Join us as a
Finance & Administration Manager

Full-time ✦ Hybrid ✦ Tracking and Managing Revenue and Expenses ✦ Budgeting ✦ Managing Invoice Cycles ✦ Supporting Higher Management ✦ Working With Accountants
Full-time ✦ Hybrid ✦ Tracking and Managing Revenue and Expenses ✦ Budgeting ✦ Managing Invoice Cycles ✦ Supporting Higher Management ✦ Working With Accountants
Full-time ✦ Hybrid ✦ Tracking and Managing Revenue and Expenses ✦ Budgeting ✦ Managing Invoice Cycles ✦ Supporting Higher Management ✦ Working With Accountants

Why join us?

Our ever-growing 60-person design studio team has diverse expertise coming from all kinds of backgrounds. We work with international clients from all over the world, including world-famous enterprises, such as Google or Netflix, as well as exciting startups from various industries. As a Finance & Administration Manager, you will take care of our finances and support the whole company with your administrative skills.

What you bring

•  You are fluent in Hungarian and have great communication skills in English.
•  You love to keep things organized, and you pay attention to detail.
•  You have great time management skills, and the ability to prioritize tasks.
•  You are a problem solver with your can-do attitude and you can work individually.
•  You are proficient in Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.
•  You have a strong drive for personal and professional growth, particularly within the field of finance.
•  You are a dynamic individual with a strong drive and commitment to personal and professional growth, particularly within the financial field

What you’ll do

•  Keeping track of all our incomes and expenses.
•  Budgeting. 
•  Handling the invoicing cycle.
•  Preparing payroll input data. 
•  Working closely with our accountants.
•  Managing all bank transfers.
•  Reviewing and approving client contracts.
•  Sharing employee and relocation administration responsibilities with HR.
•  Keeping track of the finances and other administration of our own products: UXfolio, Copyfolio, and Archifolio.
•  Handling Google Workspace, password security tool and various software applications.
•  Supporting higher management with long-term financial plans and reports.
•  Managing ad hoc tasks, such as taking part in developing company policies and answering business-related questions to the team.

Let’s find out your salary range

0-2,5 years
net 420.000 - 575.000 HUF
3-5 years
net 635.000 - 760.000 HUF
6-10 years
net 840.000 - 1.135.000 HUF

There’s more to it...

International team
Freedom to make your own decisions
Total transparency
Relocation support
Conference support
Profit-sharing bonus
Real responsibility

Application process


We’ll ask you to answer a few questions and submit your portfolio and CV or LinkedIn profile. After evaluating your materials we’ll get in touch with feedback.

Bia will get in touch with you

“Hi, my name is Bia, and I’ll be in touch with you through the whole recruitment process. If you proceed to the next step, I’ll share some interesting and useful info about us. Good luck!”

Introductory chat

You’ll have a short informal chat with Bia, and talk about your background. She’ll tell you more about UX studio, and you’ll also have the chance to ask any questions you may have.


We’ll ask you to work on a finance challenge. You’ll have one week to work on it. This task is solely for the purpose of measuring your skillset, and we always give feedback on your work.

Final interview

We evaluate the challenges and invite the most successful applicants to a final interview, where you’ll have a chat with our Business Leader and the colleague who evaluated your challenge.

“At UX studio, there is a strong focus on being an inclusive environment, which starts with the onboarding and no one is left behind afterwards either. My personal favourite is the company retreat, where you have the opportunity to meet everyone in person and get to know each other better.”

Gábor Szabó
UI/UX Designer at UX studio

“One of the most incredible things about UX Studio is that you can feel both completely trusted and supported here. You have control over your work and your projects, and you can make your own decisions, while at the same time, there are many opportunities to ask for help and learn from others”

Fanni Zsófia Kelemen
UX Researcher at UX studio

“At UX studio, there's no hesitation to help out your peers. This is an outstanding attitude especially when it's shared by an entire team. No matter how big the struggle is, just bring the obstacle to the table and find solution with others.”

