How will chatbots solve day-to-day problems in Africa?

In the Western world everyone is talking about (and via) messaging apps and chatbots. They are going big all around the globe and Africa is not an exception: 78% of Kenyan smartphone users said that they use their devices for chatting and social networking.

The question is given: why don’t we utilize the technological improvements to make these already existing solutions better, smarter and more efficient. We at UXstudio started thinking about how a chatbot could help with those day-to-day tasks.

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How to get positive app reviews without using an Indian click farm

So you released a killer update for your app, but you can’t see the download numbers growing. Guess what, your old 1 star reviews will stay with you forever. You can be like Jared from HBO’s Silicon Valley and pay a bunch of money to an Indian click farm to get some positive app reviews. Or you can follow these 5 practical steps to make your users want to rate your app. (Quick tip: don’t be like Jared, use our tips instead.)positive app reviews in Silicon Walley Read More »