ux designer for hire

So the thing is that we have some newly opened designer jobs here. And I’m totally sorry to say this, but we won’t hire you. Here is why.

1. Because you only want to create well illustrated weather apps. We usually work on complex applications for very different users. We help people to solve difficult problems in an easy way. So you have to understand complex structures and do the hard work of making them simple.


2. You don’t care about usability, you just want to create mesmerising, yet useless tiny interface details for your Dribbble account. We are working on real projects. You know, like for real people. And they will use the app, not just admire it.


3. You always have a strong feeling, that you know your users. We don’t know them. But we observe them and try to fully understand them. We do continuous research and we use the results when we design.


4. Besides, you are certain, that your interfaces are perfectly user friendly. At first try, we can’t create perfect products. No one can. But with the help of user testing, and constant design iterations we can eliminate almost every occurring usability problem.


5. Because you hate responsibilities, and you desperately crave a boss, who can tell you what to do, and makes decisions instead of you. We are working in small teams and we make our work choices on our own.


6. Furthermore, you want to have a lot of managers around you as well, who can communicate with the clients instead of you. We are taking care of our clients’ needs by our own.


7. Because you don’t care about what your company spend its money on. We have completely transparent finances.


8. Because you always use ‘Lorem Ipsum’ on interfaces. We think, copy is part of the design. We write our text on our own.


9. And finally, because you think you’re good enough and you don’t want to learn new things. We constantly broaden our skillset, we have an education event every second week. We want to be the best UX  and UI design team in Europe.


So, that’s why we won’t hire you. Or do you have any objections? Is there a chance that we were wrong about you? In this case, please accept our sincere apologies and apply for our newly opened designer positions here.

Need a UX designer for hire?

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