all the features of the desktop IC Project available, but they are working on improving this.

Pricing: Free plan with 500 MB of storage and up to 3 users. Paid plans start from 49 EUR / month


Nifty project manager's tool screenshot

Nifty is a collaboration and project management hub fuelled by user-friendly design. It combines the core phases of project planning and management with collaborative discussions and messaging.


  • An all-in-one workspace for product, remote, and client facing teams.
  • Affordable, especially when you factor in the other subscriptions it will replace.
  • Their product expansion and feedback-to-implementation time moves at breakneck speed, so most product updates are a matter of “when” rather than “if”.


  • As a newcomer on the market, Nifty is still rolling out some of the key native integrations

Pricing: Starting at $8/mo per user


Screenshot of task management software Clickup

ClickUp is a productivity platform that provides a fundamentally new way to work. Unlike many other task management software options, ClickUp offers notes, reminders, goals, calendar, scheduling, and even an inbox. It is fully customizable, so all types of teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate on projects.


  • Multitask toolbar – Easily select multiple tasks
  • Rich text editing on tasks
  • Multiple views: list view, board view, box view, and Gantt view, etc.
  • Chrome extension: many features to increase productivity, including time tracking, image markup, and task creation
  • Integrations: seamlessly manage and collaborate on Git workflows, sync time tracking with Harvest, and send tasks to and from Slack.


  • Setting everything up takes quite some time, as the product and its many functionalities are robust

Pricing: Free to $17 per user/month


Hygger screenshot

Hygger is a project management tool with built-in prioritization. The platform allows establishing specific project goals and breaking them into an actionable plan. It’s popular for coordination and collaboration functionality that provides full transparency of work. Hygger is a tool for software development, product management, marketing, creative agencies, and other teams.


  • Convenient time tracking system and timesheet reporting and beautiful timelines
  • Sprint board and Burndown chart
  • A cool spot between Trello and Jira (not so complex as Jira and not so simple as Trello)
  • Powerful prioritization frameworks (matrices)
  • Great opportunities for managing Kanban workflow
  • Multiple team members can cooperate once invited to the board.
  • Easy to use interface available for small and medium sized teams.


  • Interface available only in English
  • Mobile version is a bit limited
  • Basic reporting system without extra abilities
  • No integration with a Wiki-like tool

Starting price: $7.00/month/user


Screenshot of collaboration tool Squidhub

An all-in-one collaboration app for teams: SquidHub combines task management, a team messenger, file sharing, direct messages, video calls, and a calendar into one simple app. It will make your team move faster: The overview and clear structure make your team organized and provides clarity, faster progress, less stress, and more motivated team members.


  • An all-in-one collaboration app for teams
  • Single-page UI and great overview without switching between apps
  • Almost non-existent learning curve and ease of getting started
  • Cross-platform: Available on web, iPhone and Android.


  • Comments on tasks not available yet (instead, they have a note section)
  • Todos are not synced to your Google Calendar

Price: Basic (full access to 2 groups): free, Premium (full access to all features): $4.99 user/month

Active Collab

Product management tools: Active Collab screen

Active Collab handily organizes everything in one place. The platform allows task management, time tracking, discussions, and even invoicing.


  • Project templates
  • API version available
  • Great add-on integrations


  • Mobile version needs updating

Price: Basic plan starts at $25 / month for 5 team members



When it comes to solving team collaboration problems, there is nothing quite like ProofHub. ProofHub is a powerful tool for managing tasks in an accurate way and to get team work together efficiently. Everything comes super easy with ProofHub, as it is one place for all your projects, teams, and communication.


  • Keeps track of your progress on various projects
  • Easy documentation of tasks
  • Reasonable monthly cost


  • Doesn’t integrate with Zapier

Pricing: 30-day free trial! Ultimate control at $89 per month billed annually.



