The Benefits of Working at UX Studio

When our CEO, Dávid, founded UX studio in 2013, he had one goal: to create a company where it’s enjoyable to work. Yes, foosball tables and Xbox are great, but we wanted to create an environment where we’re excited to get to work each morning.

In this article, I’ll tell you more about the benefits of working at UX studio, and what you can expect when you join us.

1. Work environment

We have a modern office in the center of Budapest, which is always accessible to our colleagues. There’s a great vibe, lots of snacks, premium Ethiopian coffee, and Club Mate to ease the workday. However, it’s not mandatory to come in, as everyone has unlimited home office days — we just like to keep the office open for people who prefer to have a work-life environmental distinction in their lives.

Apart from unlimited home office days we also provide remote possibilities. We welcome applicants from anywhere within +/-4 hours of time zone difference to work with us. You have the freedom to choose where you are working from, and if you happen to be bored with your current surroundings, you can also travel to a different country for a few weeks and work from there!

2. Our best asset – the team

We strongly believe that the community at UX studio is one of our strongest suits. We have great talents from all over the world, and it’s an absolute blast to spend time with each other! We have recurring team events, such as breakfast on Fridays, team buildings, and retreats every 6 months.

We treat everyone equally from day 1 of the recruitment process – we don’t discriminate based on gender, race, religion–, or sexual orientation. We feel strongly about working with like-minded individuals. There’s pay equality, as well as equal possibilities within the company.

At UX studio your ideas are always welcome and appreciated. We try to have as many trainings and workshops as possible, but if you feel like organizing a workshop yourself, we’ll help you make it happen. We also have internal projects where you can help out if you want, or you can join our very own podcast as well.

3. Family- and private life-friendly schedule

There’s a general trust in our company that everyone is doing the best they can each day. We have 40 hours in our contracts – there’s no strict 9-5 work schedule as long as the job gets done. We don’t make an issue out of appointments – you need to go when you need to go, just let your team know when you are out of office, we’re confident you’ll still make the job done.

In Hungary, we have 20+ paid holiday days per year (the exact number depends on various factors such as age and the number of children), and 15 paid sick days. The Hungarian government offers paid maternity leave for up to 3 years, and we also have 1 month of paid paternity leave for new fathers at the company – the same perks are given to our remote colleagues as well.

We take work-life balance very seriously, and we reward people who stay with us longer by giving them extra paid holiday days to avoid burnout. And if you feel like you had enough of your current position, you can try out a different one within the company!

What about the salaries?

You may have heard already that we have transparent finances, but what does it mean? Well, everyone at UX studio has access to check the company finances, such as profits, expenses, and investments. We have our salary brackets in a spreadsheet – when we offer the position to someone, we use this table to determine their starting salary.

When someone reaches their next salary bracket, they get an automatic raise, no performance evaluation is needed. We believe this system takes off unnecessary stress from employees’ shoulders to having to negotiate for a raise. We also regularly reevaluate our salaries and update the brackets on a yearly basis to make our wages more competitive on the market.

Our current salaries are the following:

  • 0-2,5 years experience: net 420.000 – 575.000 HUF
  • 3-5 years of experience: net 635.000 – 760.000 HUF
  • 6-10 years of experience: net 840.000 – 1.135.000 HUF

Additional benefits

We provide a Macbook for everyone to work on and annual equipment support for any work or home office-related purchases. 

We also have annual bonuses at the end of the year. The amount is determined by the time someone has spent at UX studio and the financial results of the company. Our goal is to share our success as fairly as possible and create an environment where it’s easy to talk about money.

As the sedentary lifestyle isn’t the healthiest, we encourage everyone to exercise regularly, and we offer sport support to a nearby gym, as well as bike parking, and showering facilities in case you decide to work out during the day. For mental exercises, we provide conference and course support, plus regular feedback and brainstorming sessions. 

And if you feel like your day has been too stressful, you can request a Headspace subscription, or chill in our dog-friendly office surrounded by furry colleagues who boost your mood. To combat burnout we also have milestone holidays — once you reach 2,5 years at the company, you get an extra 10 paid holiday days to make sure you have time to fully relax.

Want to be part of our company?

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