Best App Designing Companies to Work With in 2021

As an expert app designing company, we have prepared an in-depth overview of the top app design agencies to work with in 2021. UX studio has been on the market for over 10 years, so we know the UX design industry well. Thus, we are sharing our selection of the best app designing companies for your consideration.

If you search for the top app designing companies online, you will notice multiple articles listing different agencies. Be cautious and mindful when you check listed companies. Many website aggregators list dozens of agencies without explaining why they deserve to be among the top app designing companies.

To help you select the right agency and better understand the UX market, we examined over 50 firms and handpicked the top 10 app design companies that are worth checking.

Besides, in this article, we provide you exclusive tips on:

  • How to choose the right app design company to work with
  • How much it will cost to design a mobile app in 2021
  • Discuss the pros and cons of working with local and remote app design firms

Choosing a design partner is an important step. You will need to evaluate domain knowledge,  company location, and pricing to find the right company with a suitable corporate culture and expertise. Our tips should help you critically assess every app designing agency and choose the best one to work with. 

Here is the top app designing companies list based on our judgment.

List of top 10 mobile app design companies


A digital product agency in San Francisco

Ramotion is a small design agency located in San Francisco, USA, that works with growing startups and enterprises. 

With over 10 years of experience, Ramotion provides more than design services to its clients. 

As a digital product agency, it strives to help clients with branding, positioning, web and app development, copywriting, and information architecture. 

If you look for a full-stack app designing company that can design, develop, and promote your product, you might consider Ramotion. 

Since 2009, they have worked with many notable companies such as Netflix, Adobe, Salesforce, Opera, and Avast, just to name a few.

According to Designrush, you should be ready to invest at least $50,000 if you want to collaborate with Ramotion. Good design is never cheap.

UX studio

Award-winning app design agency working with companies worldwide. 

UX design agency UX studio

It might look selfish to include ourselves in the list of the top app designing companies.

However, UX studio is one of the fastest-growing app design agencies that was honored to be among the top B2B business service providers, according to the Clutch Global award 2020. We’ve also been an exclusive member of the Zeplin UX agencies community since April 2020. 

We gathered 40 motivated designers and researchers who strive to make our digital world better and design products people love to use.

As a global web and app design company, we continuously collaborate with startups and enterprises all over the world. We love meeting our partners in person, but we collaborate remotely most of the time.

To manage the remote collaboration effectively, we have created a framework that enables us to always be in touch, deliver the work on time, and make prompt iterations. 

If you are looking for the right app designing company, we are happy to assist you. Send us your details through our contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss what we can do for you.

We are proud to work with notable companies such as Google, Netflix, HBO, and the United Nations World Food Programme.

As an expert UX agency, we do not only help our partners delight their users with innovative products, but we also build our own digital products. We have launched UX folio, a design portfolio builder, and Copyfolio, an online portfolio builder for copywriters. 

Developing our own and designing partners’ products gives us a unique view of industry trends and an up to date knowledge about the best design solutions. 

As a thought leader in the design industry, we strive to pass our knowledge and educate future design and research experts. We run product design courses twice a year to teach the fundamentals of UX and design thinking. 

If you are looking for the right app designing company, we would be happy to discuss your needs. Message us, and we will be in touch with you to arrange a consultation with our experts.

Blue Label Labs

A product design agency based in the USA, specializing in mobile app development.

Blue Label Labs app design company

Blue Label Labs is a 64-person mobile app design and development company with offices in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. 

According to Crunchbase, Blue Label Labs experts designed, developed, and marketed more than 350 digital products over the past six years. 

Blue Label Labs has worked with companies of different sizes as well as entrepreneurs to design and build over 150 iOS, Android, and Windows-based apps. 

Google, Bloomberg, Microsoft, United Nations, PayPal are among Blue Label Labs’ most notable clients. 

If you decide to collaborate with Blue Label Labs, you should be ready to invest at least $75,000 in a design or development project, according to Clutch.


App design and development agency based in London


Despark is a creative design agency of 37 experts known for creating user-centric digital experiences and products.

With the headquarter in London and the second studio in Sofia, Despark collaborates with clients all over the globe.

Their clients include entrepreneurs who want to transform their ideas into a digital reality and big organizations. Since its establishment in 2007, Despark has collaborated with such notable companies and organizations as Vodafone, BNP Paribas, Altrix, King’s College London.

Its services cover app design and development, product strategy, full-stack development, React, React Native & PHP Development, prototyping, and usability testing. 

Besides active client work, Despark enthusiastic team members host various events in London and have also launched a few startups backed by VC funds in London and the Valley.

Last year, the company was named ‘Best Web Agency’ according to the Forbes Evolution awards.

The minimum project’s price starts from $25,000, according to Clutch.


A global web and mobile app development company with expertise in native and cross-platform technologies.

Appinventiv is a privately owned company that employs over 500 people across four countries. Its headquarter is in Noida, India, while three other design studios are located in the UAE, USA, and Australia.

The company started its journey in 2015 as a solely mobile app development firm. By now, its experts successfully designed and developed over 900 products for clients coming from Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Environmental protection industries, just to name a few. 