Mockplus is a powerful product design collaboration tool for designers and developers by creating a connected online space for product teams. It’s possible to export design right from the Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma and see the specification prepared automatically. Create interactive and animated prototypes. It helps to make design collaboration easier.


  • Generate accurate specs automatically
  • Use Magnifier to help view detailed specs
  • Converts units based on project type and density with its unit switching panel
  • Transform static design files into working prototypes easily
  • Comments are available in real-time


  • The interactions and user interface should be improved
  • It provides 10 projects as a free trial

RealTime Board

Product management tools: RealTimeBoard screen

RealTime Board platform enables brainstorming and idea development with different teams. It works as a simple whiteboard allowing simultaneous editing among colleagues. You can use stickers, schemes, comments, and even mockups.


  • Real-time connection and changes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Video chat function


  • Few features
  • Takes time to learn
  • Price: Basic plan starts at $8 / user / month


Example screen of project management tool IdeaScale

IdeaScale is purpose-built for capturing, developing, prioritizing, and selecting ideas that are occurring naturally in your ecosystem and packaging them into new projects and insights. The system helps to analyze and refine idea desirability, feasibility, and viability within a collaborative and transparent community that creates alignment and reduces redundancies.

  • Ease of use for both administrators and end-users
  • Configurable processes that align to various organizational methodologies (like design thinking, SCRUM)
  • Leader in idea management security
  • Integrates with most software in the enterprise ecosystem


  • Admins will have to set all switches to align with their existing processes instead of relying on default settings.
  • Dashboards are pre-set and cannot be customized unless admins export data
  • Additional fees for white labeling
Price: SMB licenses start at $4,999/year. Visit the pricing page to learn more.


Upwave task management tool

Upwave is a cloud-based platform for collaborating on projects, innovation processes, and daily tasks. With its intuitive and user-friendly design, it’s easy to get everyone onboard – no extra training needed. It’s a great tool for teams who need a place to plan, track progress and get work done. 


  • Manage tasks and projects in a visual manner 
  • Track time, estimate and report progress
  • Work with predefined templates, including Kanban, Scrum, SWOT, Business Model Canvas, and Lean Canvas
  • Easily and securely involve outside collaborators 
  • Available on both web and mobile


  • Missing some advanced features (but they are on the roadmap)

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plan starts at $4/month per user

Product management tools

The most essential product management tools, product roadmaps help visualize the entire product development process from sketch to release.

View these “maps” as timelines showing different goals and milestones, thus providing deeper insights into where you are and where you should be.


ProductPlan screenshot

ProductPlan makes it easy for product teams of all sizes to build and share roadmaps. It is designed to help product managers build beautiful visual roadmaps and communicate product strategy with their team and stakeholders.


  • Easy to get started
  • Handy Slack integration
  • Viewers/commenters are free on all plans
  • Lots of features for sharing roadmaps


  • Can’t sync custom fields in Jira
  • Limited reporting tools

Price: Business Plan starts at $39/editor/month.


feedbear featured image
FeedBear is the easiest way to manage feedback from your customers. Create a feedback board for your project and let your customers leave their ideas or bug reports. You can separate different types of feedback into multiple boards. Automatic email follow-ups and a public roadmap allow you to keep your customers informed and engaged.


  • beautiful public roadmap
  • multiple feedback boards to separate different kinds of feedback
  • tagging system for admins to organize posts within boards
  • automatic email follow-ups when you change the status of an idea
  • custom branding (logo, accent color, custom domain)
  • powerful integrations (Intercom, Slack, Zapier)


  • not particularly suited for enterprise-level use
  • currently available only in English

Price: Essential plan for free, paid plans starting at $12/mo,

product management tool Craft focuses on the product manager as the hub for product strategy, idea prioritization, and feature planning.


