Top 11 Product Design Companies to Work With In 2024

In the dynamic landscape of product development, securing the right expertise is crucial for success. With over a decade of experience as a leading product design company, we've collected a list of the top product design companies that are worth looking at in 2024.

While the trend leans towards in-house UX design teams, businesses still find value in engaging top product design companies. Our selection showcases top-tier agencies, each accompanied by brief descriptions, to help you decide.

Without further ado, let’s look at the list of top 10 product designing companies to work with in 2024, based on our judgment. 

Top 11 product design companies

1 – UX studio

Award-winning European product design company working with companies all over the world. 

A picture of the home page of UX studio, which is an award-winning product design agency.

UX studio is one of the fastest-growing product design companies in the world. Besides, we’re honored to be among the top B2B business services providers according to the Clutch Global award 2021.

In the past 10 years, we’ve grown to a team of 60 product design professionals who work with international partners to design outstanding digital products, innovate business structures, and identify the next design priorities.

With expertise in product management, strategic thinking, and agile transformation, we strive to be more than a design agency. We strive to dedicate the most suitable design and research experts to work alongside our partners as a true extension of their in-house team.

If you’re looking for a product design agency, contact UX studio. We’re ready to help you with any design and research challenges.

UX studio is amon the top product design companies in 2023.
Contact our team and let’s discuss any product design and research challenges you might have.

Our beloved partners are growing startups and established brands like HBO, Google, Netflix, the United Nations World Food ProgrammeOur UX experts have closely worked with the HBO product team to redesign the HBO-Go platform for web, mobile, and smart TV.

If you’re looking for the right product design agency, we’d be happy to help. Please, send us your details and get a quote. We’ll be in touch with you in a couple of hours on weekdays to discuss your challenges further, and to come up with a custom solution for you.

2 – Aras™ Digital Products

Croatia-based product design company that creates user-first apps, websites, and other digital products.

logo of aras digital products, a Zagreb-based product design company.

Aras was founded in 2018, and since then they grew into a compact company creating end-to-end digital products for clients like McKinsey,, or Foodtrux. The product design firm is an expert in building and developing mobile apps for both iOs and Android, websites, and other digital products.

They love taking on new challenges and are known for giving their best to projects that come with a vision. They have experience in different industries and can work on various types of projects.

Over the years, they’ve perfected their processes and can offer numerous solutions besides delivering pixel-perfect designs. They can cover the whole discovery and research phase with services like usability and market research, stakeholder interviews, and data analysis. Not surprisingly, the product design agency delivers user-tested product design, and along the way wireframes, information architecture, and design systems.

When Aras finishes the design phase, as an end-to-end product design firm, they also develop their finished work. Their expertise is demonstrated in several fields, like WordPress theme development, responsive web design services, or developing full custom applications and plugins. If a website needs multilanguage, SEO improvements, or anything else, they can help with that as well.

3 – Wandr Studio

A young product strategy and design company headquartered in Los Angeles, USA.

Header of Wandr, a product design company.

The founder, Jinny Oh, is also a SaaS UX Expert with over 10 years of business and marketing experience. 

Founded in 2016, the product design company in the USA employs a small team of 23 product design professionals from all over the world to work together and build digital products

As a fun fact, the company claims its employees speak 20 different languages.

Even though the company is relatively new on the market, it has already worked with notable clients such as the World Wide Fund for Nature, Samsung, or Adobe. According to the company’s profile on Clutch, 60% of Wonder’s clients come from big enterprises in the transportation, fintech, and information technology industries. 

Its services portfolio is quite wide with a focus on UX design, research, and brand development. 

Have a powerful and user-friendly digital product.

4 – Beyond

A product design company honored at the San Francisco Design Week 2020. 

Works and slogan of Beyond, the digital product design company.

Founded in 2010 as a team of creative designers, engineers, and exceptional strategists who strive to help clients become better versions of themselves.

Beyond is a prominent design and technology agency that has partnered with quite known companies, like Facebook, Google, and Mailchimp.

The company helps businesses critically evaluate interaction with users, plan, design, and build digital products from scratch.

As a competitive advantage, Beyond seeks to maintain a close collaboration with clients to help their businesses overcome challenges and build and release digital products on the market

Beyond has worked with enterprises and middle-sized companies from the media and IT industries. Their key clients include GoDaddy, Pfizer, Boots, and Delve.

