Be a UX Researcher at UX studio

We are UX studio, a 20-person design studio focusing on digital products (mainly mobile and web apps). We work for international brands from Berlin, London, San Francisco and Budapest. We have a super-talented, young designer team, and we need a UX Researcher who helps designers build usable products by testing with real humans.

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What do we do?

We design modern, digital products for everyday users. We want to make their life easier and more fun.

A few things we designed in the recent years:

  • Self-driving car’s user interface
  • HBO’s video streaming apps
  • Dashboard to monitor IoT gadgets
  • T-shirt webshop based on gamification
  • Applications to control your smart home
  • Apps for travelers


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Your job as a UX Researcher

This position is for you if you want to help our designers to design products which not only looks fancy but is also usable and easily accessible in the hands of real people.

Your tasks will be related to researching web and mobile applications: usability tests, interviews, field studies, analyze statistics, etc. You are the ideal candidate if you want to understand how people interact with their machines, you are able to make objective observations and you can fiercely represent the findings to others in the project. Most of the time you are going to work with semi-finished softwares (prototypes) and lots of people so you should be able to handle the computer confidently and solve any problem that comes up in the way.

Fluent English is a must and a psychology degree is an advantage.

You are the ideal candidate for this position, if…

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The benefits of working with us

  • Great atmosphere, determined, young team
  • High level professional environment, many opportunities to learn, exciting projects
  • Real responsibility, chance to try many things
  • Flexible working hours (no one cares when you come and go), our office is on Dohány street in Budapest’s city center.
  • You can go on a summer vacation, even if your probation period is in summer time
  • Regular team building events with diverse activities. Common breakfast with the team every Friday.
  • Half-yearly we take a weekend-long trip when we have fun together and make decisions together about the studio’s strategy for the next months
  • Total transparency inside our team: everybody sees and knows everything including our finances and contracts
  • We are an employee-owned company, after a while you will get shares and become the owner of the company
  • Your job is not your only task, you can help us to build  one of Europe’s best UX design teams

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How to apply?

The application process starts with filling the online application form. If you apply you will get access to our Researcher Challenge. This is an online test assignment you have to solve during the next 7 days. We will give everyone valuable feedback after the online challenge, so it will be a useful experience, even if we don’t select you. After the online challenge we will invite the best candidates to an interview in our office.

There is no UX researcher position available at the moment but we are planning on hiring new people in the next three months.

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