  • Clean, intuitive user interface
  • Idea portal connects with Intercom and Salesforce
  • Easy user stories with story mapping and text editor


  • Free trial is only 14 days rather than 30
  • No Slack integration (coming soon)

Price: The essential plan is $49 / user / month, Pro and Enterprise solutions are also available


Product management tools: Roadmunk screen

Roadmunk just about tops the market for roadmap applications right now. The software makes it easier for product managers to follow through development processes and product launches.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Scalability
  • Multiple views on data


  • Too many settings in the presentations

Price: Basic plan starts at $19


Product management tools: ProdPad screen

Using ProdPad visualizes product development flow in another great way. Within the software, product teams can collaborate on ideas and priorities to manage releases with ease.


  • Quick roadmap creation
  • Clear interface
  • Flexible system


  • Few reporting tools
  • Takes some time to learn the system

Price: Starter plan priced at $20 / year, but you can choose a Standard plan at $99 / month for additional features


Screens from product management tool Airfocus

Airfocus is an up-and-coming platform that offers one of the best prioritization features for product management in the market right now. It enables you to decide very precisely what items should make it to your roadmap to avoid wasting limited resources.


  • Powerful yet easy-to-use prioritization system
  • Easy-to-build and beautiful roadmaps (kanban & timeline)
  • Priority poker allows benefiting from team wisdom
  • 2-way sync for Jira and Trello and many more integrations


  • Limited CSV Import (Does not allow custom fields)

Price: Starts at $19 per editor and month. Viewers are free.


ProductHQ roadmap feature screenshot

ProductHQ is an “all-inclusive” product management tool that aims to help product teams coordinate everything from planning to designing and development. It lets your team create a very detailed roadmap that can be easily followed up on, modified, and tracked. ProductHQ was created with the aim to visualize the entire product development process and collaborate with one another effectively. The solution provides organizations with the ability to align product strategies with feature prioritization to display on your roadmap.


  • Helps get, track and manage user feedback
  • Easy product feature prioritization that is fed into Jira
  • Easily create product roadmap for team or public use


  • Data exporting and importing needs to improve for certain data
  • Does not offer a two way sync with Jira

Price: Basic plan starts is free for 1 user; each additional user is $10/user/month


Product management tools: Aha screen

Aha! was born to save the lives of PMs working in agile environments. The platform helps them create transparent product strategies and visual roadmaps to improve product development sprints.


  • Outstanding user experience
  • Great drag-and-drop functions
  • Auto-push to JIRA


  • Takes time to learn the ropes
  • Cannot link features to multiple initiatives

Price: Basic plan starts at $74 / month, but there’s a package for startups as well


Product management tools: Product Board screen

Although ProductBoard is a relatively new platform, it could eventually compete well in the field. It doesn’t just create roadmaps, it also helps teams tremendously in prioritizing tasks, features and efforts.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Chrome extension adds value
  • Great collab tools


  • Integrations need improvement
  • Lack of export/import functions for certain data

Price: Basic plan starts at $24 / editor / month

Analytical tools

In order to have a 360-degree overview of the current state and performance of your product, data is key. This is why analytical tools are an absolute must for any product team.

But which way to go? If you Google the term “analytical product management tools”, it’s actually quite incredible how many tools exist to help teams with that! So, how do you decide which one to go with? Here are some of our favorites.


Screenshots of PM tool Appsee

Appsee is the market leader in qualitative mobile app analytics. You can see exactly how users engage with your app, pinpoint specific areas for improvement, and make better, data-informed decisions for your product. It’s ideal when you aim to strengthen retention and increase conversion rates.

Appsee is pretty user-friendly: it auto-tags every screen, button, and user action so that you can obtain answers fast. Plus, they integrate with a wide variety of third-party SDK’s and also offer diverse alerts capabilities. Some of their clients include product leaders like 7-Eleven, busuu, and 1-800 Contacts.


  • Powerful analysis tools  including user session replay, touch heatmaps, and in-depth crash and bug reporting
  • High-quality session replay with zero performance impact
  • Auto-tagging of all screen elements and events
  • Comprehensive touch heatmaps with unresponsive gesture tracking


  • Session replay not available for user killed sessions
  • Does not track push notifications

Pricing: freemium model, see plans.