Gábor Némethi
UI/UX Designer at UX studio

“The work environment is the best I have ever been in, and I cannot highlight it enough. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive that makes you feel they as a family :)”

Agostina Marmai
UI/UX Designer at UX studio

“The community we are creating here in UX studio is what makes this place special. Despite the fact that I can work from home, most of the time I work in the office. It's a huge boost when you can communicate with this creative and talented team on the daily basis”

Danis Mustafin
UI/UX Designer at UX studio

“I love that people get REAL responsibility and autonomy in their work here. You get thrown in deep water here and it's the best way to learn fast.”

András Frank
UX Researcher at UX studio

“Everybody is super enthusiastic about what we do here and dedicated to bringing out the best in the products that we create together. I'm always looking forward to brainstorming ideas with my team members because I know that they will be as excited about them as I am”

Réka Nagy
UI/UX Designer at UX studio

“The support I know I will find from the team leaders and my colleagues is what makes me love working here the most. No matter what issue comes up, I feel safe to share my struggles and people are always willing to help”

Paola Zardo
UI/UX Designer at UX studio

“Being in UX Studio's product team is all about the freedom and ownership of your actions. As a product designer nothing is more exciting than seeing your decisions and the people your work with improve the product you've been working on.”

Benedek Göbölös
UI/UX Designer at UX studio

“I get great support from my co-workers, and we’re always looking to be better designers. At UX studio I have learned to listen to different opinions and understand that a problem does not only have one solution.”

Santiago Cajal
UI/UX Designer at UX studio

Can’t find a suitable open position?

How long does the application process usually take?

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Application timelines can vary depending on a lot of factors. Our goal is to get back to you within a week of your application to organize our introductory chat, where our HR manager will share more information about the next steps and estimated time of feedback.

My home isn’t ideal for an interview, what can I do?

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We sometimes have the same struggle, so no worries! Luckily Google Meet, the platform we use for our interviews, has built-in backgrounds or blur modes you can use if you prefer to hide your background.

Do you offer feedback on applications?

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We offer portfolio and performance evaluations if requested, and we always write personalized feedback on the work of those candidates who complete our challenge.

Does UX studio support remote work?

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Yes, you can join UX studio remotely! To become a team member from another country, you have to be within four hours of the Central European time zone and have a reliable internet connection. When we have in-person events, such as retreats, we will ask you to join us. We will organize the trip for you; your only task will be to travel here to meet your team!

Does UX studio have an office?

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We have a spacious dog-friendly office in the heart of Budapest. However, if you prefer working from home, you can do so, but we always recommend our team members to join us in the office every now and then to experience the great atmosphere we have here!

Is it possible to relocate to Hungary? Are there any relocation packages?

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Yes, relocation is possible after your three-month-long probation period. We wait until then to make sure you are 100% confident in the position before you commit to moving between countries (and sometimes continents)! Our relocation package includes administrative and legal help from a relocation professional, financial aid for flights, and help with accommodation.

Is UX studio hiring for a specific project?

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There are no designated projects at the time of the recruitment process. We have long-term collaborations and shorter projects with our clients. We only dedicate UX professionals to the projects once we are familiar with each other and know which collaboration will be the best match.

How are the salaries calculated at UX studio?

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We have an internally set salary table, which is visible to everyone. When calculating an offer we look at the candidate’s previous relevant and related work experiences, and match it to our salary table. As a Hungarian company our salaries are competitive on a Hungarian level, and we always try to increase our ranges company-wide. If you are interested in seeing Hungarian living costs, we recommend you to check out

What does the onboarding process look like?

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The first week at UX studio is a Product Design project week for everyone, regardless of your future position. This week you'll get more familiar with our processes and complete a short project while having intro sessions with many team members. This week's main purpose is to introduce you to your colleagues so you won't feel alone during your training period. From the second week onward, your position-related training begins with the guidance of your designated mentor.