Best UX Agencies In London to Work With In 2024

We are a UX design agency based in Europe with a decade of experience in UX design and research. We know that each agency is different and all have their unique strengths, so we decided to investigate which UX agency London based companies could partner up with.

There are a lot of factors businesses take into consideration when looking for a UX design agency to work with. One of them is location, so this time we reviewed the top companies to help you find the right UX agency in London.

Our list includes digital design agencies in London and beyond. We will summarise the following:

  • Background of the London based web design agencies, such as when they started working in the field and how their team developed.
  • Main UX design services of each digital design agency.
  • The agencies’ client portfolio: What type and size of businesses these London UX agencies usually work with.
  • Prices of UX projects based on information found on Clutch.

Our agency is honoured to be among the top UX design agencies according to Clutch Global Award, and we decided to look at this reputable database to find the best UX agencies.

After our list and summary of the top London UX agencies, we’ll look into a few important questions that may come up when a business is trying to find the right agency to work with. We’ll investigate the following questions:

  • What can UX design agencies in London do for you? 
  • How much does it cost to work with London based design agencies? 
  • How to choose the right UX design agency to work with?
  • Is it better to work with a UX agency in London rather than choosing a remote company?

We hope you will find our list and the information within useful, and it will help you find the right UX design agency to work with, let it be in London or anywhere else in the world. If you feel there are still some questions unanswered, book a free consultation with our business development team, and we’ll be in touch to help you reach your goals.

Our list to help you find the best UX agency London based companies to work with

UX studio

An international UX agency London based businesses love to partner up with

UX agency London UX studio

UX studio is a UX agency London based companies can choose to work with. We are based in the heart of Europe, with our headquarter in Budapest. Our international team of UX designers and UX researchers work with businesses from all over the world. 

We are a design agency that regurarly works with London based companies among other international businesses. To be able to collaborate effectively, we have developed a remote working process that we have been improving ever since our first international collaboration over seven years ago.

Since the company’s journey started in 2013, we have grown to a team of forty professionals. The team consists of experts in product management, strategic thinking, and agile transformation. Our goal is to dedicate the most suitable UX design and research experts to collaborate with our partners’ in-house design teams or be the sole UX guide for companies without dedicated UXers.

We can help with various services, such as full-service product design, UX research services, UX consulting, or UX training. While we always tailor our services to our clients’ needs, there are some guidelines we always follow.

UX agency London UX studio banner

Our design process

Our product design process starts with a kick-off workshop where we meet your team to discuss your business goals. While we are based in the heart of Europe, we are a UX agency London based companies can work with remotely. The kick-off workshop can also take place remotely, even though we have travelled to different locations to meet our clients in person before.

After this point, our UX experts continue the process with product discovery, where we uncover the needs and pain points of your users. Based on the findings, we start prototyping, testing, and constant design iterations based on the research findings.

This is not a linear process but a continuous collaboration with our partners with the goal of creating a user-friendly product that serves the business goal of our partner as well as the needs of their users. For this reason, we don’t design without research, and we implement iterations during the design process. Once the product is released, we help you set up measuring systems, monitor the performance of your product, and work on the next steps and new strategies together.

Our services

Apart from the full-service product design process, we can also assist our partners with dedicated UX research services, such as discovery research to validate product ideas or a UX audit to evaluate the usability of existing products. We can also become a research-only long time partner for your UX design team.

We consider ourselves thought leaders in the UX community, so we strive to share our knowledge. Our UX blog is constantly updated with articles for both UX professionals and company owners, and we hold trainings for individuals and for businesses.

We are an official Zeplin agency member and honoured to be among the top B2B service providers on the Clutch Global Award list. We work with companies of any size from many industries. We collaborated with growing startups to well-known companies such as HBO, Google, Netflix, or the United Nations World Food Programme.

UX agency London UX studio CTA

Super User Studio

London-based strategic digital product and service design consultancy with over twenty years of experience.

UX agency London Super User Studio

Super User Studio was founded in 2008 by two professionals with previous experience working in the digital field. Stu Collett, product and design strategist, has worked at many London design agencies before setting up his own UX consultancy with co-founder Odette Colyer, experience and research strategist.

The co-founders have over twenty years of experience working in the digital field, and their agency contributed to the transformation of many businesses, such as CEB, Channel 4, and Alstom.

SUS is a group of professionals specialising in product and UX strategy, digital product design, and design enablement. Mainly focusing on collaborations with large companies, they implement a balanced and iterative approach during their work and understand the unique challenges of digital transformation inside enterprises.

