Our UX Services

We help businesses worldwide to design impactful products that people love to use

Why work with UX studio

We are a team of 40 UX design and research experts who strive to design impactful digital products. We work with tech startups and enterprises in various industries, such as fintech, fashion, digital solutions, traveling, education and healthcare.

Apart from product design, we successfully build our own digital products. It gives us a unique view of industry trends and the latest design solutions.

If you are looking for the right UX agency, let's get in touch and discuss your objectives.

Our partners worldwide

As a global UX design agency, we collaborate with partners from all over the world.


What happens after you reach out to us?

After contacting us, we arrange a call to discuss your plans and objectives and give you more information on our product design services. Don't worry; we keep all your information confidential.

Next, we put a UX design proposal together with detailed scope of work, our UX UI approach, timeline, deliverables, design team composition, and costs. We are happy to get your feedback and adjust the proposal according to your preferences. 

Once we finalize all details and no questions are left, our UX team is ready to jump in right away.

How does the collaboration work?

We dedicate the most suitable design and research experts to work full-time as an extension of your product team. Our team of UX professionals meets your team at the kick-off workshop to learn more about your business objectives and learn about your industry.

We have at least one meeting with you every week to update you on our progress, showcase the design and the research findings, fine-tune your product strategy, and set the next steps.

In between the meetings, we stay in touch using Jira, Zeplin, Slack and other collaboration tools.

How long does it take to design a product?

The collaboration timeline heavily depends on the scope of work and the team size. For example, it can take up to three months to design an MVP for a new product. If you would like to conduct user research to improve your existing product's usability, one to four weeks might be enough. Each case is unique and the work scope can only be defined once we discussed your plans and objectives. 

How do we work with development teams?

We believe the right product design helps companies achieve quantifiable business goals. We involve the development teams during the design stage and pay close attention to technical constraints. We hold the development handover meeting once a new feature is designed. We always stay in touch with your developers, advise, and ensure the design is implemented in the right way.

Which tools do we use for product design?

Website and mobile app prototypes are created using Axure or Figma.

We design products using Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch. Our experts constantly iterate the designs according to usability test results and your business needs. We also use Zeplin to share the final design with your teams.