UX Design Services

This is how we make your product engaging, beautiful and more useful.

Research We interview your audience and do field research

The product discovery methods will help us to find people's pains and needs. We share what we learned on workshops, where we can decide together which direction to go.

Planning the flow Based on the research we create customer journeys

We build up your user personas, discover and map your product’s full customer journey.

Prototype and test Then we create prototypes and test our ideas with real users

This way we can really get more feedback about your upcoming product’s usability.

UI design Finally, we find the perfect look for your product

After deciding about the visual details our designers create the final, pixel perfect screens.

Hire a team Choose a suitable package!

A dedicated product design team will work on your product sprint-by-sprint. You can choose from three differnt packages, according to your price and working speed preferencies.