Super User Studio markets its services in starter service packages. The packages include short one-week sprints for defining visions and validating them with quick prototyping and longer packages for research services, branding, or design maturity audits.

Based on their Clutch profile, hourly prices start at £100, with a minimum project size of £18,000.

Studio Graphene

A strong team of inventors, experimenters, and creatives with the mission to create digital products that transform lives.

UX agency London Studio Graphene

The team of Studio Graphene set off in London, where they are still headquartered, in 2014. By today, the team of 90 creatives have studios in Delhi, Lisbon, and Geneva

Through their human-centred and agile approach, the strategists, designers, engineers. and product managers at Studio Graphene focus on and have extensive experience in two key areas of technology; mobile and web application development and IoT.

The three main services they can help their clients with are strategy, design, and development. They can help with defining digital product strategy through a research-driven approach, working on human-centred UX and UI design, and use their technical knowledge to bring products to life with impactful solutions.

The team at Studio Graphene doesn’t focus on one particular client profile, they collaborate with small businesses, enterprises and everything in between.

Their prices, according to Clutch, start from £35 an hour, with a minimum project size of £7,000.

Plug & Play 

A team of designers, marketers, and developers working with entrepreneurs, teams and, businesses to improve user interfaces and digital products.

UX agency London Plug and Play

Founded in 2006, Plug & Play is a UX agency based in London and Surrey. The team has in-depth experience in redesigning web applications and mobile apps by combining good technology with creative design. Their services include UX and UI design, front-end development, as well as custom software development.

The Plug & Play team also implements their expertise in digital and creative marketing, in order to improve their clients’ lead generation, reduce customer acquisition cost, and increase lifetime customer value.

The team of creative web designers, programmers, digital marketers, and usability experts work closely with the teams of their clients to ensure they follow the right creative and technical direction. 

Since starting their business, they have worked with clients from a variety of industries and developed particular strength in B2B software, CRM and ERP interfaces, fintech, healthcare, and eCommerce. The client portfolio includes mainly small and mid-size businesses with some notable enterprises.

Prices at Plug & Play start from £35 an hour, with a minimum project size of £3,500, according to Clutch.


A team of ridiculously talented designers and developers helping businesses bring innovative digital products to the market. 

UX agency London Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a UX and UI agency founded in London in 2008, by two friends, Tom Johnson and Dan Gent. The journey started with a small task they did together, which grew into assembling a team of extremely talented professionals.

The international team consists of digital designers and strategists with decades of experience in the digital field. While creating amazing UX and UI design, illustration, and branding, the Lighthouse team always considers accessibility and feasibility; clients can be sure that they never receive design from the team that is not possible to develop properly.

The company partners with teams of aspiring startups and founded enterprises for two main services. Their ‘Product Makeover’ service is aimed at already existing products that need fresh ideas from a professional UX team. The ‘Idea to Launch’ service starts from product discovery and validation and continues through all steps of the product design process, all the way to launch. 

Businesses looking to partner with Lighthouse should start budgeting for a minimum project size of £7,000 and an hourly fee starting from £70, based on information on Clutch.


A team of designers focusing on user-friendly applications that provide unique and distinguished experiences.

UX agency London Lemonat

Lemonat is a UX and UI design agency established in 2012. They offer experience and interface design services for both web and mobile. Today, they have offices in London and Istambul.

The team’s key to success is creating a strong strategy as a starting point, to have a foundation for a design that is creative and has the latest technology in mind.

The team at Lemonat has three main stages of their services: Focus, create, and iterate. Services types of the first group include audit, market research and competitor analysis, user research, as well as problem definition and strategising. These are needed to have the best understanding of project needs.

The creation stage is all about using the previously gained knowledge to create user flows, wireframes, mockup designs, and prototypes. The team is also ready to bring the design to life by their front-end and back-end professionals.

Design never ends, and the Lemonat team doesn’t think otherwise. As the last step the keep an eye on the design in order to be able to keep improving it through iterations.

Since their start, they have been working with clients from all over the world. They mainly collaborate with mid-sized companies, but there are also startups and enterprises in their portfolio. Industries Lemonat has been focusing on are telecom, retail, fashion, and finance.

Based on their Clutch profile, hourly prices start at £35, with a minimum project size of £7,000.


An independent digital agency bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

UX agency London Clock

With headquarters just outside London, in Kings Langley, Clock is a digital design and development agency established over two decades ago. The team’s goal is to design high quality, highly performant, and user-centric products that make a difference.