BugHerd bug reporting tool screenshot

BugHerd is a visual feedback tool. With the help of the BugHerd browser extension, you can collect website feedback and track bugs directly on a page. It’s like using sticky-notes on a website. With a point and click, you can send feedback to your dev teams to track tasks visually with at a glance info. BugHerd sends complete and contextual info from the feedback (including screenshots, browser, OS & CSS selector data) to be fully managed via a project and task management Kanban board.


  • Give and receive feedback with a simple point and click
  • It’s easy to use also for non-technical folks
  • Organize and manage tasks directly via the sidebar
  • Easy to share and collaborate on tasks with clients and remote team members


  • Project reporting is currently not available
  • Integration list is limited but being consistently improved upon
  • No current access for team feedback

Pricing: 14 day trial period for new customers. Monthly subscription start from $29/month

Screenshot of user behavior analytics tool gives you an opportunity to observe the broadest possible context of your user’s behavior online. Have you ever thought how important is to know in how many tabs your user opened your website, or how long your site is somewhere in a browser background so you have a chance to enchain the user? While most other tools work with session-based recordings, combines an advanced, event-based waterfall conversion funnel with the visit recordings.


  • real-time results
  • no configuration needed (no snapshots, heatmaps for all URL’s by default)
  • magic button to find the quick wins (waterfall conversion)
  • auto-captured events
  • quick and full SPA support


  • no freemium plan
  • small help base – sometimes hard to uncover all possibilities to use
  • not for complete beginners: basic analytical skills required

Price: 14 days of free trial, then prices start at 99€ for 10 000 visits recorded, no retention time


Product Management tool UXCam imageUXCam is an analytics solution that helps Product Managers deliver mobile app UX. It automatically captures every action that users take and converts the data into visual and actionable insights.


  • Visual insights are easy to understand
  • Doesn’t require event instrumentation
  • Easy integration
  • Automatically captures all interactions


  • Limited to mobile applications
  • Free plan only allows for 5,000 sessions

Price: Free, paid plans start at 199$/ month


live session

LiveSession is a premium qualitative analytics software that helps to understand customers’ digital experience.  With high-quality session replays, you can solve your customers’ problems, find answers about how your product is used, and optimize the overall experience in your web application. It tracks and records activities (mouse movements, clicks, taps, scrolls, keystrokes, changes) and with full event indexing allows you to find drop-off to improve your site’s conversion rate.


  • High-quality session replays
  • Advanced filtering and segmentation
  • Session context extending with custom parameters and user identification
  • User frustration and error tracking
  • Useful insights
  • Integrations


  • No free plan

Pricing: from $49, 14 day trial

Design tools

STUDIO screenshot

STUDIO is a web design tool that lets users create websites from scratch within a matter of hours, without coding. Its main targets are designers frustrated by long sessions of prototyping and coding. Its intuitive interface allows users to focus on designing beautiful pages that are also fully responsive. For Product Managers, it can be particularly useful for designing mockup pages, or different versions of the same page for A/B testing, without ever having to waste expensive development capacity along the way.


  • Very intuitive, easy to get started
  • Fully responsive designs
  • No coding knowledge needed
  • Real time team collaboration


  • No CMS solution integrated (coming in 2019 summer)
  • No animations (coming in 2019 summer)

Price: You can design and publish unlimited websites for free with STUDIO subdomain, publishing a website with a custom domain, third-party apps and white-labelling is $9/month

Task management and issue tracking systems

A product manager certainly needs a platform to monitor project progress and the management of different issues. Task management tools can save quite some time providing up-to-date information on product development.


Product management tools: Jira screen

Probably one of the most famous product management tools, JIRA allows Agile and Kanban planning as well. Almost everybody who’s ever thought of using an issue tracking platform knows JIRA.


