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We collect valuable UX research insights to help you make data-driven and impactful business decisions

What is UX research?

UX research, also known as user experience research, is the process of exploring, analyzing, testing, and validating different product and business ideas. Our UX research services utilize various methods to help you find the right solutions and design products that meet your users’ expectations and deliver value to your customers.

How UX research can help to improve your product

#1 —
Know your customer needs

We use various research methods and tools, like user interviews and testing to help you get a better understanding of your customers.

#2 —
Prioritize development effort

Once you know what really matters to your customers, you can focus on building the most important features first.

#3 —
Improve customer satisfaction

Research insights reveal how users interact with your product. This information is vital to improve your customer satisfaction.

#4 —
Increase conversion rate

You can improve your product’s conversion rates by displaying relevant information and features to your users.

Our UX research services

Our UX research services include holistic analysis of the target audience, overview of  the competitive environment and usability testing. We explore both the current state of your product and future business opportunities. Here is a brief overview of our UX research services.

Discovery research

Discovery research helps you validate a product idea by understanding your users’ needs and pain points. We can determine the product-market fit and help you prioritize your next steps in the product development process.

UX audit

We conduct a holistic usability evaluation of your product’s user interface to understand how people interact with it. We define and present the core usability issues, which, if tackled, can improve your product’s business performance.

Dedicated UX research team

We continuously work as a part of your team or assist at any stage of your product development cycle. We can help you do user interviews or test prototypes, and we make suggestions on how to implement research findings effectively.

What can we do for you?

We are ready to develop custom solutions to meet your business goals and your users’ needs. Share your goals and challenges with us.

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Why work with UX studio

We are a product design and user experience research agency that strives to design impactful digital products.

We help established companies and rising startups across various industries do user experience research, make data-driven business decisions and shape their product design strategy.

We do not only help our partners serve their users with innovative products, but we also build our own digital products - UXfolio and Copyfolio. It gives us a unique set of skills and experiences to stand out among other design agencies.


How long does it take to conduct UX research?

The lengths of our UX research collaboration depends on the scope of the work and your business goals. It might take a few weeks to validate some design features or analyze your product’s usability. While working on a new product, you might also want to validate its usability.
In this case, our UX team can work with you long-term to help you detect usability flaws, iterate design solutions and create powerful user interfaces.

What are the UX research methods used at UX studio?

We apply different UX research methods depending on the product development phase. 

At the product discovery phase, we can help you better understand your target audience’s needs and pain points using the following research methods: user interviews, market survey, field research and competitor analysis. The findings can help you prioritize your development efforts and build the most helpful functionality first. 

If you work on a new product or feature, we can help you validate your business ideas and collect users’ feedback using the following research methods: user interviews and tests, user journey mapping, prototype testing and card sorting.

Design is never final until somebody is using it! We can help you get valuable feedback from your actual users and improve your product’s usability and performance. We apply the following research methods during the UI design testing phase: UX surveys, usability tests and interviews, Google Analytics and Hotjar heatmaps and recordings, beta testing. 

What are the deliverables of UX research?

We create, share, and present the user research insights in a visual report that contains the results of our user tests and interviews, session recordings, and actionable expert recommendations for your product. 

Feel free to check our UX research report prepared for our partner, a leading Indian real estate company - MagicBricks.

Can UX studio help implement research findings?

As a product design and user experience research agency, we collaborate with companies worldwide to design impactful digital products.
We can help you conduct UX research, create a prototype to test new features, or design a brand new solution. Besides, we would be happy to become your long-term product design partner to show the value of UX design and shape your product design strategy.

How much does it cost to conduct UX research with UX studio?

UX studio is a boutique UX agency where you can hire expert UX researchers for a long-term or a short-term collaboration at a reasonable price. 

We also dedicate UX teams with at least one designer and a researcher in case you need a design partner or lack in-house resources. 

If you’d like to learn more about our user experience research services and pricing, reach out to us. We will be happy to discuss your goals and challenges.

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