Multivariate Testing vs A/B Testing: Which Works Better?

Deciding between multivariate testing vs A/B testing without knowing their advantages and limitations can pose extreme challenges.

When optimizing a website’s conversion rate, A/B testing usually comes up first. Create two versions and see which performs better. Sometimes testing more alternatives proves necessary, for which multivariate testing performs well as a method.

So which to choose, multivariate testing or A/B testing? How do they differ? When does one work better? The following case studies will describe the test methods and compare them to answer these questions.

multivariate testing vs a/b testing

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We found 10 reasons why users are frustrated during booking flight tickets

Lots of people loves travelling around the world and nowadays we have great opportunities to visit beautiful places. We can choose from many airlines if we want to get somewhere comfortably. Passengers decide based on price, travel time, destination and unique personal preferences. But there is a step that no one can avoid: you have to book a flight ticket. It is a process that should be easy to go through, because if users get frustrated they might choose an alternative service. Read More »

The Look & Feel Design: Giving Character to the Application

During creating a look&feel design, we display a visual representation of the mood of the interface before actually working out the details. This is part of the design process, based on exploration and discovery. We have to look around, searching for good examples, and we also have to try a number of alternatives; of course, talking about our ideas and their plausibility is also a key part of the process. It requires many steps and attempts to finally outline the real character of an application.
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