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Why work with UX experts?

  • Great user experience provides the key to making your customers happy – they want to use handy, easy-to-understand, delightful platforms.

  • Fail to provide them what they need, and users will lose interest in your product, in turn harming your business.

  • Understanding how UX experts can help you grow represents just the first step.

  • Your next move: Find the perfect UX agency to share your project with.

What are the advantages of hiring a UX/UI agency?

Fresh approach

Mid and large-sized companies benefit from an external team’s view on current processes and tasks.

External user experience experts usually provide additional insights into how to improve product design at your organization.

They can also deliver fresh ideas and unbiased advice to create a successful product.

Fresh UX agency approach

UX knowledge

UX agency designers and researchers use the best and most up-to-date practices in the field. If your company needs UX knowledge, our professionals gather it better than anyone.

UX agencies have reliable experience in multiple fields and industries that you can utilize. If your internal team collaborates with the UX agency during the project, they get the chance to acquire new knowledge that will later remain inside the organization.

Delivering results faster

It is quite a challenge to assemble a trained and experienced group of UX experts. This takes a lot of time and investment.

Recruiting internal UXers takes more time than hiring externals.

UX design agency professionals are used to strict deadlines. There is no organisational overhead, they only focus their project. They work faster and generate results faster.

Faster processes at a UX agency

What UX design agencies do

Generally speaking, UX firms collect like-minded professionals and divide them into multiple teams based on user experience related skills.

These skill-sets include UX and UI design, UX and market research, branding and visual identity, product and business strategy skills.

Pairing these talented individuals together, we dedicate UX teams to clients. Then, they focus all their attention on their UX challenges. We never sell design without research: no matter the scope or type of the project, you will always have at least one UX Researcher on board.

UX agency or hiring UX-ers

Our team consists of two groups: UX Researchers and UX Designers working together on projects. Collaboration forms the key for us. As a result, we appreciate close partnerships with our clients and try to involve them in our processes – and vice versa.

Some agencies have dedicated account managers or different types of client relations responsibles who work to maintain communication with your team.

We believe that really good work can only be done when trust is given to the individual. Once you start a project with us, it will be your dedicated UX team that maintains all communications with you - no account managers, no information gaps.

We built our agency upon trust, freedom and expertise. We don’t believe in hierarchy. We created a flat organization. No bosses, directors or managers – only super-motivated junior and senior colleagues.

UX/UI agency services:

  • UX design

  • UI design

  • User research

  • Design sprints

  • UX / design thinking training for organizations

  • UX audit and consulting

  • New product concepting and business model validation

  • Innovation and growth consulting

  • Agile leadership coaching

  • Digital strategy planning

UX agency services

The UX design process

Unlike a web design agency or freelancer, colors and screen design make up just a tiny bit of what we do. We approach a product or business in a much more holistic manner.

Here's a pretty model of the UX design process we typically follow:

UX agency design process

A professional UX agency always starts off the process with a kickoff meeting. Here, we map the challenges, expectations, and plan our collaboration in detail.

Then, comes a horde of research techniques to gather valid data on the market and your audience. There is an arena of different UX research techniques to be used, but typically, we do market research and user research in the form of interviews in order to create user journeys (the typical set of events that lead to a user accomplishing a task).

The prototyping phase is basically a continuous cycle of testing, analysis, and prototyping. Once the tests confirm that users actually can use and like the product can the design phase begin. First, we decide about general design directions in the look and feel phase, and then the final, pixel-perfect UI is developed.

Sounds like a match?

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Typical schedule of a UX team

Normally, each user experience design projects gets assigned at least one UX Researcher and one UX Designer.

Let's see what a typical week looks like working on a longer-term (at least 1-2 months) project.

UX agency weekly schedule

Our team at UX studio works in weekly sprints with a well-defined agenda.

At the beginning of the week during the design meeting, we discuss what we want to achieve in the given week with designers, researchers, PMs, engineering and business people. Here we also present our findings from the previous week’s user tests.

In the middle of the week, we work on the design. At the end of the sprint, we conduct user testing to validate ideas and compare versions.

UX agency or hiring UX-ers

We also use a four-week high-level roadmap to understand our direction for the coming month.

At the end of the project, we lead a product strategy meeting where together we discuss possible future directions as well as a measurement plan for your product.

When to hire a UX agency and
when to build your own UX team

If you need to get going now or are tackling a complex UX problem, partnering with a good UX agency makes for a wise move.