The team of twenty-five specialists is made up of UX and UI designers and front-end and back-end developers. Their knowledge and professionalism makes Clock one of the UK’s leading Node.js and React agencies.

This independent digital agency is always focusing on the users and their attention — growth can’t be achieved without giving the users the digital experience they expect.

The company’s portfolio mainly includes mid-sized companies, with a few startups and enterprises. They design and develop a wide variety of digital products, from web and mobile apps to loyalty platforms. Their designs have helped clients with customer retention, workflow optimisation, or content management.

Prices at Clock start from £70 an hour, with a minimum project size of £18,000, according to Clutch.

UX agency London UX studio CTA

What can UX design agencies in London do for you? 

Our list consists of our favourite UX agencies in London and beyond, with their expertise and experience. The collection is not based on one particular type of service; these agencies have a broad range of specialities and services.

Some of these London web design agencies have a specific focus or work exclusively in particular industries, while others work with a bigger variety of companies from various industries.

Specialised UX design agencies in London and beyond have more experience in specific services. These can be UX design and research, UX consulting, or UX audit. If you are looking for help for specific areas, it is best to look for a specialised agency, or an agency with specialised branches.

UX studio’s main focus is UX design and research, and everything connected to the field. We are a group of UX experts because we want to focus on what we are best at. We are ready to collaborate with you on your new idea, bringing it to life through product idea validation and prototyping, and working on final designs. All of our steps are validated by our UX research professionals, making sure every decision is backed up with variousy types of tests.

We are also ready to help with other UX projects, such as UX audits, UX research extension to your team, or UX training for organisations. If you’d like to learn more about our services, or if you have a specific idea in mind you’d like to turn into reality, get in touch with our expert business development team. We will guide you through our services and help you find the one that fits your business goals the best.

How much does it cost to work with London based design agencies? 

The price of collaborating with a UX agency London companies usually work with can depend on many factors. As with most custom design services, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. 

The minimum project and hourly prices can vary from agency to agency, but other factors can impact the price of a project as well.

In our list, the minimum project sizes are between £3,500 and £18,000, but it is important to point out that a minimum project can be a short audit or a design fix and doesn’t always mean the whole process of designing a whole website or application from start to finish. 

Some other factors to consider are:

You can choose between a fully custom website or application, but in some special cases, some agencies can be working with templates, especially in the case of designing ecommerce websites. Naturally, the difference between the prices of these two solutions can be enormous due to the workload and time needed for them to execute.

The more complicated and unique functionality you want the more you should budget for the project. This affects design due to the more complex design and research processes and elongated project time due to the well-needed iterations. I can also affect the price of development if you choose a third-party development agency for that task.

Team size and project length

At UX studio the minimum team size is one full-time UX designer and one half-time UX researcher. This is because we believe that design can’t exist without research. Obviously, a one and a half person team’s daily costs are lower than the daily costs of a larger team, but the workload can be better divided between more people. It is always best to have an in-depth evaluation of your needs and create a road map with the team size a project length that will serve your business goals the best. Our business development team is ready to do exactly that for you, so get in touch with us and we’ll jump right in a call to discuss your goals.

Is it better to work with a UX agency in London rather than choosing a remote company?

In this article, we collected our favorite web design agencies London-based companies can work with, most of which are located in the city. London is among the most expensive cities in the world, the basic cost of living for an individual is around £2,200 per month, according to Numbeo. 

You may wonder what the cost of living has to do with choosing the right UX agency in London. The higher the cost of living in a city or in a country, the higher the costs of an agency, which will inevitably reflect on the fees of the company.

If you partner with a web design agency in London, the price you’ll pay will not only include the fees of the amazing UX professionals, but also the associated taxes, office rent, and other administrative expenses.

Many established companies prefer local partners and can afford the expenses of working with UX agencies in London. However, you shouldn’t forget to consider the benefits of remote collaborations, such as

  • A wider pool of UX agencies
  • Different perspectives, fresh ideas
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Cultural diversity 
  • Long-term collaboration

You should still note that the price of a service does not always reflect the quality you receive. A reputable UX agency in London, associated with only the biggest enterprises will naturally cost more than a similarly talented team of a smaller agency based outside London. If you’re looking for a UK web design agency outside of Manchester, we’ve compiled a list of all the top ones in our other article.

Not limiting your options to your location and outsourcing the task to a remote location can help with reducing costs without compromising the value you receiveIf you are looking for a design agency that can offer you these, get in touch with us, so we can share our remote collaboration principles with you. We are ready to discuss your challenges and help you bring your business to the next level.

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