As a global product design and strategy agency, Appinventiv collaborates with many different clients, from small startups to large enterprises. Ikea, Domino’s pizza, Ernst & Young, and KPMG are among Appinventiv’s most-well known clients. 

Appinventiv was recognized as a top fintech app development company in 2019, according to Clutch. It has also got an ISO certification, having a quick delivery track record over the years of work. 

Their pricing starts from $10,000 per project, according to Clutch.

Hedgehog lab

A global digital product consultancy agency specializing in app design, development, AR/VR, and Innovation.

Hedgehog app design company

Hedgehog lab is a privately owned digital product consultancy established in 2007 in Newcastle, England. By now, it has grown to a global app design and development agency with three further offices in London, the USA, and India.

The company has a team of mobile app designers and developers building apps for smartphones and other connected devices and in-house capabilities in AI, VR, and Mixed Reality. 

Whether it’s iOS, Android, or web, Hedgehog lab’s design and engineering experts helped the world’s biggest organizations to improve their digital interfaces and user experience, including Santander, Microsoft, Deliveroo, Kodak Alaris, AkzoNobel, Deliciously Ella, LaserShip, and many more. 

As a fun fact, the company’s name is taken from  Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great,” which describes the hedgehog concept of pursuing ambitious long-term goals and cultivating “piercing clarity.”

The minimum project price starts from $50,000, according to Clutch.

Brainvire Infotech Inc

A digital transformation agency with core expertise in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain.

Brainvire app design company

Brainvire was established in 2000 as a global technology and consulting company with a headquarter in Utah, USA. The company has grown to over 1000 employees across the USA, UK, UAE, Europe, Canada, and Australia. 

From creating innovative web and app design solutions for retailers to world-class experiences for top consumer brands and e-commerce platforms, Brainvire capabilities and domain knowledge are quite broad. 

The company also deals with open-source frameworks like Node.JS, Python, and PHP.

With a wide geographical presence, Brainvire can collaborate with different clients worldwide right on the spot. The company claims it has successfully completed over 1500 projects for such notable clients as Walt Disney, Landmark Group, EagleHills, Entrepreneur, Bay Alarm Medical, and FreshDirect, just to name a few. 

The company’s minimum project pricing is $25,000 according to Clutch.


A top mobile app design and development company with studios in the USA, Canada, India, and Dubai.

techugo app design company

Techugo is an app designing company that kick-started its journey in 2015 with just three enthusiasts. By now, the company has grown to a team of 150+ designers, developers, marketers, and testers worldwide. 

Today, Techugo offers end-to-end solutions for web and mobile app design and development, dealing with frameworks like React Native, Flutter, AI, IoT, AR/VR, and blockchain. 

According to Techugo, they have successfully designed and developed over 475 applications for more than 150 companies worldwide.

They claim to work with different companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Blixr, Bookmyforex, Airtel, Solarsense, VisionR-Pro are among their most well-known clients. 

The company’s minimum project pricing is $10, 000 according to Clutch.


IoT, web, and mobile app development company based in San Francisco.

Intuz app design company

Intuz is a team of passionate mobile app designers and developers providing end-to-end software development services. 

The company was established in 2008 and grew to a team of more than 100 skilled developers, marketers, sales representatives, and creative designers. 

Intuz claims they have partnered with over 40 clients worldwide and worked on more than 1500 different projects, including over 50 cloud applications. 

With the clear mission statement of “Achieving Growth by Inventing Incredible Values for Clients,” Intuz focuses on innovation, powerful digital solutions carefully designed and built for emerging technologies. 

Having over 10 years of industry experience, Intuz’s most notable clients include Bosch, Mercedes AMG, JLL, HolidayInn, and Cambridge Publications, just to name a few.

Their minimum budget for a project starts from $10,000, according to Clutch.


Eastern European software design and development service provider.

Riseapps app design company

Riseapps is an Estonian app design and development company established in 2016. 

With five years of industry experience, Riseapps has successfully released over 50 projects and became a top app development company in 2019, according to Manifest. 

Its core services cover iOS development, mobile development, Android development, information technology, project management, React Native development, IoT, Machine learning, and UI/UX design.

To maintain a high quality of service and more efficient communication,  Riseapps sticks to in-house teams of developers, designers, project managers, and market research specialists. 

The company claims they work with small clients and startups. They collaborated with notable companies such as Nikon, Fit20, Viemed, Virgin Trains, or Bolt.

Their minimum project’s budget is $25,000.

How to choose the right mobile app designing company to work with?

As a thought leader in the UX community, we have recently conducted a research study to learn how different companies perceive the value of UX design and whether they prefer working with UXers. We surveyed over 100 professionals, PMs, POs, marketers, and CEOs. 

UX studio research study

Our findings revealed that over 76,6% of product teams prefer working with UX professionals.

Most companies work with at least one UX expert who brings user insights to the team, does prototyping, and helps to make the right design decisions.

1. Look for partners who do user research

Expert app designing companies make research-based design decisions. They know that every new feature, a new button, or an app interface needs to be tested with actual users to validate the design and make sure it fulfills the business needs. 