5 – Think

Think Company is a privately held USA product design firm established in 2007 in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Think is a product design company, delivering world class digital experiences for every user.

Carl White and Brian McIntire established Think Company in 2007. They were determined to establish an industry-leading UX design firm committed to using data-driven iterative processes. In 2017, they changed from the Think Brownstone brand to the Think Company brand, marking the beginning of a new decade of amazing work.

Think helps businesses create great products, websites, services, and experiences for their customers and employees. The digital product design agency offers a wide range of services from digital strategy, user testing, research, and consulting to product design, software, and CRM development

These days, the company employs over 105 people across three offices in the USA.

Think Company offers a high degree of flexibility for product team setup. Businesses with short-term projects collaborate with multidisciplinary teams within a predetermined scope of time. In case of long-term commitments, designers might spend half of the working week on-site with the clients.

Johnson and Johnson, Transamerica, Bayada Home Healthcare, and JPMorgan Chase & Co are among their well-known clients. 

UX studio helps businesses to grow

6 – Echo & Co

A product design and development company with the social mission to promote environmental well-being across the globe.

Echo and Co is a creative product design company and B Corp.

The company supports and creates equal opportunities for people of color, members of the LGBT community, and individuals with disabilities. These people work together to create digital products and services that inspire and help others succeed.

The company was founded by three enthusiasts who met at Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign in 2004. Later on, they moved to Washington, D.C., where they established the first branch of Echo & Co. By now, the company has three offices all around the USA: in Washington, D.C., Boston, and New Orleans.   

Echo & Co offers a wide range of services, such as research, branding, content writing, storytelling, product design, and development. Its most famous clients are Greenpeace, World Food Program USA, Free Press, and ecoAmerica.

According to the company portfolio, over 80% of clients constitute big organizations and enterprises, in the US alone. The team has worked with clients from various industries, such as education, media, healthcare, social justice, and environmental, to name a few.

7 – Ustwo

Internationally recognized product design, technology, and development company.

Ustwo is a product design company developing their own games as well.

Ustwo started as a small product design company in the UK founded by 2 best friends, Sinx and Mills, in 2004. Their aim was to create an environment where people could thrive and do their best work. 

It quickly grew to over 250 talented individuals working from London, Malmo, Sydney, and New York and now it’s considered to be a B Corp. The team works together to create digital products and services that make a meaningful impact on this world

Its service portfolio is diverse. The company’s vision is to create a world where digital experiences transform people’s lives. The team is skilled in product design, strategy, mobile app development, UX, web development, and wearable app development. They have experience even with the Metaverse as they collaborated with Facebook to build a flagship game, Go Go Bots.

Ustwo works with clients from different industries and sizes. Among their top clients are such industry giants as Google, Ford, Peloton, Lego, Lush.

Apart from designing digital products, the team at Ustwo creates its own games. We bet you’ve heard of Monument Valley before, that was their doing. Moreover, the company also helps creative minds build strong businesses by investing in startups.

8 – Design First

One of the pioneers in the product design industry. The company has been on the market for 26 years and has closed over 750 projects. 

Design1st offers product development services.

Founded by Kevin Bailey, a product designer, in 1996, Design First has grown into one of Canada’s biggest product design companies. 

Based in Ottawa, the company works with startups and enterprises from all over the world. They can deliver product design, engineering, development, and manufacture to the brands they work with. The most prominent clients worth mentioning are Lenovo, Ericsson, Stanley, Tablo TV, and We-Vibe.

Design First offers industrial product design and manufacturing, branding, web design, and marketing support. It employs industrial design experts, user experience professionals, and engineers to cover every step of the product design process. 

It is worth mentioning that these astonishing results have been achieved by a team of 40 talented individuals. 


A digital marketing and product design firm with headquarter in Nashville and a second office in Lviv, Ukraine.

Main page of the digital product designer firm, Upqode.

The company was established in 2016 and collaborated with over 300 clients worldwide. Its talented web designers, developers, marketers, and project managers stand behind the company’s success

The company has a strong focus on product design and development. Over 70% of its client portfolio consists of startups and small businesses, according to Clutch.

Upqode has a well-established online presence with over 100 testimonials, including such well-known companies as AmeriFreight, DOXO, Lyngva, Blockchainloop, and the Think Tank team.

