Product Design Course

Learn UX design and research basics in 5 days.
No prior design experience is required.

The course is postponed due to coronavirus outbreak.

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UX course details

Learn customer-centric product design and UX methods in an intensive 5-day UX course. Find out how to do user testing and why it is needed, create your first app prototype and test it with the actual users. We will show and teach you our UX design processes so you will be able to successfully apply it on your own. Mentors and speakers are professional designers and researchers from UX studio.

About the course

  • 5-day intensive UX training
  • Facilitated by our UX designers and researchers
  • Lectures and workshops
  • The course will be entirely in English

This is for you if

  • You always wanted to know how UX experts work
  • You would like to start your career in the UX field
  • You want to launch your own product

No need for

  • Prior design skills
  • Development skills
  • Knowledge of design tools

The following topics will be covered

Product discovery

You’ll learn how to systematically collect information about your users and apply this knowledge throughout the design process. UX research methods to be covered:

  • User interviewing
  • Jobs to be done vs Personas
  • Assumptions matrix
  • Workshops: You’ll have a chance to interview real users, identify user personas and create your product’s concept!
User journey

Product design doesn’t mean designing beautiful screens. UX practitioners understand and design complete user experiences. Techniques to learn:

  • User flows
  • Journey mapping
  • Sketching techniques
  • Workshop: User journey and sketching of your own project
Wireframe, Prototyping

We demonstrate how and when to communicate your ideas and test them via prototypes. During this course session you will learn the following:

  • Paper-based, low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes
  • Wireframing how-to and different scenarios
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Copywriting, microcopy
  • Workshops: Wireframe preparation for the project tasks
UX Research

Proper UX research lays the foundation of a viable design. We’ll introduce you to observation-based methodologies which can help you gather real user feedback. We’ll also help you find out which research methods fit your specific question best.The agenda of this course topic:

  • Introduction and comparison of UX research methods
  • In-person and remote testing methods and tricks
  • Building up scenarios and tasks, guerilla user testing
  • Analysis and reporting of user insights to inform design iteration
  • Workshops: Script writing and conduction of usability tests
Agile design

How does all this fit together and within the development context? What flows and features should you build first? We’ll look at some project examples and share our experience on what a UX-er needs to do in an agile environment.

  • Overview of agile methodologies
  • UX strategy and prioritisation techniques
  • Iterations, long- and short-cycle projects
Own project creation

You’ll spend the whole day testing your product with actual users, not your teammates. During the project work, you’ll experience what it means to build and iterate a product based on real user feedback.

  • One full day just to practice UX research
  • Test ready screens with users
  • Iterate on the wireframe (modifications based on the test)

Course timetable

Course dates:

2020.06.15. - 2020.06.19.

Application deadline:

Day schedule:

Sessions start at 10 am and finish at 5 pm.

Lunch break one hour.


UX studio HQ
1066 Budapest, Mozsár utca 16.


250.000 Ft + ÁFA / 770 EUR + VAT

Accepted payment methods:

  • PayPal or online card payment
  • Bank transfer


What knowledge will I have after completing the course?


By the end of the course you will be able to design your own digital product! We will teach you the whole design process. The aim of the ux training is to provide participants with a solid and comprehensive product design foundation.

Will I get any certificate after the course?


After the course completion you will receive a certificate from UX studio. Besides, you will be able to add course completion certificate to your Linkedin profile.

How can I pay? And when is the payment deadline?


You can select the preferred payment method during your application process. You can pay for the course immediately by PayPal (credit card or Paypal account), or with the help of a bank transfer (takes 10 days). We do not accept payments in installments.

Can I pay after the application deadline?


Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept more applicants after the application deadline. In this case, we recommend you to sign up for our newsletters to get the updates regarding the next course dates.

What if I have already paid, but I would like to cancel my application and get a refund?


If you change your mind about the course after the payment, please send your cancellation in writing (by email or post).
If you cancel more than 20 calendar days in advance of the course, we'll refund the full amount.
In case of cancellations made within 10 – 19 calendar days of the course's start date, you'll receive a 50% refund.
If you cancel within 9 calendar days of the starting date, we will not be able to offer any type of refund.

I'm working full-time so I cannot attend training on weekdays. Do you have any alternative solutions?


If you speak Hungarian, we can offer a course in Hungarian which is held after business hours and organised twice a year. Find more details here.

How is my personal data stored?


Your personal data is stored according to the data protection and privacy regulations in the European Union. The data will be used for various activities required by the Product Design Course and will not be shared with any third party. Your personal information will be deleted from our system after 1 year. You can request the data deletion any time after the Product Design Course completion.


Pablo Laboreo - UX Researcher Pablo Laboreo - UX Researcher

Pablo Laboreo

UX Researcher

Simon Klaudia - UX/UI Designer Simon Klaudia - UX/UI Designer

Simon Klaudia

UX/UI Designer


Éva Barta - UX/UI Designer Éva Barta - UX/UI Designer

Éva Barta

UX/UI Designer

Hossein Razbari - UX Researcher Hossein Razbari - UX Researcher

Hossein Raspberry

UX Researcher

Laura Sima - UX Researcher Laura Sima - UX Researcher

Laura Sima

UX Researcher

Andrea Fábián - UX/UI Designer Andrea Fábián - UX/UI Designer

Andrea Fábián

UX/UI Designer

Impressions from the course

  • Edmond Jreige

    Business development manager at UX studio

    I enjoyed working in small groups, learning by doing, afterwork party. I really liked the content and the fact that different people from the studio were coming to explain some topics. Great working atmosphere in the studio, team breakfast on Friday. The feedback we have got from UX researcher Dan was really interesting as he gave us some insights how ux design is part of a whole business strategy.

  • Jeff Gage

    UI/UX Designer, eDOT Germany

    The most valuable part of the course was hearing all the answers to my questions which are always popping during the research phase of the new/existing product. Mentors were very helpful! I enjoyed usability testing with real users and getting feedback from UX Studio experts. The course helped to see a bigger picture.

  • Simon Tratnik

    Digital Product Designer, Styliff Tech

    I liked actual interviews with users and the team work. All the presentations were great, also you indeed stick to the timeschedule. The atmosphere was really friendly and informal, the lunches together were a good way to set up the mood.

  • Áron Fridvalszky

    UX/UI Designer, Skillio

    I found very useful the topic about how to go from the interviews to building personas and user journeys. The pre-course readings and tasks were a good idea! it helped me a lot to get on track. The constant feedback and staying in touch is awesome!

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