Field Research: Not a Case Study

I’ll be honest, this started as a standard post about methods and case studies, but it turned out differently. If you came for a huge case study, you are in the wrong place, but I still hope you find something interesting here. These are just bits and pieces, little personal stories about how I got into field research. 

field research

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Harness the Power of Magic Moments in Your Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping needs to be more than just an eyecandy in your product design process. These journeys are ideal when you have to think about complex issues. The output, the infographics are always something to gloat with in front of your colleagues and clients. But sometimes – just sometimes – it’s a little bit overwhelming and not actionable enough. Let’s take a tiny example: I have 8×8 brackets in my journey. What should I do? I can’t take all of these into consideration! Touchpoints are a great place to start but you can also boost these taking newer research into consideration.


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The shocking truth comes from boring processes

1Will your users love you right from the beginning? You have to test your interfaces to get the answer for that question. Our design at UX studio is heavily based on research, so we need a ton of test participants to do user testing. Sometimes there are no specific requirements for the participants. In other cases the project needs special prerequisites even for basic user testing. For example it’s hard to test a site for avid video game players without actual gamer experience. All in all you need a system to make sure that you get users for your test and you get the right ones.

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