How might bad UX design might kill you in the future?

bad ux design

For most of us, a bad user experience means only a bit of frustration or a waste of time. But in some cases, bad UX design can severely harm or even kill people. As we allow technology to infiltrate every field of our lives, bad UX design could become even more dangerous in the future. We don’t have to look that far into the future to find some dangerous UX mistakes…

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Slackbots: Are They Answering All Your Questions or Distracting You from Work?


Since Slack started four years ago, it has quickly become the coolest and dearest workplace communication tool on the market. Somehow, their totally new tone and user experience just struck a chord with users, and the app has taken off like wildfire. In the last couple years, Slack has become much more than a communication tool, in large part because of its Slackbots. Are they really good for us?

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Text-free interfaces – Can you understand them? Take the quiz!

text free interface

Approximately 60% of the world’s population can’t read this article. Why? Mainly, because they are too young to read or they don’t understand the language, or maybe they can’t read at all. How would you succeed in a world where you can’t understand anything of the written language? How would you interact with interfaces, for instance? You can try it out with these text-free interfaces!

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User Onboarding – How to create a delightful first experience?

Slack onboarding process

Within moments of meeting you, people decide all sorts of things about you, from intelligence to trustworthiness. Experts say it takes just three seconds for someone to determine whether they like you or not. When it comes to the digital world, decisions are made in a very similar way during user onboarding. Google has recently confirmed in their own research that users form opinions about a website in 50 milliseconds. Silicon Valley analyst Andrew Chen attests that 77 percent of users never use the app again 72 hours after the onboarding. So like it or not, if your app isn’t a knockout on the first impression, it’s probably going to be deleted or forgotten. But there is a way to enhance your app’s ‘first introduction’ and help your users discover your product’s benefits, functions, and usage – you just have to design a delightful onboarding experience. But how?

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Design culture – what is it and how to build it?

In an organisation with design culture, people don’t just work for their paychecks but they are passionately engaged in the creation of real results. These companies are built for creating great products and every member of the team wants to reach one goal: engage their customers with meaningful experiences.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Says Peter Drucker. In a company with a healthy culture, customer satisfaction and progress is inevitable, because the company members are motivated and creating extremely high quality products. So then, we just have to sprinkle a bit “design culture” on your organisation, right? As always, it’s not that simple.

Building a design culture inside a company is not an easy task because it’s all about relationships, interactions and attitudes. But if we observe all the characteristics of a design culture, we can find some exact methods and techniques to work with.

ux studio

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How to talk about design in your team

talking about design

I think everyone who ever worked on visual projects – designer, product manager or developer –  knows this problem: we try to make decisions about visual materials together. We think that everyone has the same image in their head. But actually it turns out that we don’t. This discrepancy is surely not the designer’s fault. It’s the fault of our communication. Talking about colors or fonts is like talking about a song or a dance move. Maybe you can describe it with words, but you can’t share the full experience. Luckily at UX Studio we discovered some really great methods to find answers for visual questions together.

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My dream product manager, who’s just happen to be a bit like my mom


IT projects are messy. This was the first thing I realised when I first started working on a project as a UI designer. But years later I realised, how a really good product manager can change everything during the birth of a new product. And suddenly, I kept myself wondering on an ideal project manager. I tried to glue him together from the qualities of my previous project managers. Then I realised, that somehow, in some attributes, my dream manager resembles to my mom.

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