The 5-Step Method to Find & Solve the Most Painful Problem of Your Audience

There are several moments during a product design process when a team needs to make decisions because they have hundreds of ideas but no time to test them all. They can be really awkward because debates based on personal preferences and “I am the boss so I decide” can cause unnecessary conflicts within the team. Even with the good old “let’s vote” method, we can easily forget users’ needs. In addition, week-long discussions and decision procrastination can damage the product. So we have to be quick.

In this case study, you can follow a five-step guide to how we simplified complex design problems and made quick decisions to speed up the process.

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Save thousands of Euros using UX research, by getting people to do tests in exchange for chocolate

What do you do when you need to decide between two design solutions? A/B testing can be one of the first things that comes to your mind. But in some cases, a poorly prepared A/B test can lose you thousands of crispy euros every day.

Liligo is a search engine that specialises in travel product comparisons, allowing millions of users to find the cheapest price for their journeys. We are currently working with Liligo to design an interface for their app to make it easier for users to choose from 100s of flight options, and motivate them to buy tickets on Liligo’s partners’ sites.

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Hidden UX Tricks: How to make your users love you

FullSizeRenderI personally love the small, hidden tricks and smart solutions in any product. Those tricks you notice and think are simple and solve the problem perfectly : a marker on an adhesive tape, a small LED that indicates in the darkness where the light switch is, the magnet in the MacBook Air charger. They make your life easier and for a moment you feel thankful to the inventor.

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4+1 WOWs we felt after user testing with football fans

WARNING: This post might subconsciously inspire you to listen to your users and test your ideas.

The story below is about Foosio, an online game for football fans where you get points based on real players’ performance in real life, in real time. Foosio was created by some funny and open-minded guys from Hungary. They asked us to redesign their game with more of a user experience approach, because they want their fantastic game to be usable and lovable.

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