UI/UX Design Book

A comprehensive guide on designing digital products people will love. 199 pages, filled with real-life examples and illustrations.

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Product Discovery

How do you find out what people’s pains and needs are? The Product Design book will show you how to discover product ideas which are in demand. Interviewing, jobs-to-be-done, online research, experience sampling and a lot more.

Getting to Know the User

How to find out more about your users? How can you identify their personal motivations and habits? And how do you share these insights with the rest of your team?

Screen Design

What do people most expect to see on a screen? What should be your main focus when designing for a mobile a platform? What should be emphasized, and what should rather be hidden?

Experience Design

Design user flows by discovering how people use an interface: what is emotional design? How does the use of an application become a daily habit? Learn more about onboarding, and how you can make your users understand your product more easily.

UX Research

What are the best ways to observe human behaviour? What are the 9 most important research methods? Product Design will tell you all you need to know about usability tests, interviews, field research, analytics, A/B testing and more, all with real-life examples and case studies.

Agile & Lean design

How should you manage design tasks? How can you achieve better business results in a shorter time? How can design contribute to the work of an agile software development team?