Release Notes and Four Great Ways to Communicate Product Updates

We get used to home and neighbourhood just like products we use every day. Sensing a sudden change in the environment frightens us.

Constant updates inconvenience us and mandate relearning.

How could anyone motivate us to update something unknown in our well-inhabited app?

This article covers how to communicate product updates and release notes in an app and the importance of articulating them. 

release notes_product updates

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Product Psychology: How Users Process Rewards

Every product uses rewards, even if they are not designed for conscious use.

Rewards provide users positive feedback. These small points of happiness encourage people to step forward. If used properly, rewards can boost engagement and create a better product experience.

When misused, they can cause addiction and nervousness, which is why all product people should know how they work. Science has recently made new discoveries how the brain processes rewards.

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