The Design Leadership Program

Today we start something new. 🚀

During the last 5 years we have built up a UX company of 35. We work for small startups and large corporations, in many industries and many locations from San Francisco to London, Berlin, Dubai and Shanghai. We are also working on our own product, which seems to be a hit.

We learned a lot about how to build a design team, and how these teams operate in many different organisations.

Now, we are ready to pass it on.

Our key players at UX studio will mentor a few selected design and product team leaders to help them:

  • build up their own design teams
  • build a design culture in their organisations
  • create the right environment, processes and habits in their teams to ensure they can build great products

We can’t wait to meet exciting new people and help them to build great design organisations.

This program is for people in leadership roles, who are running product or design teams in their company.

How will the Design Leadership Program work?

This program isn’t about a UX consultant or organizational development expert coming in and out of your office building once in a while.

The length of the program is 4 months. This is the necessary time we need to implement meaningful changes in your organisation.

We will assign a mentor for you, who will work with you during the program. The core partners of UX studio will be the mentors.

First, your mentor will visit you on your site, and spend a few days with you, watching how you and your team work. You will also have some one-on-one discussions together about your business and your challenges.

During the Design Leadership Program your design consultant/mentor will help you to find the areas where you can improve the design culture of your company and the way your team works.  We will bring you ideas and tell you stories about how other teams tackle similar challenges. We will talk a lot about what to change and how.

After the initial visit we will have a call once a week to discuss the issues and progress. These are one-on-one mentoring sessions, when we focus exclusively on your challenges. We will also be available between the calls if somethings comes up.

How to apply?

On LinkedIn there was a huge interest for this program, with tens of thousands of people reading my announcement and more than 50 applying in comments and messages.

Although we do this program to give back to the product and design community, it is simply too much work to do it for free. We asked the first applicants how much they would pay for it, and based on the average of their answers

The price of the program is €9800.

Please note that we won’t be able to work with everyone. We will select the people who we can help the most. We will answer to everyone though, but please be patient.

If you would like to join the Design Leadership Program, please apply now with filling the form on the link below:

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Dávid Pásztor

Founder and CEO of UX studio. Author of the book Product Design, TEDx speaker, one of Forbes 30 under 30. Enthusiastic about self-managing teams, new technologies and human-centered design.