6 Logo Trends We Love in 2024

The digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic in recent years, has led to the creation of many unique new designs in branding. The sudden saturation in visual communication forced companies and startups to be more inventive or sometimes purposefully divergent to stand out.

While some logo trends are timeless, others change quickly. The new year will bring us a fresh start and new modern logo design trends. We wrote this article to keep you up with the latest logo design trends, to stay ahead, and to stand out from the crowd.  

A well-designed logo has the potential to lead any company to success. It is one of the essential ways to differentiate one brand from another and make them recognizable in people’s eyes.  

Without further ado, let’s dive into what are the latest 2024 logo design trends:  

  1. Dynamic Minimalism
  2. Glassmorphism
  3. Symbolic Logos & Metaphoric Storytelling
  4. Playing with Typography
  5. Geometric Shapes
  6. Gradient and Bioluminescent Color Spaces

#1. Dynamic Minimalism

As you might have read in articles from previous years, minimalism always appeared in the top logos design trends for a long period of time, and for the coming year won’t be the exception.

If we look into the 7 principles of Effective Logo Design, we can agree that minimalism represents all of them. The main characteristic of this style is reducing the logo to its necessary elements in order to make it clear and uncluttered. This type of design has a strong potential to grab your customer’s attention making your brand timeless, and it is the reason why many businesses prefer to keep their brand logos minimalistic and versatile.

Minimalism always appears in the top of logo design trends for years now.

In 2024, this type of the current logo trend will evolve into an even more attractive style: dynamic minimalism. This style will grab the attention of customers by combining simplicity with flexibility. Subtle movements and interactions will be an essential part of logos. You might see the simple, static logo of a brand at first, which, in just a blink of an eye, evolves into a more complex and dynamic version of it. Companies following this trend next year will use this style to highlight business improvements and progress.

Minimalist design plays on the way our brain already works. Instead of remembering complex pictures, our mind simplifies images to store them in our memory. Minimal logos also create a great impact on small screens and are easier to recognize. Combining these characteristics with dynamism will make a visually appealing, memorable impact. It will give customers a sense of surprise.

#2. Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is beginning to gain high popularity in the fields of design, thanks to Apple Vision Pro coming into sight. As its name suggests, assets created in this style have a transparent or translucent appearance, creating an overall glass-like effect. Combining variations of blur value, opacity, layering, or even drop shadows and borders, glassmorph designs ensure a feel of dimensionality. They are creating a sense of hierarchy and depth. Glassmorphism makes the design seem like the users see through a piece of virtual glass. It’s not trying to imitate the natural world as skeuomorphism does.

Glassmorphism will be a trendy style in 2024. Thus, it will likely be on the table as a hot logo design trend, too. These logos will give the users an engaging experience by ensuring some visual boost to the design, especially when using vivid colors as the base. The glassmorph style, presented as an addition to logos, will probably be used by many businesses.

#3. Symbolic Logos & Metaphoric Storytelling

Symbolism is a great way to tell stories with just one simple visual element. In 2024, logo designers will follow this trend to incorporate businesses’ messages. This way, customers can engage with them quickly and easily. Being founded on deep meanings, emotions, and narratives, logos in this trend create a strong connection with their target audience. This ensures they are understandable in any language and culture.  

For example, sustainability is a field in which symbolic logos will appear increasingly. Given the growing importance of environmental consciousness in the coming years, it is no surprise that we will be able to encounter more logos visualizing companies’ dedication to a greener future. Natural patterns and textures will help these logos tell their stories, applying clear and deep metaphors to communicate their sustainability message.

#4. Playing with Typography

Subtle Fonts

As minimalism will still be a thing next year, you will be able to find its characteristics in typography as well. The motto here is ‘less is more,’ as designers will often use simple yet meaningful typefaces in top logo design. Ensuring readability while communicating a timeless message makes logos designed in this trend so sophisticated.

Experimental typography

As there will be a strong trend for subtle typography, another tendency for deeper and hidden meanings will appear and play a massive role in the latest logo trends in 2024. Designers will be more and more likely to edit or manipulate fonts to create unconventional and unique typographical logos that symbolize the brand’s personality.

#5. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have victoriously made their way into modern logo design trends. As you might have guessed because of its name, the logo is designed on the basis of geometric forms, hence it’s crucial to know the symbolic significance of each one before incorporating them into your logo.

the logo is designed on the basis of geometric forms, hence it’s crucial to know the symbolic significance of each one before incorporating them into your logo.

The shapes can be triangles, rhombus, or squares along with text, lines and icons in order to create a symbol or a brand name. This type of structural design follows the same approach as the minimalism trend: avoid crowded designs by keeping just the essentials. Moreover, geometrical shapes can be merged creatively with negative space or icons to create an attractive brand symbol as Adobe has done with its logo design.

Geometrical shapes can be merged creatively with negative space or icons to create an attractive brand symbol.

As a result of this movement, logos can have more structure while maintaining a gentle and uncomplicated aesthetic. In addition, because of its simplicity, geometric shapes usually are more eye-catching.

#6. Gradient and Bioluminescent Color Spaces


radient was one of 2023’s logo trends and will remain relevant in the latest logo trends. Designers and business owners choose color gradients to make a lasting impact and engage people across different mediums. This trend is based on using sets of colors, layering methods, shades, and saturation to shape the logo. Many brands, including Tinder, Instagram, and Mozilla Firefox, are implementing gradients in their logos.

Gradient is one of the current logo trends and it will remain relevant in 2023.

Whether saturated or subtle, gradients are incredibly versatile. Depending on the application, execution, and placement, they can make your brand eye-catching without being overwhelming.

Bioluminescent Color Spaces

As you might have noticed, the new year will bring bold hues. The power and emotion of color are great tools to shape your brand identity and how your audience perceives it. In 2024, companies will start using bright, vivid, and iridescent colors to create an ethereal feel for their brands. Using a color scheme inspired by the natural world may convey that your company is dynamic, modern, and amusing – for instance, creating the impression of the rising sun.

Black and white logos will always have a place in design. Yet, in 2024, vibrant and iridescent logos will definitely stand out in the sea of app icons, making it almost impossible not to touch

Final thoughts

From minimalistic and geometric shapes to bold color palettes and gradients, there are many design opportunities to explore and play around with. You can use the logo design trends listed above as the inspiration for your next project without forgetting the principles that make a logo work.

Trends may come and go but the only thing that must be timeless is the creativity for designing a logo that is simple, memorable, adaptable, and most importantly, ideal to represent your brand and its essence.

At UX Studio, we’re always taking brand personas into consideration and ensuring that the logo reflects what a business does and resonates with its target audience. Following this seven-step recipe will definitely set you on the right path for creating an effective logo: 

  • Is your logo distinctive?
  • Is your logo visible?
  • Is your logo adaptable?
  • Is your logo memorable?
  • Is your logo universal?
  • Is your logo timeless?
  • And ultimately… Is your logo simple?

+1: If you want to dive deeper into what makes a logo, try playing around with this logo integrity experiment created by Jim Nielsen.

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