  • Effective in daily issue and time tracking
  • Easy to adapt to company’s needs
  • Wide range of add-ons


  • Crowded interface
  • Needs time to master
  • Hard to find documentation for some items

Price: Basic plan starts at $10 / month up to 10 users


Product management tools: GitHub screen

Over 2 million people use GitHub’s open-source issue-monitoring platform on a daily basis. So it’s worth considering it.


  • Simple interface
  • Clear issue management system
  • Interesting stats on project and user levels


  • Navigation not very intuitive
  • Use requires some technical know-how

Price: Plans ranged from $7 – $21 / month – based on the number of repositories

Mantis BT

Product management tools: Mantis BT screen

Also an open-source issue tracking system, Mantis BT sets up in no time. This very basic yet handy tool efficiently does the job.


  • Super easy to configure
  • Customizable
  • Outstanding support services


  • Slow user interface
  • Integrates poorly

Price:  free

User feedback tools

User feedback solutions serve as one of the most important product management tools. Developing a product doesn’t end upon release, you also need to check whether customers like it or not. And if necessary, iterate accordingly.


Survicate is a user feedback collection tool.

Survicate is a customer feedback tool used by product managers, marketers, and customer success teams worldwide. It lets you collect responses from users across all digital touchpoints, such as websites, email, and mobile apps. You can use the insights to decrease churn, improve website usability, and address customers’ needs more precisely, among other use cases.


  • One-click integration (no coding skills needed) with tools like Intercom, HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, and many others
  • User-friendly interface that makes creating surveys easy for everyone
  • Over +100 ready-to-use, proven survey templates
  • Great customer service


  • Occasional delays between launching/editing a survey and seeing it online

Pricing: 100 responses are for Free, premium plans with unlimited responses start at $79/mo


Product management tools: UserVoice screen

Uservoice is a well-known product feedback management platform. It gathers customer feedback, creates advanced reports, and contributes to the support ticketing system.


  • Smooth navigation
  • Easy access for users
  • Ticket tagging feature


  • Limited range of support languages
  • Not easy to edit in HTML

Price: Basically free, but for business purposes requires requesting a quote.


doorbell io featuredDoorbell is a customer feedback tool used by big and small companies worldwide. It allows your customers to submit feedback directly on your website or mobile app (iOS, Android). With dozens of integrations, simple and intuitive interface, Doorbell can fit your needs if you are an indie hacker working on a side project or an Enterprise client with thousands of customers.


  • Easy to use and understand interface
  • Dozens of integrations to fit in your workflow
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not the easiest to customise, but easy to build a custom form
  • Limited analytics

Price: Generous free plan, with plans starting at $29/month


Mopinion user feedback tool screenshot

Mopinion software is an all-in-one user feedback solution for collecting online feedback from websites, mobile apps, and email.


  • Fully customizable feedback surveys
  • Advanced targeting features (mobile & web)
  • Visualize data in custom-made dashboards & charts


  • Not entirely suitable for traditional VoC surveys
  • Takes time getting to know all chart building capabilities

Pricing: Free for basic features. Starter packages begin at 79 EUR /month.


Product management tools: Intercom screen

Intercom provides realistic data from customers perfectly. The software allows communication with consumers based on their behavioral and other aspects.


  • Real-time metrics
  • Helps in onboarding processes
  • Increasing list of integrations


  • Low capacity of analytics
  • Pricy for smaller teams

Price: Basic plan starts at $53 / month


Product management tools: Drift screen

Drift aces engagement, support and capturing leads. The platform makes it easy to contact website visitors so you can turn them into valuable leads.


  • Clean user interface
  • Wide range of features
  • Easy installing


  • Some features not customizable
  • Notifications should be more up-to-date

Price: Access the basic stuff for free, but small business plans start at $50 / editor / month

Though we’ve created an extensive list, several other product management tools may also make life easier. Please let us know if something is on your mind or you know other apps we can add to the list!

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