Otherwise, if you have longer-term goals to build a user-centered culture, have the money, and access to a high-quality talent pool, you should probably hire.

All in all, though, answering this question is not so simple. The two types of UX teams are not necessarily non-complementary. Rather, it's a correlative, often reciproal relationship, in which in-house and agency UX teams help and support each other.

If you are just setting out to build UX thinking within your team, hiring externals temporarily can be of help in building not only great products but also a customer-centric design culture. We at UX studio facilitate UX design training courses for teams. Here we teach them the basics of a new way of building digital products.

Extending your existing team can be a good idea for a multitude of reasons. Not only is it faster and easier to access these experienced professionals but they also bring a great amount of external knowledge that your team can later leverage.

UX agency or hiring UX-ers

3 questions to clarify before hiring a UX company

UX design agency kick-off workshop

1. What inputs will the UX team rely on throughout the design process?

Good design builds on research. No one should design screens based on gut instinct. Every design decision you make should grow out of real user insights.

These research results can have qualitative and quantitative natures: analytics data, retention numbers, user opinions, customer support requests, oral feedback, test results.

Consider what you already have and what you don't. It's good to have an overview of data and plans that's already been gathered: user analytics, competitor research, previous prototypes, notes, contact information of beta testers, or loyal customers. Anything might come of use later and save time.

One thing is almost certain: we will probably need to talk to your customers. Real ones. So, if you have access to them, or people like them, it might save Researchers tremendous time and effort!

Don't worry – most companies don't do much user research, nor do they much time maintaining their databases and documentation libraries. Agency UX experts live to help you out and guide you throughout the process, then set you on the right track.

UX agency kick-off workshop

2. Who will make up the product team?

During the UX project, the product design team should consist of the people who deal with the product design process during the UX project. It includes the UX / product design agency team (researchers and designers) and the experts from your side: product managers, in-house designers and other creatives, developers, marketers, salespeople, executives... anyone that will likely feel the effect of the project outcomes.

One thing to keep in mind: To get to results, everyone should put in the effort as well. A UX project can not be successful unless enough input and feedback is given. We will have to understand your challenges, motivations, and have all stakeholders aligned, working for a common goal. This is absolutely key to successful UX project outcomes.

UX agency pictogram

3. How deeply is UX currently aligned with your strategic goals?

In many cases, we see that organizations fail to view UX design as a holistic concept which impacts them throughout their entirety.

Take an e-commerce platform, for instance. Redesigning user flows and processes will likely not only affect the developer who eventually codes the design. Making significant changes in a checkout process often comes with financial considerations, and will likely cause changes in marketing and sales planning as well.

Meet UX studio

UX agency or hiring UX-ers

A team of experts in UX / UI, research and business strategy, we work with brands all over the world from the heart of Europe. Our UX team strives to build digital products that people will love.

We work with startups and enterprises in different sectors on different continents. Besides creating cool products, we are continually working on making UX studio a better workplace. We also like sharing knowledge with the community.

  • We wrote a book about Product Design.

  • About 250,000 people read our UX blog every year.

  • We are big on openness, transparency and equality, and we all have actual, literal employee shares in the company.

You have 3 options:

  1. Extend your team with our dedicated UX professionals.

  2. Hire us on an on-demand project basis.

  3. Let us facilitate a design sprint or training for you.

UX agency packages

Here's how our collaboration will go

UX agency step 1 - Kick-off workshop
1 Kick-off workshop
This marks the start of the collaboration. We map your product and business goals, as well as project objectives.
UX agency step 2 - Product discovery
2 Product discovery
We get to know your product, talk to your users, analyze your markets, and discover opportunities and bottlenecks.
UX agency step 3  - Prototyping and testing
3 Prototyping and testing
We work in weekly sprints. After the discovery, we make rapid prototypes which we test and iterate every week.
UX agency step 4 - Strategy and measurement
4 Strategy and measurement
Together, we work on your product strategy and plan how to measure performance or make alterations in the future.
UX agency last step: UI Design
5 UI Design
At the end of the design phase, you get a pixel-perfect UI screens, organized into a carefully crafted design system.

The above process is the best-practice for any project we take on. Naturally, depending on the project type and scope, the schedule and deliverables ar different each time.

Aside from long-term design projects, our UX company also offers many additional services like design sprints, training courses, UX consulting and workshops. We also take on UX research-only projects.

What remains true, however, no matter the scope or time-frame, is our forever striving quality and care. A good UX agency listens to what you say, and achieving your goals is what we work for. Every time.

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