You do not create the app for yourself. You create it for people. Thus, your target audience’s preferences should be taken into consideration while designing an app. 

At UX studio, we conduct workshops with the stakeholders to learn more about the product and the current challenges; we run interviews to learn about users’ pains and needs; we test every new design solution with actual users to make sure it works.

Top app designing companies have established design and research processes that they follow and adapt to the client’s needs. 

Make sure to check this information before you select your design partner.

2. Critically evaluate their portfolio

Before getting in touch with the app design firm, check their portfolio of previous works. A trustworthy company has nothing to hide and should display its design works online for potential clients. 

We strongly recommend checking the portfolio as it might give you a brief company overview and a feeling if a company is the right fit for you. 

This is what you should look for in the portfolio:

  • Former project brief with the client name and location, the industry, and the project type (app design, research, audit, branding, etc.)
  • Examples of visual design (could be user interface screens or links to view the actual app)
  • Client testimonials 

You might not find all these details in the portfolio, but we recommend you to assess any design company’s portfolio based on the criteria above. 

At UX studio, we work with companies of different sizes, from startups to tech giants like Google, Netflix, and HBO. We keep our portfolio on the website to make it easily accessible to potential clients.

Apart from designing powerful digital products, our experts run strategic workshops, conduct discovery research, create prototypes, help to prioritize design features, and assist with the product release and development.

The best app design companies strive to become long-term partners for their clients and are ready to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional services.

3. Look for “Here is what we achieved” instead of “Here is what we’ve done”

The top app design companies can provide evidence-based proof that their design solution works. They usually share happy client testimonials or insights about the new design performance. 

Appealing visual design is nothing without effective business performance. Even though it is not always easy to measure the value of UX design, many companies will judge it based on the design ROI.

This is valuable information for potential clients, which helps to distinguish great companies from good ones.

At UX studio, we strive to showcase informative and detailed client testimonials that communicate what they have achieved as a result of our collaboration. Here is an amazing review we’ve got from our partner – France’s leading travel app Liligo.

France’s leading travel app Liligo review

The client is happy since the new app design solution increased their booking rate by 100%. This is quantifiable proof that the design solution works. Such evidence improves the company’s credibility and helps to establish expertise in the design field. 

Whenever you look for the ideal app designing company, assess their project outcomes. What did they achieve? Did their solution solve the client’s challenge? These are just a few questions to consider while selecting the best design partner.

These steps should help you narrow down your preferences and handpick several agencies for closer investigation. We suggest you to choose 3 to 5 agencies to get in touch with and discuss your needs. 

Note, pricing and availability are usually not revealed on the websites. You will have to contact the handpicked agencies and inquire about costs. 

However, we know that pricing is an important factor, thus we share our estimates of how much a properly designed mobile app might cost you in 2021.

How much does it cost to design a mobile app in 2021?

If you are looking for the most suitable app designing company, you might be interested in learning how much it will cost you to design and develop the mobile app. 

The costs vary a lot depending on your needs. Here are some factors that can influence the costs of mobile app design and development:

  • Service cost 
  • Maintenance cost
  • Supporting platform and devices
  • Functionality and features 
  • Visual complexity
  • etc.

You might work with a freelancer or an expert app designing agency. In general, it is more expensive to hire an agency partner, so you should be ready to allocate a bigger budget if you decide to work with an app designing firm.

According to various online sources, a decent starting point for a mobile app is about $40,000 to $80,000. In general, these costs should cover a small team of designers and developers working on your app. 

Major design and development agencies can charge you between $100,000 to $500,000 for the same scope of work. 

At UX studio, we strive to maintain a high quality of work, fit our partners’ timeline and budget needs while designing excellent digital solutions. Our daily rate starts from $450.  

If you are looking for the right app designing agency, let’s get in touch and discuss how we can help you with your current challenge. 

Is it better to work with a local or remote app design company?

As a global UX design agency that embraces remote collaboration, we would say there is no difference between choosing a local or a remote design partner. There is a common superstition that a local design company is physically reachable, enabling tighter cooperation between the team members. 

Although it is true to some extent, we see the growing popularity of remote work since 2020. 

You might be living in the USA or Asia, but if you still have a chance to collaborate with companies outside your time zone, you’ll have a wider pool of choices. It will enable you to select the most suitable partner despite the location. 

At UX studio, we work with startups and enterprises from San Francisco to Berlin and Beijing. Despite working in different time zones, our partners get back to work with our experts over again.

As an experienced UX design firm with an established remote work culture, we have collected the key points on why different companies switch to working with remote design teams:

  • A wider pool of design expert companies to choose from
  • Reasonable pricing
  • New mindset with fresh ideas coming from external team members
  • Possibility for long-term collaboration
  • Cultural diversity
  • Prompt kick-off and collaboration scaling on demand 

All in all, the team fit and the right experience is what really matters.

Searching for the app designing company?

Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss how we can help you manage your current needs and challenges. Our experts are happy to assist you with UX strategy, product and user research, UX/UI design, and much more.

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