WebApp Redesign for Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Zignaly is a cryptocurrency trading platform that helps investors make the right trades by either copying other traders or receiving trade suggestions based on technical and fundamental analysis.

The new design of the Zignaly's interface which displays the "Copy Traders" subpage.






UI/UX Design
+ UX Research

Team Setup

1 Designer
+ 1 Researcher


2 Months


Zignaly teamed up with us to refine its platform, focusing on improving user activation rates and streamlining the complexities associated with managing multiple exchange accounts. The primary objective was to elevate the overall user experience for traders.


The challenges included overcoming a low activation rate and simplifying the management of multiple accounts. To enhance the user journey, we needed to gain a deep understanding of Zignaly's market, customers, and product strategy.


Following intensive UX workshops and research, we successfully redesigned Zignaly's webapp. The resulting platform offers a user-friendly experience, meeting expectations and removing mental load during information exploration. The design system handed over, including a UI kit, mobile version, and dark mode, empowers Zignaly to maintain visual consistency across all platforms.

Usability tests
Research insights
Final screens

Project Timeline

Timeline of the project including the following phases: discovery, usability testing, prototyping and validation, and UI design and handover.


How we started

  • ✦ We ran multiple UX workshops with Zignaly’s team to gain a deeper understanding of their problem and close the knowledge gap regarding its market, customers, and broader product strategy.
  • ✦ We interviewed Zignaly’s user base who had signed up but never made their first investment to find the roots of the problems.
  • ✦ We conducted user tests with the existing platform, testing people from Zignaly’s target audience who had never used the product before to get a better sense of the problems that may arise when using Zignaly for the first time.

After the test and interviews:

We completed the user journey with real data and observations. This allowed us to easily identify and prioritize the main pain points in that journey and create a clear roadmap for the project.

The user journey of Zignaly with pain points and solution ideas.
User journey

Prototyping and UI Design

First prototype

Our designer studied Zignaly’s direct and indirect competitors to see what each of them was doing differently, gain a better understanding of the market, and gather inspiration.

The first prototype was then created based on the insights from the research and competitor analysis. We tested and iterated this on a weekly basis over the remaining duration of the project.

A screen of the trading terminal in prototype phase.Screen of the copy traders section in the prototype phase.

As is always the case, the initial tests revealed multiple problems from the originals ones that hadn’t been solved, as well as new ones that arose from the new design, and paved the way for weekly conversations with the stakeholders from the client’s side.

As the weeks passed, these problems were tackled one by one until, in the final weeks, test participants were able to perfectly understand the product’s value and use it without any instructions.

Deciding on the UI

Finally, our designer iterated on the look & feel of the design with Zignaly’s head of marketing and, after a few rounds of feedback, applied the final decision to the interface.

The proposed dark mode look and feel featuring colors, fonts, and use cases of other UI elements.The proposed light mode look and feel featuring colors, fonts, and use cases of other UI elements.


At the end of the project we handed-over the designs in Zeplin, a handoff tool that simplifies collaboration with developers by providing all the specs and ready-to-implement CSS. These designs included:

  • ✦ All the screens for the features we had been working on, including different states and edge cases.
  • ✦ Desktop and mobile version with their dark mode.
  • ✦ A UI kit with clear guidelines and rules that would help the client keep the design consistency when developing new features in the future.

Additionally, Zignaly received a research report summarising all the findings that could help them shape their product strategy.

The final designs for Zignaly in dark and light mode.

The speed and quality of design were impressive, and they really went the extra mile by delivering the UI kit, mobile version and dark mode of Zignaly. Also, it was great to see that all the design decisions were carefully made based on solid research and UX expertise.

Bartolome Bordallo
Co-Founder and CEO, Zignaly