Jobs at UX studio

Junior Online Marketing Manager

Help us grow. Your job will be to take part in our online marketing operations on many different levels from content creation to campaign management. We will teach you how to run our SEO, content marketing and paid advertising projects, and we will also try out new marketing methods together. Our main goal is to showcase UX studio’s work and expertise to many people in the tech industry, so they will know about us, when they want to hire a UX design team. You need exceptional English skills, and very good writing skills for this position.

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Business Development Manager

This position is for you if you want to show our future clients how we work and also spread our innovative design methodologies around the world. Your tasks will include meeting with our clients, negotiating prices, preparing contracts, and planning our strategy for the foreign market. You will work closely with our CEO and Studio Leader who will teach you a lot about sales and UX design. You are the ideal candidate if you like to engage with a diverse set of people, it’s easy for you to talk to strangers and you can easily make new friends. It’s also important to be and look reliable. React really fast to everything. You should also be able to manage multiple small ongoing issues in parallel. Fluent English is a must. We are looking for a colleague who already worked in the digital field (IT or media) and has some sales or account experience.

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UX/UI Designer

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic designer who would help us build our own digital products. This position is for you if you want to make decisions all throughout a project: from paper sketches through pixel perfect detailed UIs with wireframing and prototyping. You’d like to get to know the people who’ll use the product, design the flows they will be going through, set up the whole structure and then finalize the whole product with a stunning UI. Being a pro Photoshop or Sketch user, having great skills in some kind of prototyping application and fluency in English is a must. You are the perfect candidate if you’ve already worked on some mobile or web applications, know the current design trends and restrictions of these platforms. You are willing to learn a lot, deepen your knowledge in the UX and usability field and adjust your own design workflow according to these principles. You can expect exciting projects, flexible schedule, fun work environment with a great company culture and the fluffiest office dogs.

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Front-End developer

As a front-end developer your job is to work on our own products and make sure our users will have a great experience. You should be very good in HTML5 and CSS3 and be able to build responsive web interfaces that work well in different browsers. You should also be familiar at least with one CSS framework and you should have experience with React or Angular. It’s not mandatory but it’s a plus if you are familiar with Webpack, Redux, Jenkins, Npm and Git. Oh, and also the basics of Sketch because our designers are working in it. In our team you can work on new products from the first line of code. You don’t have to deal with legacy software and hunt bugs in other’s code. We give you the freedom to choose the framework and technology stack you like. You can work with the best designers in town on beautifully designed products that have been tested with real users before you start building them. In your free time you can challenge your colleagues in some Xbox games.

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Mobile Developer

As a mobile dev your job is to build our iOS or Android products. You should be good in one platform and willing to learn the other one. In our team you can work on new products from the first line of code, you don’t have to deal with legacy software and hunt bugs in other’s code. We give you the freedom to choose the technology stack you use, whichever programming language, operating system, platform, framework, etc you want. You can work with the best designers in town, on beautifully designed products, that have been tested with real users before you start building them. And yes, free beer, snacks and fruits in the office. Oh, and we have X-Box and csocsó (table-football) too. 🙂

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UX Researcher

This position is for you if you want to help our designers to design products which not only looks fancy but is also usable and easily accessible in the hands of real people. Your tasks will be related to researching the web and mobile applications: usability tests, interviews, field studies, analyze statistics, etc. You are the ideal candidate if you want to understand how people interact with their machines, you are able to make objective observations and you can fiercely represent the findings to others in the project. Most of the time you are going to work with semi-finished softwares (prototypes) and lots of people so you should be able to handle the computer confidently and solve any problem that comes up in the way. Fluent English is a must and a psychology degree is an advantage.

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Financial Assistant

Help us managing our finances and administration. Your job will be to keep track of all our incomes and expenditures, do invoicing, reporting and managing cash-flow. You will communicate a lot with our CEO, the team members and our lawyers and accountants. You will support the team with doing the necessary paperwork. You need to speak English as we are an international team with foreign members and clients. You will love this job if you like to keep things organized and you can solve problems individually.

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