Ear-Opening – The 7 Most Insightful Podcasts for UX Researchers in 2023

Are you a UX researcher looking to level up your skills and knowledge? But are you fed up with reading countless articles and textbooks or trying to get into expensive courses and conferences? We've got good news for you! A secret weapon is available for anybody anywhere at zero to little cost. Podcasts. In this article, we'll introduce you to our favorite UX research podcasts that can help keep your skills sharp by bringing the best experts from all over the world into your living room. So, let's dive in and get ready to learn and be inspired.

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Why podcasts

Are you tired of scrolling through endless blog posts and textbooks in search of valuable insights and information related to UX? Enter podcasts – the ultimate audio companion for your professional development journey. Not only are they a convenient and portable way to learn, but they also offer a fun listening experience. With podcasts, you can multitask like a boss, learn on the go while commuting to work, cleaning up the dishes or walking your dog. Plus, with the variety of podcast formats available, from interviews to storytelling to roundtable discussions, there’s always something new and exciting to discover. So pop in your earbuds, and let’s see our top recommendations – ranked from conventional to unconventional –  to guide you to UX research enlightenment.

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Mixed Methods

First on our list is Mixed methods – a must if you are just getting into UX Research. It is designed by researchers – so they do not waste time on topics that are irrelevant to us. The episodes tackle the ins and outs of UX research covering everything from leading interviews to the latest research trends. The UX podcast features guests from a variety of backgrounds who are leading thinkers in our field. Unfortunately, they stopped adding new episodes in 2020, but the available episodes are a treasure trove of wisdom. One great episode to start with is their latest from Google staff UX researcher Aaron Sedley. You will learn about how and why to set up metrics and the benefits of qualitative and quantitative research. Valuable learnings in anybody’s hand who is wondering how to set up their first research plan.

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Awkward Silences

Awkward Silences is a well-known and beloved podcast created by the User Interviews team. Listening to this podcast is like eavesdropping on a fascinating conversation between UX experts. UX experts, who happen to be not only incredibly knowledgeable but open and friendly towards their peers. If there is one episode to start with, it is where guest Meg Publis shares her best tips on how to get stakeholder buy-in for research. It is useful for everybody who has ever had to reason why research is needed. So all of us.

Designing Behaviour podcast logo

Designing Behaviour

With this podcast, we are leaving the ones that are designed especially for UX researchers. Designing Behaviour was a true gem of a podcast. It invited a wide variety of guests from the intersection of tech, design, psychology, and business. Exactly where we, UX researchers, have to operate. In an ideal starting episode, UX and Human Behaviour Consultant Vanessa Seibert-Giller discussed how incorporating psychology into UX decisions makes better products and services. It is scientifically based. Inspiring. Actionable. What more could you ask for?

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Built for Change

If you are interested in the topics concerning the future of work, design, or industries such as mobility, healthcare, or sustainable energy, you will love the consulting giant Accenture’s podcast: Built for Change. We think it is especially interesting for us UX researchers, as they do not work in a traditional host-guest format. Instead, they use snippets of various data sources and tie them together into a coherent story. A good way to learn about how to summarise topics from different data sources. A great example of this is their episode on the “reimagined” customers, which deals with the changing customer expectations towards products and services and what this means for companies. Especially great is how they apply snippets from customer interviews to emphasize the interviewers’ insights and highlight main learnings. 

“A lot of these services that customers really valued during the pandemic were expensive, and they might no longer be needed. But, in order for businesses to consider the tradeoffs they’re facing, they need to relearn who their customer is now and what they value.“

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99% Invisible

As UX researchers, we have to work closely with designers, so understanding how they see the world is crucial. 99% Invisible is a podcast that explores the design behind the visible product and services, making you appreciate the art and work of design and understand the consequences of design decisions. Their episode Curb Cuts is a great example of this. It explores the design of sidewalks in our cities, what we all win when we help minorities, and make accessibility at the forefront of our decisions. 

Invisibilia podcast logo


Data collection and analysis is only one facet of our job. Presenting our results in a way that creates impact is another. This is where Invisibilia comes in – offering a masterclass on storytelling, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the power of narrative. If you listen carefully, you will learn how to tread the pebbles of your findings into a coherent and captivating story. Their explorative interview style is great and free of judgment towards any point of view. Additionally, they also include expert opinions, often combined with data from surveys, research articles and additional anecdotes. A great episode to start with is this gem from 2017, where they explore how emotions are created, shared, and shaped by the context through the story of a bizarre lawsuit and the perspectives of those involved.

The Anxious Achiever podcast logo

The Anxious Achiever

Professional development is important. But so is reserving your inner fire. Especially when so many of us are dealing with imposter syndrome and anxiety from high expectations, and burnout from long working hours. It is easy to lose perspective and feel that you are the only one dealing with these problems. The Anxious Achiever is a podcast that helps you with that. They curate guests from all corporate backgrounds and discuss how they achieve success despite having negative emotions that we all have. In an episode worth starting with, host Morra Aarons-Mele discusses with Shopify president (2021) Harley Finkelstein how we can better understand what induces anxiety in us, get unstuck from our negative thinking patterns, and have more effective, more enjoyable work days.

“We need to shift from mindlessly reacting to thoughtfully responding.”

Design Aloud podcast logo

Design Aloud

Small but fine – the Design Aloud podcast was started a year ago to provide a place to explore all topics product design. Especially if it concerns product design as a service or consultancy. Brought to you by a small, dedicated UX enthusiast team (the Podcast taskforce from UX Studio) from the beating heart of Budapest. The UX design podcast is just like the city it is broadcasted from: colorful, innovative, and creative. If you want to explore this new voice and are interested in what it means to have a UX researcher career at a design agency, start with the episode where Tamás Virágh shares his learnings from 7 years of creating products for millions of people from all over the world.

Even if you finish with the episodes, you shall not be sad; the third season is already on its way to your earbuds. Stay tuned for September. 


So, there you have it! Our top picks for the best podcasts to help you level up your UX research game. How did you find this list? We hope you found at least one episode that sparked your interest and lets your creative juices flow. Are there other podcasts you would like to include on this list? Do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments. Happy listening!


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