Chatbots: A Popped Balloon or a Working Solution?

I recently attended a speech given by Kevin Kelly, the founder and editor of Wired magazine, about how artificial intelligence and machine learning will bring a second Industrial Revolution. He said the actual path of a raindrop as it goes down the valley is unpredictable, but the general direction is inevitable. The coming of the cognitive revolution is inescapable, but we can’t expect artificial behavior to mimic the human one.


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The Design of the Dark Side – the UX Dark Patterns

My clients often tell me that they want to build the Death Star of their product. Unwittingly, it always reminds me how easily rebels blew it up. Three times, to be accurate. A soundly designed user experience can really make your product a planet killer, but using the force to abuse emotions with a dark pattern easily blows up that strongly coveted ultimate weapon of yours.

Dark side of UX: Dark patterns

Putting science fiction aside for a second, UX designers’ aim is to enhance customer satisfaction and increase loyalty with their solid understanding of human psychology to build a real win-win situation for both users and businesses. And while deception has existed since the world was born, for a long time we believed designers’ sole purpose is – or at least should be – to make something good greater.

Taking advantage of human haste, inattention or desire, boosting frustration, the sense of lack or the fear of missing out is the dark side of UX and the definition of Dark Patterns.

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Tech trends we can’t wait to see in 2017 as a design team

Living in the present, I often forget how fast the world is changing around us. While we spent our time playing Pokémon Go and kept dreaming about self-driving cars, plenty of other solutions started to unfold around us to change our lives for good. Taking the first steps into the new year, I collected all the tech trends that keep us steamed up and can’t wait to see how they effect our work as designers.

tech trends in 2017

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