Let's have a talk of your goals and challenges

10 – Fuzzy Math

A product design, strategy, and innovations company based in Chicago. 

Fuzzy math is a UX product design, strategy, and innovation company.

Founded in 2009, Fuzzy Math unites individuals who aim to create an impactful user experience. 

The company has worked on pro bono projects to help businesses in the US combat global social and environmental issues

The Fuzzy Math team strives to educate and empower the young generation through tech camps and student design apprenticeships.

A team of 15 motivated and thoughtful individuals collaborated with many startups and well-known brands. Among their top clients are Hyatt, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Allstate, and Expedia across healthcare, fintech, traveling, media, education, and telecommunication industries.

As a product design firm, Fuzzy Match offers innovation and strategy workshops, product design, user research, and UX training

Fuzzy Team is convinced that a good design is the one that makes users feel better about themselves.

11 – Grio

A product design company in California with a focus on web and mobile application development.

Grio's product design services page.

Grio is one of the top product design companies in California that aims to create superior software for its clients. 

Founded in 2008 by two dedicated software developers, Grio has grown to three offices in San Francisco, Mexico City, and Salt Lake City. A team of 50 developers, designers, and product and project managers works across five states and four different countries. 

Grio is among the top product design companies in the USA with deep technical knowledge and practical experience in Node.js, JavaScript, React, Angular, Ruby on Rails, and more. 

Since 2008, Grio has been working on custom web and mobile applications for startups and established global tech giants.

What does a product designer do?

A product designer is responsible for the user experience of the product. Apart from visual design creation, a skilled product designer can also identify the product’s performance issues such as a low conversion rate or a high bounce rate. 

However, the role of a product designer is still changing these days and differs a lot depending on the company.

In some cases, a product designer might be responsible for implementing minimal front-end coding changes. 

Some companies might use the term “UX designer” to refer to product design tasks. It is recommended to check the description of a particular company to understand how its design team divides responsibilities.

If you’re looking for a product design company, contact UX studio. We’re ready to help with any product design and research challenges you might have.

What does a product design company do?

“We want to hire a designer” — this is a common request we often hear from many companies. However, there is a misunderstanding between what is requested and what a designer can actually do. 

Startups often ask for a designer who can design and code landing pages, create banners, do A/B testing, and help with data tracking and conversion optimization. Due to the broad scope of a designer’s role, some companies assume that a designer can do and should do it all. 

However, it is a huge misconception. As a product design agency with 10 years of experience, we’d like to clarify this topic.

So, what does a product design company do? 

Note that product design agencies are sometimes referred to as industrial product design companies. It is a common misconception to think that every product design firm deals with physical product design. While some agencies specialize in product engineering and manufacturing, we refer to digital product design and development companies.

They can handle the entire product design lifecycle, from ideation, user testing, and prototyping, to UI and development.  

Product design firms usually employ UX researchers, UX designers, and front-end developers. It enables companies to cover each step of the product design process and offer a wide range of product design services.

As a thought leader in the UX industry, we have conducted a survey among company representatives (CEOs, PMs, company owners, etc.) to learn more about the impact of UX design across the product life cycle.

According to our survey, working with UX teams and product design professionals is the most beneficial in the product discovery stage and before the product launch. 

The survey findings also provide an idea of the most common request types businesses need help with. If you wonder whether a design company can help you with your specific need, here is what a product design firm can do for you:

  • User persona discovery and mapping 
  • Product idea validation through user interviews and testing
  • Usability issues discovery for an existing product
  • Prototype, design, and build an MVP (minimum viable product) with core functionalities.
  • Product features prioritization for an existing product
  • A complete website or a mobile app design
  • Product development or support depends on your in-house capacities and needs. 
  • Product design strategy mapping for an existing or a new product. 

A typical product design company offers multiple design, research, development, and product design consultancies services at each step of the product development cycle. It is convenient for clients since they can get help with a wide range of problems and outsource the most challenging tasks.

If you are looking for the right product design agency, get in touch with UX studio, and let’s discuss what our experts can do for you.

How much does it cost to work with a product design agency?

Product design pricing is a sensitive topic, and not every product design company publicly reveals its prices. However, as one of the industry leaders, we can share some insights regarding the typical prices charged by product design companies.

