Redesign and Research for a System Engineering Website Application

IncQuery Suite, the website application developed by IncQuery Labs, it helps extract engineering data from proprietary silos and create validation reports, analysis dashboards, and automated workflows.

Two screenshots from the solution launcher designed for IncQuery.


IncQuery Labs


Software Solutions


UI/UX Design

Team Setup

1 Researcher
+ 1 Designer


1.5 Years


The collaboration aimed to address significant usability issues in the decade-old IncQuery Suite web application, which has complex features. The primary goal was to undertake a redesign and creating a cloud solution with a modern and user-friendly interface.


Challenges involved identifying and mapping the features for redesign, finding ways simplify them for a friendlier user experience, and distinguishing the web app from competitors.


The web app underwent significant improvements, introducing new features to help engineers better organize their work. The iterative two-week sprint approach, coupled with consistent communication, contributed to the success of the redesign.

User flows
UI Components

Kick-off Workshop

How we started

Our team kicked off the collaboration with the following workshops:

  • 1. The website architecture workshop to identify and map the web application features for a redesign.
  • 2. The value proposition workshop to define who the product is for and what differentiates it from competitors.
  • 3. The roadmap planning workshop where the team prioritised all the steps in the product redesign process and created a detailed year-long roadmap.
Model viewer screen before the redesign.
Old screen - Model Viewer


As a result of the careful roadmap planning, we started the web application redesign with the core features. We planned the timeline, scope of work, and goals for every feature redesign.

2-week sprints

  • 1. One week was dedicated to discovery and ideation.
  • 2. The second one was spent designing new solutions.

Our UX team worked remotely with the client, but we communicated daily using various collaboration tools. We had two weekly meetings via Microsoft Teams, discussing research insights, design solutions, and iterations.

Model viewer screen after the redesigned.
New screen - Model Viewer


As a result of the fruitful collaboration with the IncQuery Labs team, we redesigned the web application and improved the usability of its features. We designed and incorporated several new features, such as the diagram support part, which helps engineers visualize the utilized elements.

The final designs we handed over to IncQuery's team.

Compared to other design firms that we’d worked with, we were satisfied with UX studio’s professionalism and quality of work. Not only were they flexible and communicative, they took the time to understand our product in order to give the best solutions. They were able to bring creative ideas to the table. Their teams also worked in pairs, which allowed for productive, quick interactions and more in-depth observations.

Istvan Rath
CEO, IncQuery Labs