One of the most common pricing models is time-based pricing. Companies use it to charge clients based on the number of working hours or days. It means you are requested to pay for the time a product design team spent working on your project. 

This approach requires careful planning to estimate the project’s scope. It might happen that your project goes beyond the scope of work due to extra tasks or requested changes. 

Some product design consultancies companies might offer a fixed price for your project. In this case, you, as a client, know the budget in advance and have total control over your expenses. However, this pricing model might not always be ideal, especially if you have a big project in mind. You can rarely think upfront. We used to adjust the scope of work according to unforeseen circumstances. We used to adjust the scope of work according to unforeseen circumstances.

At UX studio, you can hire a dedicated product design team of UX designers and researchers at a reasonable price.

Product design companies pricing

Pricing can vary a lot from $50 to a few hundred dollars per hour. It depends on the company’s size (whether it is a small agency or an international enterprise), location, and brand awareness. 

Older and bigger companies can charge more, but it does not necessarily reflect the quality of work. Big enterprises might also prefer to pay more and work with older product design companies to entail lower risks and have their familiar corporate approach to work.

Location-based pricing

Pricing differs a lot based on the company’s location too. For instance, product design firms in London or New York will charge more than the same agencies in Berlin or Vienna. 

Among the top product design companies mentioned are Ustwo, UX studio, Think, and Design First. These companies are quite expensive to work with, which might be due to their location as well.

In fact, there are no free or inexpensive product design agencies if you would like to work with the experts. 

UX studio, as a boutique product design company, offers modest pricing, starting from € 500 per day depending on the requested service. We strive to maintain a high quality of work while remaining affordable for our partners. 

Make an impact on people's lives with the help of our product design company.


How to choose a top product design company

There are big players in every industry that have made their brands recognizable worldwide. In the design industry, these are multinational product designing companies. However, smaller agencies can often provide more flexibility, attention, and niche expertise to the clients.

These digital product design companies come from all over the world; they’re experts in their fields and worked with many recognizable clients.

Digital product design companies can help you create a product-market fit,  optimize your product design and development processes, and design digital experiences understandable by your users.

The internet makes it easy to find the biggest product design companies in a blink of an eye. If you google “top UX agencies,” you will see over 7 million results. However, how do you choose the right product design agency that can understand your needs and help you with your challenges?

At UX studio, we often hear that our clients can’t distinguish between different product design studios. They get in touch with a few agencies and then see who’s the best. You, too, can follow this approach. However, there is a better way to estimate product design companies’ expertise before you reach out to them. It will save you valuable time, resources, and energy. 

A top digital product design company should have:

1. Portfolio with former works and client names

Reputable product design companies should not hide their portfolio or request you to sign up first before you get it to your email address. If there is nothing to hide, it should be publicly available on the company’s website.

Before you reach out to any innovative design firms, make sure to go through their portfolio of former works. Here is what you should assess to make a decision about the company’s competency and credibility.

  • User interface design examples;
  • Former client names and links to their digital products; 
  • Collaboration  types  (product design, UX research, expert review, branding, etc.)
  • Areas of expertise and industries;
  • The business impact of product design. 

At UX studio, we list the most successful client collaborations on our case study page. We continuously create new case studies to keep our portfolio updated and display our teams’ expertise. HBO, Netflix, Google, and UN choose to work with UX studio and stand among our most notable clients. 

We don’t just hand over the design and leave our clients puzzled about what to do next. Or UX teams closely collaborate with developers, assist with product design strategies and help to define the next steps. 

The main task is not to create an appealing user interface but to help the client meet his business objectives.

2. The evidence of successful collaborations

When you assess various agencies, pay attention to how they collaborate with clients. These tiny nuances can be crucial in your decision-making. 

It is okay to check what digital product design companies do and what services they offer. However, you are most likely interested in the impact of their work. In other words, what they managed to improve and achieve as a result of collaboration.

At UX studio, we are firm believers in the business value of UX design. Our mission is to “design impactful digital user experiences that people love to use.” Everything we do, work on, and display on our website communicates the value we deliver to this world. 

One of the ways to check the impact of work is to read former client testimonials. Our partner, France’s leading travel app, Liligo shared a fabulous testimonial at the end of our collaboration:

“After UX Studio’s implementations, the booking rate for each lead increased by up to 200% in the app. They’re a collaborative and communicative team, making project management easy. They are responsive, and offer valuable ideas and suggestions.”

Testimonials help you grasp how the overall collaboration went and what has been achieved.

If a company has success stories in its portfolio, there is a high chance that it will help you achieve your goals too. 

If you’re looking for a product design partner, message us, and we’ll happily bring your ideas to life. After contacting us, we will arrange a call with you to discuss your plans and objectives in detail and define the next steps.

3. An established product design process

Solid product design agencies should have a well-defined UX design and research process. These companies won’t rush to create any prototype and user interface until they assess the current state of your product. They always listen to your problems first, ask the right questions, conduct research to define the core problems, and then offer solutions.  They design for people and with people in mind. 

Although most design firms have their own product design processes, they are flexible and can adapt to the client’s workflows. You should be able to find all related information on the companies’ websites. 

At UX studio, we first meet our clients on a call to discuss their challenges and goals. As a next step, we create a detailed plan of collaboration that covers the scope of work, timing, team composition, and cost estimates. Once we agree on the terms and conditions, our UX professionals are ready to kick off the collaboration. If you would like to learn more about how we work, our workflows, and our processes in detail, please reach out to us with any questions. 

Other helpful questions to ask when you assess your product design partner:

  • Are services displayed on the website and communicated clearly?
  • Can you see the actual design examples from former works? Are they well-designed and visually appealing? 
  • Have you already defined two to three preferred agencies that you’d like to contact? 

You are the customer. You decide whom to trust and where to invest your budget. Spend a few minutes researching your potential design partners, compile a list of two to three preferred agencies, and get in touch with them. It is an effective way to find the best product design partner.  

How to improve an existing product design

If you believe your product does not perform as it should, you have to define the problem areas first and then develop the right strategies to address those issues.

UX audit and user experience research can help you assess your current product’s performance and understand how your users interact with it. By interviewing your customers, and tracking target actions in Google Analytics and Hotjar, you’ll be able to discover users’ pain points. After this, we can define the next steps that might require a complete redesign or only minor changes.

If your teams have the right UX knowledge and experience, you can do the required changes in-house, but you can also hire innovative design firms to help you with product design. 

At UX studio, we can help you do a holistic overview of your product, the target audience, and the competitive environment. We explore the current state of your product to define the core usability issues, which, if tackled, can improve your product’s business performance.

We conduct usability testing with actual users, prioritize the next steps, and design a brand-new solution based on research findings. We would be happy to become your long-term product design partner to show the value of UX design and shape your product design strategy.

If you are looking for a product design studio, we will be happy to help. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss your current challenges and goals. 

What is the product design process?

The product design process can be different at every design company, as it varies depending on the company’s size, the scope of work, the client’s budget, and deadlines. 

As a customer product design company, we developed our own four-step remote product design process that UX studio professionals follow to design digital user experiences, discuss the progress with our clients, ideate together, and assist in making strategic decisions.

We utilize the Double Diamond product design process with four phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.

Double diamond process of designing a digital product.

We kick off the design process with the product discovery phase. Our researchers validate product ideas and conduct user interviews to make sure you invest money and energy in the right things. We embrace agile methodology by working in design sprints, but we also adapt to our client’s working styles. 

In the second phase, we continue by summarizing the research findings, prioritizing features, and defining the next steps of what should be designed and how. We create user personas and map their journeys to better understand their goals and motivations at every stage of their interaction with your product. This helps us create user-centered designs for our clients. 

Magic happens at the third stage of our product design process as our UX professionals design impactful digital products with users in mind. We dedicate the top product designers and research experts to work full-time as an extension of your product team. We meet with you every week to update you on our progress, share the design and research findings, and discuss the next steps. We always stay in touch with our clients through Jira, Zeplin, Slack, or any other collaboration tools. 

Design is never finished until someone is using it! We test solutions with actual users, define areas for improvement and iterate the product design to ensure it meets your users’ needs and your business goals.

Searching for the right product design company?

UX studio has successfully collaborated with over 250 clients worldwide. Is there anything we can do for you at this moment? Let’s get in touch and discuss your current product design challenges. 

Our experts would happily assist you with product design, SaaS website design, UX strategy, user research and testing, and expert training.

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